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Last Wish
This is the beginning. But the end is up as well :]
xlilaznrose (20) 4 years ago

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A Changed Life
This is my story of what happened in my life when I resisted the call of God and how I found my way back to him.
Jilligan (39) 3 days ago
A Story Of Death.
A story of the death and destruction of Sarah Jackson.
Hephaestus (10) 3 days ago
My Love
A poem of deep love
ladylove (58) 11 days ago
Tina The Would Be Ballerina
This a poem about a girl named Tina who overcomes a great disappointment in her life and turns it into something better.
ladylove (58) 11 days ago
Falling and Flying
A women gives birth to her baby and then finds herself in the middle of no where.
SmileyKitty (10) 14 days ago
What Is Wrong With Me?
A story about people not wanting to do things with you because of something they don't like about you. a true story. About me.
SmileyKitty (10) 14 days ago
Duck Duck
This is children's poem about a duck who has no luck!
ladylove (58) 13 days ago
Job Troubles
Susan Basley a displaced homemaker thought she had a job only to find out she didn't!
ladylove (58) 13 days ago
The Vultures
Wrote this a couple of nights ago.
JustNicoleValiukas (17) 13 days ago
Saucy 3
3rd portion of story Saucy
djreed71 (43) 21 days ago
Saucy 2
segment 2
djreed71 (43) 24 days ago
Fairytale or Reality
A dragon meets a princess and magic happens - a true story
philk1 (55) 20 days ago
Winter's Rose
A poetic look at how the growth of a girl into a woman shapes the world
WynnBrothers (39) 22 days ago
like a rose blooms in spring
Just some random thoughts about love
Malik (23) 25 days ago
butterflies and fire
djreed71 (43) 26 days ago
Queen of Folklore: Geneisis
The Queens of make believe lived in world where there was no hate, sin, fear, grief, sorrow, sadness, darkness, or even death in there world. Until humans started adding other beings to the world of make believe that was know as tormentors.
resie (24) 26 days ago
Promise Me
this is a story about a girl whose only family is her terminally ill brother
eamurchison (13) 28 days ago
The Fact Of Myself
a short story of my liFe.
abdurraheem12 (15) 1 month ago
Our story
This is about my story.
Rweekley14 (14) 1 month ago
George's Ashes
Woman's Suspicion
jfssandman (45) 1 month ago