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A Secret For So Long
My biography
By Leaaah (Age: 18) 3 years ago

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The Old Woman In The Garden
Sometimes the people whom we've hardly known leave the strongest impressions in life.
By Keadie (Age: 54) 2 days ago
It's A Little Bit Me, It's A Little Bit You...Too
A teen fantasy that becomes reality later on in life. A night she will always remember. And an era she will never forget.
By Hipskippy (Age: 41) 3 days ago
Getting a bite to eat becomes an adventure for dim witted teenagers Jimmy and Leon.
By FictionFix (Age: 44) 5 days ago
Up To Speed
The General and his aide, Faulkner, manage Operation Flyswatter, the elimination of a rogue Special Forces officer.
By FictionFix (Age: 44) 5 days ago
Orpheus tries to persuade Leo to join him in the fight against the Cortex.
By FictionFix (Age: 44) 5 days ago
Space ship engineer Silas encounters an uninvited guest in the ship's toilet bowl.
By FictionFix (Age: 44) 5 days ago
Stop and smell the roses.
By ForTheLawlz000 (Age: 25) 6 days ago
The Green Apple
A young young boy befriends a surly old man and discovers his interesting past.
By BumbleBee (Age: 18) 8 days ago
Detectives Tuggs and Croquet receive an anonymous tip in a strange location.
By FictionFix (Age: 44) 11 days ago
A look at life of one individual immersed in social media. A place to find acceptance. A place to be anyone you want. Even if it's not really you.
By Hipskippy (Age: 41) 11 days ago
The Perfect Role-Model
Cherish the the time you have with your loved ones, death is on it's own clock
By Meggraces (Age: 15) 12 days ago
Cymbalist Stuart Thrasher outdoes himself when the symphony orchestra swells to a crescendo, to the conductor's chagrin.
By FictionFix (Age: 44) 13 days ago
Safari to Egaleo
Leon goes to visit his friend Jimmy in Egaleo, but his trip quickly takes a turn for the worse.
By FictionFix (Age: 44) 14 days ago
Growing Up and Getting Older
A little girl is getting old enough to help with chores and feels pretty good about it.
By SharonKrager (Age: 65) 14 days ago
Detectives Tuggs and Croquet respond to a suicide threat with their unique approach.
By FictionFix (Age: 44) 16 days ago
Space shuttle engineer Silas comes against a fearsome, furry beast which is more than he thinks it is.
By FictionFix (Age: 44) 17 days ago
The Terror of the French Resistance
Colonel Vasoline had planned his ambush on the Germans to the last detail. But he had no way of expecting... The Terror of the French Resistance!
By FictionFix (Age: 44) 18 days ago
All Makis wants is one crummy bagel, but a purse snatcher gets in his way.
By FictionFix (Age: 44) 21 days ago
A Fantasy - Maybe
By BarbaraEllen (Age: 64) 22 days ago
The story of what really happened to Leonidas and his 300 men that fateful day in Hot Gates, 480 BC.
By FictionFix (Age: 44) 23 days ago