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2019 – A Very Special Year
2019 – A Very Special Year

2019 – A Very Special Year

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2019 – A Very Special Year

Part One

Once again, dear Friends, we are standing at the threshold of a New Year, this time the year 2019. Numerology reveals that it promises to be an extra special and promising one, so let’s take a closer look at it. As you may be aware, I am no friend of fortunetelling and casting horoscopes. What interests me is the flow of energies the Universe makes available to us at any given time. Knowing what they are enables us to get into the flow of life throughout the whole of Creation. Tuning into them makes it possible to make good use of what’s on offer to us by the Universe. This is badly needed in our world because its balance has been severely disturbed by the approx. six thousand years of patriarchy. Fortunately, they are now behind us and the task of every aspiring healer and lightbringer is doing whatever we can to restore the equilibrium between Heaven and Earth. This is of the greatest importance for our own healing process and that of our world, as well as for its progress on the evolutionary spiral of life.

What a long way we have already come and no doubt there’s a great deal more in store for us. And because every birthday is in truth the end of a year and not its beginning, this also applies when another year of our calendar has come to its end. This means that the New Year 2019 is really the beginning of the year 2020. Let’s take a look at what numerology can reveal to us about what is ahead of us. The 2 is ruled by the Moon, the sign of Cancer and the Great Mother, the mothering, caring and nurturing aspect of the Divine Trinity. And for the whole of the coming year the Mother will be providing us with the double strength of the civilising, balancing and harmonising influence of Her energies of wisdom and love.

2019 is also going to be a period and that not only for one year but for the whole of the coming decade, in which our world will be ruled by the master vibration 22. And because 2 + 2 = 4 and the 4 is under the rulership of Aquarius, the coming ten years will also be much more strongly under the influence of the energies of the Divine Waterbearer, the astrological symbol of Aquarius. Anyone who tunes into them and wishes to work with them for the highest good and the greatest joy of our whole world, will be empowered to bring all of us that bit closer to the promised new golden age of peace, harmony and happiness. To support our efforts, the civilising and peace-loving influence of the feminine’s wisdom and love energies will become more prominent in both genders in the course of the coming decade. The strong presence of the caring and nurturing energies of the Great Mother can be tapped into for improving and healing our personal relationships with those around us. From there they need to be extended to the welfare of our planet and every lifeform that shares it with us.

But that is by no means all! Twice over the feminine energies will be aligned to those of the circle of Eternity, the zero. This will enable ever more of us to peer beyond the ends of our noses into the higher realities of the spiritual background of our earthly existence with its eternal values of Divine wisdom and truth, love and integrity, peace and harmony. This is likely to be accompanied by a great yearning to make some kind of contribution towards establishing these qualities in earthly life and through this establish our own small corner of God’s kingdom on the Earth. However insignificant our efforts may seem to us, every one of them counts and furthers the healing process of our world.

This is the kind of awakening through which the birth of the Christ spirit takes place on the Earth and that is the only way true and lasting peace can come to our world. It begins and ends with each and every one of us conducting their lives in more peaceful ways. And the wider we open our hearts to the inflow of the blessing and healing power of the Christ Star’s light, especially during the Christmas period, the more successfully it can absorb the clouds of darkness that still exist in the consciousness of our world, so they can be transmuted into blessing and healing energies for the whole of Creation, not merely our world.

Peace is sure to come to us and our world, but in God’s time and not ours. With every passing day it is drawing closer and knowing this, may peace be with us and fill our hearts and souls to overflowing. For us earthlings it is difficult to grasp the spiritual meaning of time and that God’s time and ours are quite literally worlds apart. Whenever a touch of impatience threatens to overwhelm you, remind yourself that with every hour and day that passes peace is becoming more of a reality in our world. And I am not saying this in foolish optimism that blinds itself to the realities of earthly life, but because I know that the powerful transmuting energies of Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, are influencing your world with constantly increasing strength. Furthermore I am familiar with God’s great plan of life and trust it implicitly. God does not make empty promises and neither do we when we realise the creative power that every one of our thoughts and words has.

An instinct for returning to home and mother and a strong need to belong somewhere are programmed into every Divine spark at the moment of its conception in the heartmind of the Great Father/Mother. In earthly life this expresses itself initially as loyalty to the family we were born into and other kinds of groups, nations and religions. The more we progress on the spiral of our personal evolutionary journey, in old and experienced spirit/souls during their lifetimes in Aquarius or the eleventh house this manifests itself in becoming interested in groups that work for the benefit of humankind. The need for belonging and being together in groups of like-minded people is already visible, for example in Facebook groups. In the course of the coming ten years this will grow stronger still. In many more than at present the homing instinct will be turning towards the higher and highest levels of life. And the return into humankind’s conscious awareness of its oneness with our Creator will increase dramatically.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the Air signs. Lifetimes spent in them and their houses, the third, seventh and eleventh respectively, are dedicated to the development of the human intellectual faculties. When we eventually reach Aquarius or the eleventh house, after having travelled many times through every sign and house of the zodiac and thus matured into spiritual adulthood, for the whole of that particular lifetime our earthly mind will be focussed on learning how to tune into the frequencies of the Highest mind of the Universal intelligence.

Our earthly minds are an integral part of it. Each one of them is a receiver/transmitter station for the ideas of the Highest mind with its manifold expressions. In earthly life they start with the lowest and meanest experiences and gradually lead us to the highest and most beautiful ones. The inhabitants of both these world are constantly feeding into the two streams of consciousness that exist throughout the whole of Creation. Becoming aware of this duality empowers us to make a conscious choice into which stream we wish our thinking and behaviour patterns to feed and belong to. You can find out more about this theme by following the relevant links at the end of chapter two.

From ‘Leaving Addictions Behind’

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