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boomman17 (19) - 3 years ago

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No More Drawings
Qwertyqu (15) - Yesterday
Lost Girl
A love poem based on the events of a lost girl and a boy who saved her.
hockeychick12 (16) - 6 days ago
a girl who walks through a door to a place she just was but with people with buttons for eyes talking cats and dancing circus mice
drizzydarcyxxx (18) - 10 days ago
young american high school kids in school by woods and decide to climb over fence but never came back out and weren't seen again
drizzydarcyxxx (18) - 10 days ago
old poem i wrote
Multitmoney15 (18) - 14 days ago
taking a risk for yourself
tabithacanales (15) - 16 days ago
djreed71 (43) - 21 days ago
bottom in session
Multitmoney15 (18) - 22 days ago
I lost a friend
A man struggles to find stability, and happiness. After feeling abandoned.
Rantrantrant101 (19) - 24 days ago
Forgotten Fairytale
hapynes (27) - 28 days ago
hapynes (27) - 28 days ago
This Is What Happens When I Get Tired...
Due to popular demand (one comment) I have made another story.
Bird (17) - 1 month ago
The Fall
Drug abuse. Domestic violence.
carita70 (44) - 1 month ago
Intergalactic Gas
djreed71 (43) - 1 month ago
Accidental Universe
something giving
djreed71 (43) - 1 month ago
the conversation
Malik (23) - 1 month ago
Joy Ride
djreed71 (43) - 1 month ago
Marrow (Chapter Three)
The girl asks a favor of him and against his better judgment Mark decides to go along with her.
killik15 (26) - 1 month ago
Adopt Me
Being born into a wealthy house hold doesn't mean you have everything in the world. Young Caroline Krisky survives the fire that burnes down her house. Caroline goes into a orphanage center, where she falls into a loving family.
Sam_Angela (28) - 1 month ago
Calling out
Everyone has a desire to accomplish something. If you set your mind to something anything can happen. Age shouldn't matter, you are you and nothing should stop you. Fight through the storm, fight for your loved ones, fight for freedom, fight to survive.
Sam_Angela (28) - 1 month ago