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3 A.M.

3 A.M.

By Storm

"Max, shut up and lay down. I'm trying to sleep," I shouted at my dog who was barking at something outside. He whined but returned to his bed in the corner of the room where the heater was. It was mid-winter and my house even with the insulation couldn't keep out the cold. I rolled over to look at my alarm clock hoping it wasn't too late. It showed the numbers 2:00 in bright red. I sighed frustrated with myself that I couldn't fall asleep. Max hopped up on my bed in an attempt to keep warm but groaned as if he still wasn't satisfied. "Yeah, I know buddy winter sucks," I said rubbing him behind the ears. Max was the corgi that I've had for only a couple of years. I've had him since he was a pup and never had a problem raising him. Sure he chewed on stuff and peed everywhere but all dogs do it so I never got mad at him for it. Unlike my ex. She constantly complained about Max whenever he did something she did not approve of. She was a cat person so maybe that's why but, still, I loved her cat, Rusty. Plus, Max got along well with him but I had to break it off. I know that she lives down the road and sometimes during the morning I get a visit from Rusty. A tapping noise came from my window which made me snap out of my thoughts and caused Max to start barking again. As I got out of bed and made my way to the window I noticed that there were little paw prints on the window. "Hmm come on Max just ignore it." I shrugged as I returned to bed. That's when I heard a noise come from downstairs. Not thinking I went down to check out what made that noise with Max not far behind. I noticed little white paw prints that led into the kitchen and came from the back door. I had it installed so Max could go outside and do his business whenever he wanted without waking me up at night. The sound of a ringing bell came from my kitchen making me jump. Max was growling for a while before his growl turned into yapping. He gave a joyful bark before diving into the dark which after a moment a loud meow followed. "Rusty?" I fumbled for the light switch. As the darkness evaporated a bright white light replaced it allowing me to see the ginger fur of a cat laying under Max. "Rusty what are you doing here. You should be home furball," I picked him up and patted him on the head. I looked over at the clock on the stove and it showed the time was 3 a.m. "Ah, I see. I'm used to seeing you outside buddy must be too cold for you tonight huh? Come on, you can sleep with me and Max tonight. I'm sure Becky wouldn't mind."

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About This Story
22 May, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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