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Action And Reaction
Action And Reaction

Action And Reaction


The Higher Purpose Of Suffering – Part Two

Action And Reaction

The law of life is love and the first law that branches out from it is the law of cause and effect or Karma, which decrees that every action causes a reaction that in due course returns to its sender in a strengthened form. The English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian and author Isaac Newton 1642–1726/27 was one of the key figures in the scientific revolution of this time. He observed how the spiritual law of cause and effect manifests itself in our world. Through observing the world around him Newton discovered that every action causes a reaction. The idea of the law of gravity was also given through him. In my view it is part of the law of cause and effect because everything that originates in Mother Earth in the end has to return to her.

All life throughout the whole of Creation is subject to God’s Universal laws. Every one of us, each in their own sweet time, first has to discover and then come to terms with the effect they are having on us and everything that shares our world with us. The Great Father/Mother of all life is duality and everything that is in our Creator is also in us. And two main streams of thought or consciousness are constantly at work everywhere. In our world they manifest themselves as good and evil, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, darkness and light, black and white, positive and negative, and so forth.

Our spiritual development eventually reaches the point when we begin to sense that somehow we might be able to put an end to this sad state of affairs. If only we could find out about the cause of the suffering of our world, it might be possible to discover ways of making our contribution to it. The first step in this quest is asking God and the Angels whether they can help us and of course they are delighted about this request. We learn intuitively that, apart from love, thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and that we are personally responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actions. As sparks of the Divine, we are co-creators with God and each one is a powerful creative force that that needs to be taken care of by us, because they are constantly feeding directly into one of the two main streams.

Now that we are aware of the power of our thinking we realise that nothing could be more damaging to our spiritual development than hateful thoughts, words and actions and especially of scaremongering and panic-making. Because they increase the strength of that which is dark and evil in our world they should be avoided at all cost.

On the other hand, whenever through thoughts, words and actions we show our faith and trust in our Creator’s wisdom and love, the goodness of the life we have been given and of His/Her great plan of life, we are strengthening the stream good, right and beautiful people and things. The deeper we move into the Aquarian Age, the more urgent it becomes to stand by our convictions, walk our talk and make conscious decisions that put us in charge of our life and destiny. Up into the Heavens, the road of good and right, or down into hell, the things that are evil and wrong and people who so far do not yet know any better than acting that way, the choice is always ours. We have the right as well as the duty to choose and need to bear in mind that not making a decision is also a choice.

Hateful thoughts, words and actions that are aimed at someone who is involved in what we perceive as evil, with the intention of bringing them down and knocking them from their perch, does not do anything to remove their inner darkness. The darkness we are producing merely adds to what is surrounding them and the same happens to us. Strengthening the influence of the dark energies achieves the opposite of what we were hoping for. On the opposite end of the scale, every kind and loving thought we send to anyone who is presently taking part in the lessons of earthly life’s darkness encourages their higher nature to move that bit closer to the surface of their consciousness.

The energies we are sending them do not have the power of interfering with the lessons someone is presently taking part in and with the redemption of their karmic debts. Nothing in the whole of Creation can do this because God and the Angels are in charge of these things. But love is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and wherever loving thoughts are sent they can and do absorb some of the darkness that surrounds the recipient and through this reduce that of our whole world. Ignorance is darkness and knowing is light. The darkness of our world is the ignorance of the crude unevolved state of humankind’s nature, which is but a passing phase. Love, however, is the light that motivates us ever more strongly the more highly evolved we become. The light of love is eternal and will never fade away, it merely increases and reaching the state of full enlightenment is the birthright of every human spirit/soul.

But let’s return to effect of hateful thoughts for a moment. Sending them to anyone could spiritually not be more short-sighted. Two wrongs never did make one right and that is most certainly the case here. The one who, in your view, is doing wrong and you, because you don’t understand what’s at stake, when you are tempted to send them thoughts of loathing you are in danger of seriously hampering the development of your spiritual nature. You could kick yourself for ever having done so when you later realise that we are responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actions, and that in the fullness of time the perfect justice of the Universal laws returns all of them to us. Furthermore, the thoughts we send join others of a similar nature in the good or evil stream. This increases the strength of the thought as well as the stream.

The law of Karma ensures that, if we persecute someone in this lifetime, we are going to be persecuted by someone in a future one, just as soon as we have evolved sufficiently and are strong enough to cope with such a situation. We then draw unpleasant people into our life whose only intention seems to be making our life a misery. Other unpleasant and traumatic events could also be hitting us, only seemingly out of the blue. We have no idea where they might be coming from and why such things should be happening to us, out of all people. Aren’t we are good, upright and law abiding citizens who have deserved something better? Yes, in this lifetime but what might we have been up to in previous ones? Alas, there is no way of knowing. There is just one thing we can rely upon and that is that the Universal justice is fair, so fair that it’s hard to imagine in our present state.

Just imagine, those unpleasant things could easily have been avoided, if only we had known earlier that hateful thoughts, words and actions are just about the worst thing anyone can do to themselves. Every single one is an action that causes a reaction of the same kind. When it arrives at our doorstep, it will not come as some kind of punishment but merely as a reaction to our action and at the same time teaching us an invaluable lesson about the nature of suffering.

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3 May, 2019
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