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By Storm

Jack bore a look of sorrow as he looked at the police officer, the officer looked just as sad as Jack as he padded him on the shoulder. "I'm sorry kid, but it's my job to find out what happened to Mr. Madison." He told Jack who let out a sigh as he looked down at the ground. Images flashed in his mind as he remembered the happy look on Mr. Madison's face as he looked at Jack. Then in a heartbeat, it contorted into a terrible scream followed by a gunshot. The thud of a gun and the jingling of jewelry, the shooter had a look of peer joy as he relished in the feeling of killing. He shot his partner, took his bag, and sped off. The shooter took all the money and jewels he could and ran. He made his way through the halls of the huge mansion and got slightly confused with the winding corridors, the shooter previously running now came to a sudden stop and crept around trying to avoid the owners' guards. In a few moments they had found the bodies and called the police, the shooter couldn't think of anything now but how he was gonna escape. The shooter crept through the long halls and managed to find an exit. A wave of relief flooded over him as he reached for the door. Now a flash of white greeted him and it was back to him sitting on a bench next to the police officer. "Are you alright Jack?" He asked. Tears filled Jack's eyes as he looked up at the officer as he pulled out a small handgun and held it to the officer barrel pointed at Jack. It was a mistake, it was wrong, he could have gotten the money a different way. Now he couldn't be there for his brother or could he? He wondered to himself, he regretted not ditching the gun. The thing that would tear him away from his brother, all for what? Useless pieces of paper? Fancy rocks? What has happened to me... have I put greed in front of my own family? He knew Max would go to a good home, or Jack would find a way back, so he had to choose to leave his brother or bring home possible danger that would harm Max, and he didn't want this.

"It was an accident I swear..." Was all he could muster to the officer as he handed him the handgun and felt the cold chilling feeling of metal cuffs wrapping around his wrists.

Author Notes: I forgot to mention before, the first six pieces I post are all from when I started to get into writing. Feel free to rip into them as much as you like!

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30 Apr, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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