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Ages-Chapter Two
Ages-Chapter Two

Ages-Chapter Two

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Charli's POV

The classes were hell.

All Atlas did was stare ad smirk at me.

Jason was supposed to be my lab partner, but Atlas wanted me to do a different experiment with him.

"Now put one drop of iodine into the formula," Atlas said as my hands were shaking

"Done," I told him after some silence

The concoction fizzled up.

"Good job," he said smiling, "A-plus," he said hugging me

He stared into my eyes.

I quickly push away, "Can I go see how Jason and his partner are doing?" I ask in a sigh

"Sure," he mutters

In one motion I get up and go to Jason.

"Do you like him?" Jason asks before I can say Hello.

"I just met him," I told him

"Sorry," he mutters

"Meet me near the Janitors room after class," I told him

He nodded.

~After Class~

Storm's POV

I took my hair out of the ponytail I had it in and fluffed it up.

Then out of nowhere Jason came from behind me and hugged me.


I turn around.

"Don't make me regret this Jase," I tell him after some silence.

"I won't," he says in a low whisper.

I kiss him.

He doesn't hold back.

He pushes me into the Janitors closet.

I push away.

"Jase," I say after gathering some air, "We're too young," I tell him

"Sorry," he told me running his hands through his hair.

"Don't be," I said hugging him as he kissed my head.

As we walked out of the Janitors closet.

Some of the guys who were looking at me in class earlier had a scowl on their faces when they saw my hand clasped in Jason's hand.

"What tea happened," Jess said as she sat at the table for lunch.

"I kissed Jason," I told her.

She had a shocked expression on her face.

"I meant with Atlas," she said

My face turned pink.

"I just did a different experiment with him. While the rest of the class did another one," I tell her eating my ramen.

"Then he stared into her eyes like he was about to kiss her," Jason said eating his salad.

"Ramen?" I offer to Jason

"Sure," he told me as I put some Ramen into his empty bowl, "Thanks," he said kissing my cheek.

"My ship is still gonna sail," Jessica said eating her sandwich

"It isn't going to you fat wh-"

"Jason!" I said before he could finish the sentence.

"He is right though," I told her, "No way in hell am I going to date him," I told finished.

Just then Atlas came to the table.

"Date who," he said offering us some gum.

Jason, Jessica, and I took some.

"You," Jason said in a stern voice.

I cover my face with hair and Jessica slapped Jason in the back of his head.

"Why not," he asked, "Your nice, funny, short and cute," he started, "and I'm nice, smart and everything you need Jason to be," he said with a smirk.

I rub my temples.

"You missed out the part where I'm a Freshman and your a Senior," I told him, "Not to mention it's against the law,"

"Still coming to the party tonight right?" he asked changing the subject

We nodded.

"And Charli," he said as we were getting up, "I am the Law," he said as I laughed.

~At the Party~

Charli's Pov

The party was nice.

A few Juniors and Seniors were checking me out.

Or they were wondering why the hell is a Freshman here.

Emma, who is friends with Atlas, was very nice to Jason, Jessica, and me.

Then Atlas pulled me aside.

"Need something Atlas?" I ask him trying not to breathe too much of the alcohol.

"Can any of your friends drive," he asked almost losing his balance.

"No," I answer in a sigh, "Emma can," I finished.

"Don't get mad," he said as his voice squeaked.

"For wh-," I started before he kissed me.

I heard a glass drop behind me.

I pushed away and turned around in one motion. Jason.

He shook his head and walked away. Then Atlas pulled me in again and kissed me. I pushed away and ran after Jason.

"Jason," I said when I found him, "He kissed me," I told him in a low whisper.

"Charli why don't I believe you?" he asked.

I was shocked.

"Jason.." I managed out of my mouth after some silence.

"Please I just got you back," I told him

"No," he said after five minutes, "I don't believe you," he muttered.

"Why," I asked him, "Even when I believe she kissed you. Even though that was a lie. Even though you liked her and that kiss," I told him wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Charli I just don't believe you," he told me before he left.

Author Notes: Tea!
Thanks for all who read my series!
Hope you enjoy this one

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