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Story by Thomas Ray (19)
She's searching for someone. Doors surround her on all sides... Two for each wall.
5 mins
Words: 1080
Read Time: 5 mins
family tree
Poem by scorp (16)
my mother’s garden has a hickory tree built like a proud fist each finger curled except the pinky. a silent promise...
1 min
Words: 220
Read Time: 1 min
Miracles And Wonders (47)
Story by Aquarius (85)
Losing And Finding Faith (1)
31 mins
Words: 6258
Read Time: 31 mins
They Don't Walk in Waukegan
Story by JPYoung (66)
A familiar face in an impossible place.
17 mins
Words: 3559
Read Time: 17 mins
Story by Thomas Ray (19)
It's long, I know-- I'm asking a lot
9 mins
Words: 1852
Read Time: 9 mins
Well Then
The moon, the tree, the picket fence, and the pain of leaving
6 mins
Words: 1304
Read Time: 6 mins
i regret what you did
Poem by Hermione Malfoy (15)
i should be relieved that you're gone, but i'm not
1 min
Words: 214
Read Time: 1 min
Everyone lies..
1 min
Words: 201
Read Time: 1 min
Story by Mike_the_Rookie (73)
The misfits are young men from Stoke and Tuscany from glaringly different backgrounds, who come together in a positive offbeat way, with interesting futures
30 mins
Words: 6013
Read Time: 30 mins
Too Late
Story by Rachel Elizabeth (15)
<1 min
Words: 83
Read Time: <1 min
Spirals Go Down.
Poem by Ace (17)
Don’t let yourself spiral. Don’t let the hurricane of hurt and betrayal drag you to the depths of a whirlpool. Push the current away. Swim for your life. Don’t drown. Live, Please...
1 min
Words: 215
Read Time: 1 min
You, Me, and These Walls
Poem by Ace (17)
The eyes on the wall watch as I cry. They see my tears and say goodbye. I love these walls that keep me safe, The only things I know will never change...
1 min
Words: 211
Read Time: 1 min
cemetery (draft)
Story by scorp (16)
Time could kill, but it could not kill everything.
3 mins
Words: 653
Read Time: 3 mins
A Woman and a Dog: A Sicilian Story
Story by David E. Cooper (80)
An Englishwoman's visit to Sicily recalls a holiday there, twenty years earlier, and her encounter with a mangy beach dog that she was determined to help.
32 mins
Words: 6578
Read Time: 32 mins
Refresher Course Of The Aquarian Writings
Story by Aquarius (85)
From 'The Greatest Healing Miracle - Ever'
<1 min
Words: 83
Read Time: <1 min
The Mind Of Jean Paul Garçon 18+
Story by Franc68 (43)
A scientist from the early 20th century experiments on the consciousness and subconsciousness, concerning the human mind, but he begins to have terrible episodes of nightmares that become real.
33 mins
Words: 6609
Read Time: 33 mins
Visible to the Invisible
Story by Honey (20)
Just an illustration of my wavering walks with God.
<1 min
Words: 185
Read Time: <1 min
The Shriek 18+
Story by Franc68 (43)
Lord Pembroke, an earl from England, is forced to seek help from an estate belonging to a Baron Queiroz. Gradually, he begins to uncover the mystery of the family, the manor and wild beast attacking.
35 mins
Words: 7085
Read Time: 35 mins
The Haunting Shadow 18+
Story by Franc68 (43)
Arthur Langford an Englishman, is sent to speak to a Mr Joshua Dickinson in Amherst, on behalf of his bank to entice him to sell his property, but he soon discovers the secret to the haunting shadow.
22 mins
Words: 4592
Read Time: 22 mins
The Unbearable Banging 18+
Story by Franc68 (43)
Mr Clayton, a solicitor is pays a visit to the eerie manor of a Mr Montague. What the solicitor does not know, is the terrible secret behind the manor and Mr Montague.
23 mins
Words: 4794
Read Time: 23 mins
The Stranger From The Film 18+
Story by Franc68 (43)
Harold Gilliam, was a prominent doctor, whose residence was on Hampstead north of London, nearby the junction of Charing Cross, until one day, he disappeared into thin air.
35 mins
Words: 7167
Read Time: 35 mins