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Some one is watching
Every had the feeling you are being watched .Well Darcy Willis did And now The Stalker has her sister , can Darcy save her sister before its to late ? And what would it cost
Storyteller (26) - 2 years ago

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The Yellow Bike
Interesting story! READ! :)
Charliexcx (18) - 3 days ago
Peter Crown vs. The Devil
Peter Crown attempts to prove to the Devil that reliable friends do exist.
WynnBrothers (39) - 5 days ago
The Lady In Black
A mysterious lady who captures the attention of a male - love story in the 1950's.
Charliexcx (18) - 8 days ago
The First Day
Opening chapter of my new book - a chick lit! A young girl struggles with her self-esteem and appearance (confidence).
Charliexcx (18) - 8 days ago
The lonely boy
This story is all about the boy who is trying so hard for the girl
bdrijo (19) - 9 days ago
A poem about everything
superman21 (19) - 11 days ago
The Wretchedness Inside
the greatest enemy is yourself
superman21 (19) - 12 days ago
To The One I Love
Never told the girl I liked how I felt because I misjudged her sexuality. Now she is with some other girl so I wrote a poem to explain how I feel. If only I knew :(
Smitz (17) - 14 days ago
Break in the Sky
Aspiring photographer, Marcus McCaffrey, runs into a broken friend and decides that it's his responsibility to fix him.
LifeInAColorWheel (15) - 20 days ago
I'd Like to Say
life is short so say what you've got to say
superman21 (19) - 21 days ago
krm1900 (17) - 21 days ago
Brighter Days
Australia (and indeed the world in general) pisses me off sometimes. Excuse the language.
JustNicoleValiukas (17) - 22 days ago
VictorReigns (32) - 22 days ago
This is a part of a short story... It is not the beginning.
Roxsey123 (16) - 25 days ago
A Time For Love
A love story about a woman that loses love because of Time
VictorReigns (32) - 27 days ago
Where Is She? Whats Going On?
A young girls mum dies and her dad looks after her until he hangs him self and then the dad takes over the girls body.
zoec (14) - 28 days ago
When All Light Dies
Those days when youre feeling down
superman21 (19) - 1 month ago
I Am The Sylph Of Heart, Pt. 1
Your name is ADONIS. You are 13 years old. Yes, Your name is ADONIS ALMERE, and something very wrong is happening.
derse_dreamer (12) - 1 month ago
Rising Sun
sun comes up
djreed71 (43) - 1 month ago
Am I losing you?
A poem about a man who questions his love for his dear beloved but just feels that he is not doing enough and that he might be losing her
Lynton (19) - 1 month ago