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Absorbing Spiritual Wisdom And Truth
Absorbing Spiritual Wisdom And Truth

Absorbing Spiritual Wisdom And Truth


Absorbing Spiritual Wisdom And Truth

My writings have always been of an intuitive nature. The knowledge about any of the topics covered came to me through reading big books – or small ones for that matter. Every bit of the spiritual wisdom and truth I am sharing with you in my jottings has been and still is an integral part of my own healing journey of a thousand miles. The insights that are coming to me intuitively are accompanied by the learning I am gaining from my own experiences. Life itself has been, still is and forever will be my teacher. Therefore, one could say that my knowledge has quite literally grown organically on the tree of life.

If any of the spiritual wisdom and truth we find along the way is to become our permanent soul property, it is not enough to read about it or listen to it somewhere. It can only be absorbed by us when we allow sufficient time for practising and applying it whenever possible in our daily encounters. That is the only way spiritual knowledge can sink into the deepest recesses of our consciousness and become part of our spiritual property. Once we have made it our own, it will stay with us forever. We bring it with us into every one of our future lifetimes, where it supports us and eases our way through life. Acquiring gifts of this calibre may take not just one lifetime but many. Yet, they are so valuable that they are worth every small effort we make to obtain them.

The awareness that all life, including ours, is subject to God’s laws, also known as the Universal laws, is the first and most fundamental piece of equipment everyone needs in their kitbag for the travels that eventually take each one of us back into the oneness with our Creator. The first law is love. It is followed by the law of evolution and the law of cause and effect, also known as the law of Karma. All subsequent laws radiate out from the first one. To my mind, without the awareness of their existence nothing on the Earth plane makes any sense at all. But as soon as the full significance of their meaning and the effects they have on our lives and that of our whole world dawns upon us, our perception of life changes completely.

For us the pieces of the great jigsaw puzzle of life start to fall into place and suddenly everything makes a great deal of sense. And it does not take long until one grasps that everything in the whole of Creation takes place as a natural consequence of this law and that the events in our own life – as well as everybody else’s – have always been caused by our own and their desire nature. We can see for ourselves that each one of us once set the wheels in motion for anything that happened and still is taking place in our world. I believe that the grasp of this concept is the most essential key for unlocking our inner doors of understanding. Equipped with it, the whole of life begins to make sense and every single event reveals itself as being loaded special meaning and an underlying higher, wise and significant evolutionary purpose.

In the ordinary course of events though, true enlightenment consists of a slow and steady growth of understanding, which human souls can only gain through applying their learning to their own daily lives. But there are exceptions and in any case, reaching the degree of comprehension mentioned in the previous paragraph is illumination in the truest sense of the word. Frequently more of it is found after prolonged periods of suffering and/or extreme tests of endurance. When the events lie behind us it is not unusual that our Highest Self rewards us, its small earthly counterpart, with an increased clarity of vision and understanding. In totally unexpected moments sudden flashes of insight may come to lighten our darkness and are helping us to gain a deeper understanding of the purpose and meaning of earthly life and its concerns. We may then be able see for ourselves that there really is a place for each and every one of us in the grand scheme of things and that the life that has been given to us is a good one, after all.

There can be no doubt about it that we human souls are intrepid climbers. Guided and protected by our Highest or God Self and the Angels, including our Guardian Angel, in the course of many lifetimes every one of us slowly ascends the spiritual mountain. Many different pathways lead up this mountain, consisting of the multitude of belief systems and religions that have ever existed on the Earth plane. Although it has not always looked like it on the surface of earthly life, the ultimate aim of each one of them has always been to lead humankind back into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and its own. In spite of the fact that friends and helpers in the world of light are constantly with us and are making sure that adequate progress is made by all of us.

Only through the absence of something or someone can we learn to appreciate its value. That is why for a long time the small self is left to think of itself as being alone in its present existence. Thus, when sad and difficult times have to be endured by us, we believe ourselves unprotected and largely unloved by life. In our terrified state it is a great relief when we discover that, though unbeknown to us for a long time, we have always been and forever will be surrounded by groups of spirit guides. Each one of them is headed by one of the Masters of that world and the angelic hierarchy are above them, for they are in charge of all life. Altogether these beings ensure that every human soul constantly learns from its own experiences. They are seeing to it that each one of us bravely gets on with the tough job of growing from spiritual infancy into the maturity of adulthood, undeterred by the many considerable obstacles that have to be overcome on the way.

None of us is ever forgotten or excluded from the care of these wise ones and the evolutionary plan for your race and world. To help us to develop our individuality and so that we may grow in wisdom and understanding, every human soul, before it can move on to experiencing the higher levels of life, first has to descend into matter and become familiar with the conditions of life in physicality. As we slowly evolve, the matter surrounding us does the same. Only when this part of our earthly education has been attended to sufficiently, can the long haul of our ascent out of earthly life begin. For this purpose each one of us has to move round and around the zodiac in vast cycles of experiences. Every stop in one of its signs and houses presents us with plentiful opportunities for integrating ever more of the highest qualities of that particular sign and house.

Battered and bruised, on and on we thus march through a great many lifetimes. And at the end of each one we return to our base, the world of spirit, to rest and be restored, an then to take stock and review the progress we have made up to the present. Being part of God and as a co-creator with God, human spirits are creative and enterprising. On the whole we like excitement and soon become restless. And when we have rested long enough in our other world, a great yearning overcomes us for the splendour of returning into the loving union with God and all life. This is the goal that waits for every one of us when we reach the top of the evolutionary spiral of life. As that can only be achieved through ever more learning and growing, we venture forth, apply for another lifetime on the Earth and wait for the right moment to be born into yet another physical body that has been prepared for us by God and the Angels.

‘Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Christ is our Lord!’ is quite literally true. All human beings who at any given time are dwelling on the Earth plane are basically on their road back into the oneness with our Creator. That is everyone’s highest potential and birthright, regardless of how high or low our standing on the social scale may presently be. The task before each one of us is an identical one. As soon as our spiritual awakening has taken place, we start on the pathway of an aspiring healer and lightbringer, first for ourselves and then also for those around us. This road takes us ever higher up the spiritual mountain of life until we have grown into a saviour and redeemer, again first of ourselves and then also for our whole world.

Learning to work hand in hand with the Angels and our Highest Self, the living God within, is our most urgent requirement for attending to this task. This we do by frequently asking for their guidance and protection. Remember that without asking for help from the highest it cannot reach us. Our requests however enable them to come to our assistance and show us how to go about this highly sophisticated and specialised project. The further we move along this highway, the more we discover that we no longer have any need for the teachings of those who came before us, whether they have their supposed origin in legendary figures or people who really once walked the Earth. From first hand experience we are learning that our Highest Self truly does know the answers to all our questions and that it gives them to us intuitively. In-tuition = the inner teacher. When this part of our being has become our tutor, we no longer require any others.

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8 Apr, 2019
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