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Addiction's a Pain
Addiction's a Pain

Addiction's a Pain

wordshealmeSam Tyler
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God damn,
This has been my vice for far too long,
No way in,
And no way out,
Which way is up?
Which way is down?
I'm caught in a perpetual whirlwhind of my own thoughts.
Pick up the blades,
No put that away,
Pick up that joint,
Take a hit,
Fade away.
Find the bottle,
Why not just finish it off?
Damn don't I have a rpoblem?
I wish I knew which way was the right way out,
I used to know how to stop,
How to control this,
How to get off this merry-go round.
But now,
Now I'm stuck,
Stuck in a vicious cycle of repition.
Repition and subsitution,
If it's not this then it's that,
Always some form of self-destruction,
What is happiness?
I just want to be happy for once,
But I can't seem to find it long term,
I just want to stay sober.
I just want to quit all these terrible habits.
My life consists of,
And repition.
You know this cycle,
Don't you?
I'm tired of wasting people's time,
Seems to be all I do nowadays.

Author Notes: *I've gotten a lot better since this point, but I'm just uploading all of my work up to this point*

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About The Author
Sam Tyler
About This Story
22 Feb, 2017
Read Time
<1 min
3.0 (1 review)

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