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Brighter Days
Australia (and indeed the world in general) pisses me off sometimes. Excuse the language.
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 7 months ago

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Life In The Lounge
A Start and an End or is there more?
alexander (19) 3 months ago
knock knock
What ever you do don't answer the door
haleyhayseed (15) 3 months ago
She has to be mine.
angel (18) 3 months ago
Et Metunt Eos,(Those That Reap.) Chapter One- The Death Of A Reaper.
This is the story of those who reaped the gods. In this chapter they hunt one of the Japanese kami.At the end of each chapter will be the translations of any foreign words as-well as a brief description of any gods or mythological creatures mentioned.
killik15 (27) 3 months ago
dont turn on the light
somethings there but nobody knows what it is
haleyhayseed (15) 3 months ago
the face
a girl who lost her face but cant find it
haleyhayseed (15) 3 months ago
The Monster
Brief description. (I don't f*cking know)
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 4 months ago
When I Cut Myself
I hope nobody else ever breaks like this. Stay strong. And happy.
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 3 months ago
Fire and Sand
An account written in the form of a post-conflict report about an ambush in Afghanistan
Clough (19) 3 months ago
my outlook on overthinking
Bean (15) 3 months ago
Who Are You Now
what made you hate yourself
Rosita Wijnberg (24) 3 months ago
No Memory Of This Place
a boy named Clint wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory
Rosita Wijnberg (24) 3 months ago
Stick and Stones
Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will mentally fuck you up.
Rosita Wijnberg (24) 3 months ago
The End & The Beginning
The end of Earth and a beginning of a new planet.
Rosita Wijnberg (24) 3 months ago
Nothing Left To Live For
Marina, a girl who had lost everything- her parents, siblings- in a car crash. Her friends are sick of her, always moping about, grieving. Even her best friend didn't seem to care.
Rosita Wijnberg (24) 3 months ago
She Just Loved
A poem. She just loved.
mynamemustnotbetold (16) 3 months ago
Patience, by Dr. Philbilly
Dr. Philbilly takes a beat down at the church house from none other than his wife.
DrPhilbilly (47) 4 months ago
motion catching motion
djreed71 (43) 4 months ago
Left Cheek Dimple
The girl I adore.
chocpol (22) 4 months ago
Guises Of The Reaper
short ghost story
Christine71 (30) 4 months ago