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Vocaloid_SachikoDeadly Dolly
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It was like an average day, my little sister going on and on about a girl named Adelaide she met at school, and mom in the bedroom, sleeping. We went to school, and went home. Just another boring day of life. My sister, Touka, asked mom if Adelaide could stay the night. Of course, she said yes. So Touka called Adelaide and told her she could stay the night. When she arived, she had long black hair, pale skin, and crymson eyerisses.

My sister told me most of the kids at school were scared of her. But she wasn’t. They played lots of games, and watched scary movies, and I helped my sister get through the movies. When it got dark, my mom put them to bed. At around 11:30, I got up to go get some water after I had finished watching some Soul Eater. When I walked past my sister’s open door, I saw Adelaide, sitting straight up, with my sister sleeping next to her. She ony stared at me, with her cold, corpse like, eyes.

She looked different in a way that to this day gives me the chills. After I got some water, I was a little creeped out to walk past the room again. It’s only a little girl, what can it do other than look cute and talk funny? I thought. So, I walked past the room, but holding a pocket knife, just in case. When I peeped through the door, she was GONE. My sister was still sleeping soundly. I got paranoia by that point, so I put the pocket knife in my sweater pocket, and grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

I walked slowly and quietly, and then I froze in my tracks. I heard a strange laugh. “Touka, why don’t you wanna play? Heh heh heh!” I heard a loud scream, so I ran to Touka’s room. I saw Touka, dangling by a noose. I scream. When I turned around, Adelaide was right there. I covered my mouth, as she looked up and smiled at me. “Wanna play too?” she then produced a laugh only the insane can make. “YOU’RE INSANE!” I yelled at her.

She started singing a tune. “Sing to me songs of the darkness! Fair well to heaven my friend!” then she laughed again. I ran out of the room and into my mom’s room. When I tried to wake her up, she fell to her side, and her face was blue. “MOM!” I yelled. There was a small knock at the door. “Naomi!” shouted a voice. I thought it was my sister at the door, but when I opened the door,” There you are…” It was Adelaide. I screamed at the top of my lungs. “Now now…”she said. There was a huge knock at the door, then a crash. “THIS IS THE POLICE!” shouted a voice from the door.

After that, Adelaide was gone. I was sent to a mental hospital for 5 years, and my sister and mother were buried in the cemetery. When I got out of the hospital, there was a 13 year old girl, with long black hair, pale skin, and a red nightgown. “Hey.” I said. “You ok?” “You don’t remember me?” said the girl. She looked over at me with a sick, twisted grin on her face. Her eyes were so beady I could barely see her psychotic eyries staring at me. She started laughing, and then strangled me. And she still roams free to this day, looking for someone to play with her.

Author Notes: Hey Guys! Okay, so this is my first ever Creepypasta from sixth grade. I know there might be incorrect spelling, but I'm not gonna mess up the original copy. Hope you liked it!

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Deadly Dolly
About This Story
14 Feb, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
2.0 (1 review)

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