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palash (17) 2 years ago

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I was sitting at the Mcdonalds and this came to mind. It´s not really good, but I tried. I´m also working on my diction. :)
wanderlust (14) 9 days ago
Who I Am
I believe in him, because he believes in me.
mindful_ideas (20) 4 days ago
I Want To Forget
Read for an emotional roll coaster. If you like it rate it a 5 star and contact me via instagram @freddielooo Enjoy
freddieloo (25) 16 days ago
I saw her she saw me
This Story means a lot to me. Thanking You for reading
Wave777 (20) 27 days ago
Please Don'T Die
Ummmmm this is sad plz read .... its also true
Pandagirlswag34 (19) 27 days ago
Stranger Walking By
Infatuating blindness
mindful_ideas (20) 26 days ago
The Person Who Hides
This short poem tells you what kind of person I am inside...
Nessie19 (18) 24 days ago
Lost Child
It's about how a father left his child behind..
Nessie19 (18) 24 days ago
"Just another boy"
The soul that never gives in to society.
mindful_ideas (20) 23 days ago
My first month of Jr high
Meowmix3312 (28) 22 days ago
My Love Story But Horrible Ending
This might not be the kind u wanna cry on but its something
Shey143 (16) 20 days ago
i just need someone to see me and really see me.
wanderlust (14) 20 days ago
Find Me
waiting for true love. in every place
jemma_official_ (13) 19 days ago
The Silent Game
The unknown history of a young child.
mindful_ideas (20) 1 month ago
Greek Dinner
Restaurant customers Wolfgang, Angela and Jeroen make hard demands to waiters Alexis and Yanis.
Alexis Kypridemos (45) 3 months ago
Inspired By God
1 Peter 5:10 is a biblical scripture proving this "story" accurate
mindful_ideas (20) 1 month ago
I did not write the poem
Meowmix3312 (28) 2 months ago
If Only
If you truly love someone, you want them to be happy and safe. even if that means you have to suffer for the rest of your life.
Yamada (14) 2 months ago
How bullying is bad
Meowmix3312 (28) 2 months ago
The emptiness that cannot be filled
EverythingWillBeAlright (19) 2 months ago