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The Beach
The Beach

The Beach

1 Review

It's been ages since I've gone to the beach. Now that doesn't mean I dislike the beach just that I've been busy with work. My mom used to take me when I was young. I remember when the family would take a trip every summer to this certain beach. From what I can remember this beach was a big part of my life. I grew up here, hung out with friends, even met my first girlfriend here. And later down the road I even proposed to my wife Julie here. The beach kinda resembles my life. Full of fun and interesting people, full of joy, yet it can even be harsh and wicked. I just hope my daughter enjoys the beach as much as I did growing up. Just gotta keep her away from the water. Poor uncle Rick got dragged out into the ocean during a riptide last year. The beach is fun, maybe not the water.

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22 May, 2020
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