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English Class-Chapter 3
English Class-Chapter 3

English Class-Chapter 3


Charli's POV

"Is Charli here?" Hunter asked with Atlas standing next to him

I quickly run in the bathroom and get my clothes on.

"She's busy right now," Jason tells them in a low whisper, "Aren't you that Jock from my High School?" Jason asks Atlas as I come out of the bathroom.

"That's right," Atlas says as he stares down on me

I cuddle Jason from behind.

"Charli can we talk?" Hunter asks with his forest green eyes focused on me

"No matter what you ask me Atlas my answer is no," I say with my voice stern, "That goes for you too Hunter," I finish off slamming the door in their face.

"What was that about?" Jason murmured after some time

"They are my ex's," I told him as I rubbed my temples, "are you mad?" I ask him after a couple of minutes of silence.

He ran his hands through his hair. "No," he said staring at the ground, "I'm not mad," he continued as his Scottish accent came out.

He's mad, I thought to myself.

"Your mad," I tell him as my voice cracked, "You're using your accent," I told him sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Smartass," he muttered under his breath.

He sat next to me on the bed and hugged me, then pulled me on his lap.

"I'm not mad at you specifically," he told me with his Scottish accent still strong

"You're mad at them?" I asked trying to figure out what to tell him

He nodded his head.

I hugged him and didn't let go.

"What's on your mind, Jason?" I ask him quietly.

"Losing you," he said after some time as I felt the tears rolling down his eyes

I kiss him as he puts his hands around my hips.

"You're not gonna lose me," I tell him after some time

"Good," he tells me as he pushes me on the bed, "Now where were we," he finishes off with a smirk on his face


I groaned as the bright sun glowed on my face.

"Morning princess," I hear Jason say

"I told you not to call me that," I say as I kiss his cheek, "you know I don't like girly shit," I finish off

"Fine," he mutters as he puts his head on my lap

I play with his hair.

"What you wanna do today?" I asked Jason after some silence

"Ramen place," he tells me, "and then after we could do some shopping," he continues as he sits up.

"Sounds fun," I tell him

"Not as fun as last night," he says without missing a beat

"Pervert," I mutter under my breath

I quickly run into the shower and change into a white crop-top with an oversized flannel jacket and ripped light blue jeans.

"You look hot," Jason tells me with his towel wrapped around his waist

I run my hands through my wavy hair, "Thanks," I tell him with a smile

"Hurry up change I'm hungry," I tell him breaking the silence

"Yes mother," he tells me as he puts air quotes on mother.

Author Notes: Hello loves!
I posted this story in a hurry while I was doing my math lesson and I was bored.
I thank you all for bearing with me during my further mental breakdown. -hears someone scream- O-O
Anyway, guys thank you for reading this and I'll see you soon-
-3- and make sure motivate the Bucks to win this year (for the NBA)


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3 Sep, 2020
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