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Charli's Pov

I stare from afar at the football team captain.

Not to mention he completely changed when Heather- his ex- left.

"Ooo," my friend said interrupting my thoughts, "looks like the tomboy wants the football captain," Jessica said with a smirk

I shake my head, "No way Jess," I said getting my History book out of my locker, "He is a senior and I'm a Freshman, it's not like he'll notice me anyway," I muttered

"Exactly," Jess said, "stop staring at him if you know that," she continued rubbing her temples.

"But I'm with his younger brother he can hook you guys up if you want?" she said smirking

"No, and I don't know what you see in that weird boy," I told her walking to class

she gasped, "He is amazing," she puffed and pouted her lips, "and awkwardly hot," she then said fanning her face

"He isn't Chris Hemsworth," I told her

"But I can be your Christ Hemsworth Charli," Jason said running up to us

"How many times did I tell you no Jase?" I told him burying my face in my textbook and notebook.

"Please Charli, I won't cheat," he said

again, I thought to myself adding what needed to be there.

"I'm sorry Jason were just better off as friends," I said

"BEST FRIENDS," Jess shouted

I covered my face with my long hair as the Seniors, Sophomores and other students stared.

"Sorry," Jessica whispered as we entered the class.

We sat at our desks and listened to the teacher.

Well, everyone but Jessica listened to the teacher.

"Class I have an announcement," the teacher spoke as I was filling out some needed words in my notes, "The senior football team captain will be here to watch the class for two months for his college resume. I ask that you be on your best behavior," the teacher said.

Some girls and a few boys fanned their faces.

I groaned and Jason rolled his eyes as I tied my hair into a ponytail as Jason and some other boys checked me out.

"Jason and Ms. West," the teacher said in a stern voice, "Do we have a problem?" she asked.

Jason said no, but I choose to ignore her until she called me by my actual name.

"Ms. West?" she asked again

"My name is Charli," I told her, "My sister is Ms. West," I said as I sighed.

"Mrs. P," the football captain said, "It's fine I have this," he said as she nodded her head, gathered her stuff and left the classroom.

"Charli West see me after class," he said

I nodded.

"Okay class my name is Atlas I'll be your teacher for two months," he said writing his name on the board, "Depending on your schedules I will be in a majority of your classes," he said running his hands through his hair

~After Class~

I tried to sneak out with the crowd of kids swarming out of the classroom.

But instead, he dragged me three inches away from his face.

"Your real trouble for someone with such good grades," he said after some silence and still very close to me.

"But looking at your tests I see erase marks...a lot of them," he told me

All I could do was nod.

Now his lips were two inches from mine.

"Can you step back?" I managed to mutter out of my mouth

"Sorry," he muttered

"That's a ship!" Jessica said from the hallway with Jason next to her looking shocked.

"There's a party tonight. I want the three of you to come there," he said running his hands through his hair.

"And Jess," he said while I was halfway out of the door, "Marco will be there," he said with a smirk.

I wiggled my brows as her face turned pink.

"What's up with you and him?" Jason asked in a low voice

I kissed his cheek and told him nothing.

I looked at my schedule and realized Atlas was teaching all of the classes.


Author Notes: :P Here you gooo!

Have le gud day UwUz

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10 Jun, 2020
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