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Hide and Seek!
Hide and Seek!

Hide and Seek!


Certainly, you’ve heard of the game hide and seek. It was my favorite game growing up. Lilly, my sister, would often play this with me and a few of our friends when we got together. It was a great way to kill time, something simple to learn, and really fun. The best time though was when we played in the house. Since we knew the place pretty well it meant we had to be more creative. I struggled a bit at first. I never could really think of anything good enough that I could hide from my sister and not be found. However, she eventually taught me one of the things she did. She had found a spot in my bedroom where she could watch me without me finding her unless I tried really hard that is. I recall looking for hours before giving up and asking our brother to help look. He never really found it fun, he was impressed with the ways we’d hide though. I loved it when he would play with us, it didn’t matter what it was he just always said yes. We found Lilly of course which is when he would congratulate her for how well she hid before sending us off to get something to eat. I would usually offer him something to eat which is when he would politely refuse. I just shrugged and dug in. He would check on us throughout the evening and night before we went to sleep. He would just sit with his back against the wall, scanning the room as we fell asleep. It was nice knowing he cared about us even though he’s gone a lot. He goes to work or something during the morning and afternoon, and during the evening when mom and dad are at work he watches over us. There was this one night when rather than being out at work our parents were out having dinner celebrating their anniversary, that’s what they told us before leaving. Again our brother came to check in on us, though he seemed a bit off than usual. We would catch him frowning at the t.v. or grumbling at the food in the fridge but when he saw one of us he just dropped it. I’ve never really seen him scared before either. I mean he jumps every now and then at the sound of nearby coyotes, besides that nothing ever phases him. Not even when our parents were yelling about him. Something about how “he should be here,” they go quiet if we are around though. The howling and barking startle me as well, even though I hadn’t seen one then it just made my skin crawl. Least that’s how it has been for the past year. I don’t recall him caring much before that. Yet, I remember some time ago when mom told us to never play out in the yard during the night if no one was watching us. Matt got hurt one night while watching us, he didn’t want to watch us of course so he fiddled with his phone the whole time. Our older sister Abby was also watching us too. She was waiting for her boyfriend to show up so they could go see a movie. It was peaceful that night as far as I can recall. Till Matt got hurt that is. He had heard something in the woods nearby and told Abby to watch us while he checked it out. I remember seeing her look at us with a forced smile as she eyed the treeline, she placed a few earplugs in our ears and told us to hum the song she often sang to us. We did of course while she spoke to her phone, don’t remember what she said to be honest. Abby had told us to go play hide and seek inside while she waited for Matt to come back. Soon flashing red lights filled the house drawing our attention to the living room window, we couldn’t really see anything except our parents and some cool looking people in white shirts and black pants. They were helping Matt into the back of a big red and white van. When we went outside dad picked us up and brought us back in, mom was walking in with Abby as dad turned down the hall towards our rooms. After that, he tucked us in and everything became foggy. Every now and then mom or dad ask us who we are talking to and when we say Matt they just sigh with a small smile before heading to their room. It didn’t really matter though, all that mattered is that Matt is back home. I wish he would stop disappearing each morning, at least we would get to play Hide and Seek again though. This time I had hoped he would play outside with us, like the night he left in the big red and white van.

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27 Aug, 2020
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4 mins
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