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SUNQUEEN51067 is from US United States • 52 y/o • Female

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Penny Dreadful by Andy (Formerly Apemann)

Even though the story was somewhat sad, it was still okay

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You Think YOU'RE Having A Bad Day? by Galaxian

When ever your start feeling sorry for yourself, pull up this story and you will start to count your blessings and naming them one by one!

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Beyond the Darkness by RainyMelody

I would recommend this for any one that has been bullied and they feel like there is no hope but once you stand up and fight back, the bully backs off and no they have hope.

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Sarah-Charlotte by Madison_Writes

the poem was kind of tough. the memory of your first love is kind of tough but you will live through it and get to another day. there will be many more loves to come and each one you will learn from and then move on.

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The Blanket Story by writingartist420

I love it! You gave a voice to the things that we throw out despite the sentiment that is attached to them . you gave your beloved blankie a soul and a voice.

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Spring by Blackcat

I like the story because the man's granddaugther didn't give up despite the fact that her grandfather was in a coma all that winter. Which goes to show that we can go through the winter of our lives, hope yet springs eternal

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