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A Little Fellow Follows Me
Author Unknown 6 years ago

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I did not write the poem
Meowmix3312 (28) 26 days ago
If Only
If you truly love someone, you want them to be happy and safe. even if that means you have to suffer for the rest of your life.
Yamada (13) 23 days ago
How bullying is bad
Meowmix3312 (28) 23 days ago
The emptiness that cannot be filled
EverythingWillBeAlright (19) 17 days ago
Depression is not easy, sometimes it's hard to define or hard to explain. I thought I would try and write a piece about how I see it to be.
Harper (18) 16 days ago
What is going on?!?
This is the story of my break-up😭
Kiki_Kicks (13) 15 days ago
Please Don't...
A story about my friend who has been through several suicide attempts, and things that his life is a lie...
Kiki_Kicks (13) 15 days ago
A sad poem about a friend who dies after getting hit by a truck
Rainer (15) 13 days ago
Nothing but Puns
A story about two bored people spending some time together.
peanut1 (14) 13 days ago
The Live Broadcast Ch 1
When a horrifying scene is accidentally broadcast on all screens in the world, the authorities do nothing. A group of six kids then set out to discover a dirty secret...
Rainer (15) 9 days ago
Will It Go Round In Circles
Strange doings at the Preston residence.
James Hold (49) 7 days ago
And it burned, and it burned, fiercely it shed her skin, as she shed tears through her reddened cheeks, she saw not light, but endless hope, that has one path, and once you go into the path, you can never go sideways.
goddess_n (13) 7 days ago
Can You Hear Me Cry? EPISODE #1
After the death of his only parent, his mother, in a taxi accident, Derek, a scrawny 13 year old boy, turns to killing taxi drivers in revenge and anger. He thinks he will never be loved again. No one can stop him unless...
Rainer (15) 6 days ago
Misery Loves Company
What does it feel like to be isolated? My story explores this theme.
KitCat28 (20) 5 days ago
Life In The Lounge
A Start and an End or is there more?
alexander (19) 5 months ago
knock knock
What ever you do don't answer the door
haleyhayseed (15) 5 months ago
She has to be mine.
angel (18) 5 months ago
Et Metunt Eos,(Those That Reap.) Chapter One- The Death Of A Reaper.
This is the story of those who reaped the gods. In this chapter they hunt one of the Japanese kami.At the end of each chapter will be the translations of any foreign words as-well as a brief description of any gods or mythological creatures mentioned.
killik15 (27) 5 months ago
dont turn on the light
somethings there but nobody knows what it is
haleyhayseed (15) 5 months ago
the face
a girl who lost her face but cant find it
haleyhayseed (15) 5 months ago