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Very Clever
Very Clever

Very Clever

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I was once known to be a great escape artist, getting out of pretty much any bonds and situations. No one could ever catch me after I escaped, always managed to find a way around them. But one person outsmarted me, and dealing with this man was the greatest mistake I ever made in my life. I was getting away from my team members, I gave them a fake name so if they tried to turn against me I would be able to send them off with ease. I grabbed all the money since I was the money grabber and ran for my muscle car, it was untraceable. I covered my tracks as I managed to get home and I torched everything that involved me with the dealer, I removed my fingerprints on my equipment. I did everything possible to erase all traces of me being on the heist, but as I checked my email I saw it was from miscellaneous, I shrugged and figured it was from a friend of mine that didn't want to be bothered. I opened it but instead of it saying something like "hi" or " how have you been" the message simply said "Very clever," which was followed by a knock on the door.

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1 May, 2020
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1 min

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