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Ivy Amare

StephanieReads is from US United States • 16 y/o

I am a teenager trying to survive life and escape reality

Book Recommendations:
The seven realms series
Greenglass House
Lineage of Grace (a current read)
Altered by Jeniffer Rush (and its series)

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11 Feb, 2022
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My best friend introduced me to this website and honestly it makes me so so happy to see a community that loves reading and writing just like I do! I want to grow in my writing and the genres that I write about so please please give me ideas!

- I am a teenager and I live in the United States
- I play softball and tennis
- My favorite color is blue
- My favorite genre to read is historical fiction and fantasy

Honestly I do not think of myself as very interesting anymore so I will just let my writing talk for itself

Latest Stories by Ivy Amare

My Goodbye Letter to Someone I Used to Know
This is the closing to a bad chapter in my life I would say. It took a lot of work to end up where I am...and I still have a long way (sigh)...BUT that's okay! Here's my letter!
9 mins
Words: 1991
Read Time: 9 mins