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Ages-Chapter Three
Ages-Chapter Three

Ages-Chapter Three

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Charli's POV

When Jason left I feel hands around my waist.

"I wasn't drunk Charli," Atlas whispers in my ear

I turn around as he sees my face stained with tears.

"Charli I'm sorry," he said wiping my tears, "I didn't know,"

"It's fine," I muttered trying to hold back more tears

He leans in and kisses me again.

I didn't push away.

"If he didn't believe you," Atlas stared after some time, "He didn't truly love you," he finished.

I hugged him tightly. "Can I go home?'' I ask him.

"Sure," he told me kissing me head.

The car ride was silent.

"Wanna come to my place instead?" he asked me

I nodded and got my phone out to text my aunt.

After the car ride, I stared up at the big mansion Atlas called his house.

"Your rich?" I ask him still looking up as I walk into the house

"My step-dad is," he told me

"Well, Well," he voice boomed behind me, " didn't expect you to bring a girl back here," he said looking at me

"What's your name?" he asked me stepping closer

"Charli, I told him, "Who are you?" I asked him after some silence

"Before he answers that," Atlas jumped in ''He is a pervert Charli I suggest you be careful," he told me as I nodded

"Who are you?" I ask him again

"I'm Hunter," he tells me, "Atlas's brother,"

"Are you in college?" I ask him,

"No," he answers, "Just a different High School," Hunter said as he pulled me closer and kissed me.

"I'm a freshman," I muttered as I let me go

"Doesn't phase me," he said as he kissed me again

"Weirdos," Atlas said as he watched us

I pushed Hunter away and kissed Atlas.

"Happy?" I ask him,

"Very," he says happily

"God," I groaned, "You taste like alcohol," I told him gagging

"Charli?" Someone to my left asked,

"Hey, Marco," I told him waving

He wiggles his eyebrows, "You three have fun," he says as my face turned pink.

Just then Atlas lifted me the stairs as Hunter followed behind.

~In the morning~ ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

Charli's POV

I woke up with a start and stare at Atlas and Hunter on the two sides of me.

"Hey Charli," Hunter said

"Did know?" I asked him with my face red.

"Yeah," he said hugging me

"Did we use the thing?" I asked him again

"Yeah," he said again kissing my neck

"Was it your first time?" He asked me.

I nodded

"Explains why you were loud," he said smirking

I roll my eyes.

Then I feel Atlas hugging my bareback.

"Ready for another round?" he asked me smirking

"I thought Hunter was the pervert,' I told him with my face red.

Then Hunter got up and looked out the window of his room.

"Shit," he says, "Mom and Dad are home.

Author Notes: Halllo U~U
Sorry for the late post again.
I forced myself to finish this chapter today.

And for some reason, I couldn't remember Atlas's name for the places it needed to be.
I always put Tokyo for some reason.
And when I laughed it off I thought I looked like James Charles. xD I am mentally and emotionally unstable in life.

How was your day?

Chunter(Charli x Hunter) or Chalas? (Charli x Atlas)

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25 Jun, 2020
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2 mins

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