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Storm is from US United States • 23 y/o • Male

I am the one that shields the innocent and the wronged, for who else will?


Welcome traveler! You have happened upon my humble abode and seem to be looking for a place to rest. Let my passages help guide you to a place of peace and interest. Perhaps one will catch your eye? Or maybe turn you away from how... "bothering" they are. Either way, feel free to stop and have a look or just simply take a moment to rest your eyes. Before you continue down the path of life.

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29 Apr, 2020
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My name you guys will know me as is Storm. I have been writing for the past several years and so far have only progressed. My favorite genre is fantasy which I write in my private time unless asked to make something. Otherwise, I write more realistic pieces. I'm looking to create a place for people to have a relaxing time reading mostly short stories with an occasional long piece. I am open to taking requests if anyone has any. I am also a huge fan of gaming. If you wish to game it together, you can find me on Xbox. I'll share my tag with those who seek me out privately. I am a fairly easy person to get along with and am greatly open to and accepting of anyone! Just be honest with me and we'll get along well. Now get on out there and get to reading!

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