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Gabriella Milligan

Toasted_Marshmallow3 is from US United States • 18 y/o • Female

#Swimming #Running #Love #Singlereadytomingle


Hello guys!!!! My name is Gabriella Milligan but you can call me Ella, Bri or Gabby. I love to swim for Competitions and I also do Band; I am a big fan of dogs: Also, I'm single and ready to mingle : )

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16 Oct, 2017
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Ella Milligan

Just because I'm bored:
I am a Freshman in Highschool and am a part of Marching Band, which I love

My favorite song at the moment is Airborne Ranger Infantry by Kristy Lee Cook

I go to Pathways Church in Valley Center Kansas

I do not have a phone because last time I had a phone I was getting threatened and it turned into a problem

I am single and may seem desperate but am not

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I know that some people are going through some really hard times, myself included and I just want people to know that I care and if anyone wants to talk to me about anything, they can talk to me
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