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The elk was only a few years old. Still young and full of energy. It galloped and reared and fought other males over females like normal. Yet one odd evening it had been disturbed by a hunter whose gun had jammed when she went to shoot. The elk retaliated and ended up impaling the poor woman with its large antlers and carried her off through the woods. Over time the elk did everything it could to remove the hunter but to no avail. After weeks and months of trying to shake off the body, the elk gave up and started to find ways to get around the figure attached to him. He had grown used to the decaying body and often found ways to hide the stench, sometimes he'd lay in flowers or foliage and even mud when he felt threatened. Throughout his life, the elk had been so used to the corpse that he sometimes spoke to it when he was alone. His herd understood this odd event and still lived with him yet most kept their distance for the smell was retched. After years of living, the elk had fought off a pair of wolves with the help of the body's stench. As time went on the remains of the hunter seemed to attach to the body of the elk. Both were young when they met yet the elk carried what seemed to be a burden that turned into his safety device. Life had been harsh to them but it was also forgiving for if the elk had not impaled the hunter she would have been killed by that exact pair of wolves. And if the gun would have fired she would have killed the very thing that spared her from a slow painful death rather than a swift blow from his antlers. The elk was thankful that the body was attached to him.

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13 May, 2020
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1 min

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