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Tina The Would Be Ballerina
This a poem about a girl named Tina who overcomes a great disappointment in her life and turns it into something better.
ladylove (59) 10 months ago

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A Book Of Thoughts
What if you wrote down everything you have ever said?
heythere (14) 6 days ago
She Lost All Hope
A story about a girl being bullied at school (True story it happened to me sadly)
PatriciaLynnSlaughter20 (15) 6 days ago
What is the point of being married and not having children? Not having kids is like not living life.Then
littlemermaid22 (13) 6 days ago
Miss Greene's Interrogation
After hearing about the death of her father, 20-year-old Miss Greene is interrogated by the police.
heythere (14) 7 days ago
The Old Man Who Saved Me - Part One.
An old man. A sad boy. A lost soul. A broken heart. Two universes. Two humans. Two errors.
poemsdie (14) 7 days ago
The old branches of an ancient oak tree reach above the road, as I walk underneath them on my way to school eerie whispers call to me, and screams is despair mix with the shallow rattling of the wind.
littlemermaid22 (13) 8 days ago
My Little Dolly
A 13 year old girl named Annabelle byes a doll at a Thrift Shop. From that day everything goes downhill. She keeps having nightmares about Sweetie Taff. And soon, she moves, and , well, you'll see.BYE BYE... -Sweetie Taff
Deadlydolly (12) 8 days ago
Finally being allowed to go and do as I wish but sometimes I think it would be better with a few restraints.
littlemermaid22 (13) 10 days ago
A young boy, Owen, and an even younger girl, Emily, get married. They spend the rest of their lives together. They know true love and never once regret getting married at such a young age.
king2979 (19) 10 days ago
The Body
Hunters find a woman's body.
skgriffie (54) 10 days ago
Sometimes the strongest human emotions aren't love, or hate. But something in between, hope, and doubt seem to clutch the human soul tighter than death's grips, as your last fleeting breaths fade from existence.
littlemermaid22 (13) 11 days ago
Kimberly and her friends struggle to keep their friendship going.
ArtisticLife (13) 13 days ago
Look Me In The Eye
Anna paced the room, she was pulling on her hair as silent streams of tears ran down her face. Her mother was laying the hospital bed across the room. Anna kept her gaze on the floor not daring to look at the lifeless face of Elizabeth Jones.
VampireReject (20) 1 month ago
Read and you'll find out!
Life_is_Hard (13) 1 month ago
A Night Alone... Finally! (Part 2/ Extended ending)
You guys really seemed to like the first one I made so, I made another one! I hope you enjoy.
Life_is_Hard (13) 2 months ago
A Night Alone... Finally!
A short little love story about two best friends who may not know how they feel about each other.... yet!
Life_is_Hard (13) 2 months ago
Queen Of Folklore: Geneisis Ch2
The Queens of make believe lived in world where there was no hate, sin, fear, grief, sorrow, sadness, darkness, or even death in there world. Until humans started adding other beings to the world of make believe that was know as tormentors.
resie (25) 3 months ago
Copper Coin
The princess, Allonna, tells the story of how she met her dear friend, Copper Windstrog. Takes place in Elsedore Castle, in an imaginary land... Think middle ages themed.
Starlight (19) 2 months ago
i tried
just thoughts that you might relate to. very real thoughts, i may add.
illbok (26) 1 month ago
Thoughts In My Head
When you're alone, you only have your thoughts to base yourself off of.
youraveragenobody (20) 1 month ago