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The Haunted Forest Part 4
A Group of students being hunted by a creature.
khursheedabdallah6 (16) - 1 year ago

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This Knife
Was having a bad mood yesterday, wrote this, decided to share it.(POEM)
Smitz (17) - Yesterday
Vampire Love Story c:
It's a weird love story haha
holly32101 (13) - Yesterday
A poem about love.
Breanna Bodden (14) - 3 days ago
Day Blaze
djreed71 (43) - 3 days ago
the dead body in the bed
this story is really suprising
tabithacanales (15) - 3 days ago
the dead body in the bed
this story is really suprising
tabithacanales (15) - 3 days ago
No. 1
Two boys are on the run from the newly formed government known as the SAA in a newly built city in which they strive to find the real world.
Pipppy12 (15) - 5 days ago
The Sprite Bottle
A girl's short forward in life after her mom dies in a roller coaster accident.
Breanna Bodden (14) - 5 days ago
A poem about the light in the darkness (hope).
Breanna Bodden (14) - 5 days ago
Is There A Santa Clause
A little girl's prayer to God asking if there is a Santa Clause.
Breanna Bodden (14) - 5 days ago
A realistic kind of story...
Tohkou-Sama (13) - 5 days ago
How To Tell Someone You Love Them
how you tell a person you love them
Breanna Bodden (14) - 6 days ago
How to Know if You Love Someone
how you tell if you love someone
Breanna Bodden (14) - 6 days ago
Love In A Bottle
A young girl finds love when a boy gives her a bottle containing a note confessing his love to her.
Breanna Bodden (14) - 6 days ago
No More Drawings
Qwertyqu (15) - 9 days ago
Lost Girl
A love poem based on the events of a lost girl and a boy who saved her.
hockeychick12 (16) - 14 days ago
a girl who walks through a door to a place she just was but with people with buttons for eyes talking cats and dancing circus mice
drizzydarcyxxx (18) - 18 days ago
young american high school kids in school by woods and decide to climb over fence but never came back out and weren't seen again
drizzydarcyxxx (18) - 18 days ago
old poem i wrote
Multitmoney15 (18) - 22 days ago
taking a risk for yourself
tabithacanales (15) - 24 days ago