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What would you do if you had 20 seconds to live?
Hug your friends, kiss your mom goodbye. Wave at the world one last time?
I'm sure most of us realize that we have limited time. We all know that everything that breathes would some point.
But did you scary it is? How scary it is knowing that every year, you pass the anniversary of your death? How scary it is knowing that you would never wake up again?
I'm still young. I still have a whole life to live in front of me. But already, I have so many regrets. Fear gripped me tightly, preventing me to do all the crazy things I wanted. My childhood was wasted on being terrified. That one time where I really wanted to dance at the talent show? Too scared that people would judge me. That one time I refused a singing a solo? Too scared that my voice wouldn't sound nice. There are countless times where I shied away...just because of what?
That I was too scared that people would think badly of me? That I wasn't good enough?
Stop wasting your time on being scared. Your life is timed, and there should not be one second wasted on pushing things away, thinking of other people.
Be bold. Be courageous. Have fun.
Don't be scared of doing what you want. Don't be scared of being who you are. Because not all people are bad. Because there will be people holding you on top of the world.
In the end, I want you to think "I've lived. I've done it all."
It doesn't necessarily mean you traveled all over the world. It doesn't mean you had to all types of crazy things.
It just means that you tried things you've never tried before. It just means the next time someone asks you to stand up, you do without hesitation.
And life could last only 20 seconds. You are blessed with more than that.
Now your job is to make the best of it.

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14 Oct, 2019
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