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All Is Well With Our World And Us
All Is Well With Our World And Us

All Is Well With Our World And Us


Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Fifty

There’s None So Blind . . .

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, may Your will and wishes and also Your words and prayers forever be mine. Every day is a good one because you are giving it to me. Healing miracles are constantly happening in our world in many different places. It’s just that our earthly eyes can usually not see them. But they are there nonetheless. All glory and honour, praise and thanks be to You and the Angels for the greatest healing miracle of all times that is presently taking place on the Earth.

I love You with my whole being and whenever I am in need of it, I ask that the healing power of Your love penetrates the cells and atoms of my physical body so that its normal healthy functioning restores itself quite naturally. With every step I walk, every breath I take and with every heartbeat the sacred fire of Your love flows through me and heals the underlying causes of all human afflictions and our whole world. In the temple of healing in the heartmind of God, the Angels of Healing and Peace for some time have been working hard on transforming all harmful energies into beneficial ones that strengthen and heal the immune system of every sentient being and also our whole world’s. In perfect and natural ways the symptoms of the patients’ afflictions are clearing up and they are beginning to feel stronger and healthier than they have done for a long time. This is how the greatest healing miracle that has ever been experienced on our planet is being experienced. Thanks and praise be to You and the Angels for it and also for showing increasing numbers of us intuitively how we can contribute to it.

Our earthly personality is the cross all of us have been carrying long enough. Please show us how, one small step after another, we can hand it over to our own Christ nature, until with the passing of time it has taken over completely. You and the Angels are our inner guidance, the only trustworthy and truly reliable teacher or guru in the whole of Creation. This is the voice of the wise one or living God within every one of us, who communicates with us intuitively and at any given moment shows us through the world of our feelings what is right or wrong. On top of all that You are part of everything. That’s why You know the way of all things and have the answer to any question we may ever care to ask. You are the eye that never sleeps and who knows the future as well as the past of everything in the whole of Creation, naturally also for us and our word.

You and the Angels will forever be guiding and protecting all of us intuitively. From my own experiences I have learnt that we and our world will be safe forever and that nothing can ever hurt or harm us beyond repair. Having served their purpose, our fears and anxieties by now have become surplus to requirement. They are waiting to be dissolved and that is what’s now happening to ever more of us in dreamtime. When we ask for it before dropping off to sleep, our fear energies flow through the soles of our feet into the sacred fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun, to be uplifted and transmuted into faith and trust in the presence of God and the Angels and that our life and that of our world truly is a good one.

It’s good to know that the first and main law of life is love and evolution, meaning evolution based on love, and that hand in hand with the You and the Angels we have always been moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, and that this will forever continue. The knowledge of this leaves no doubts in my mind that Your great plan of life is perfect and that this is also true for our whole world and all human beings, on both sides of the veil of consciousness that to this day separates our world from the spirit realm, humankind’s true home.

I trust that You and the Angels will be navigating us through the tests and trials that still have to come our way to pay our last karmic debt can be paid, so that the greatest healing miracle of all times can fully unfold and become ever more visible. As sparks of Your great light, every one of us is Your child and all Your powers and characteristics are also in us. Eventually, every one of us is destined to reach the developmental point when Your love fills our whole being and flows into everything we come into contact with in our thoughts, words and actions. Through learning to love Your way, totally and unconditionally, without prejudice and judgement against everybody, everybody in the end brings forth their own Christ nature. The world around us acts like a mirror that reflects back to us what we are, within and our outer personality. And because we are magnetic beings, at all times we are attracting into our orbit others whose energies are compatible with ours.

Every one of us is a many-faceted jewel and has been gifted in some special way that enables us to make our own unique contribution towards the healing miracle that is now taking place in our world. Some of us have not yet discovered these talents, even though they could have taken many lifetimes to develop and are waiting to unfold to full flowering in this one. Read more about it in the relevant file at the end of this chapter. This is important because, hand in hand with You and the Angels, every one of us has the birthright of establishing their own small corner of Heaven on the Earth.

To enable us to do this, sharing our gifts with as many as possible is essential. Everybody else also has the right to find out that God and the Angels have always been with every one of us, guiding and protecting us, whenever the need for it arises. None of us was ever abandoned and left to struggle on their own and this will forever continue. The state of being at one with our Creator, and through this with the whole of Creation, was never interrupted. It’s just that it takes our earthly selves a long time to discover these truths.

But when at last we do, hand in hand with God and the Angels, it becomes possible to consciously enter into the state of Paradise whilst taking part in earthly life. The realisation of these truths fills our whole being with a new kind of hope and faith, trust and devotion that cannot be shaken and will never be taken away by anything or anyone. This is because they are based on the solid foundation of knowing and understanding the processes of life and that all its manifestations in the whole of Creation, therefore also we and our world, are and always have been subject to God’s Universal laws.

It will not be long now until no-one will be required to blindly believe things just because they are written somewhere and some people tell us that they are true. That’s what they believed, in the days when the blind were leading the blind. Thanks be to God and the Angels for telling us that they are nothing of the kind. Soon no-one will have to fumble in the darkness of strange tales that could not make sense for as long as their higher esoteric meaning had to remain hidden behind their surface words.

God and the Angels are waiting to intuitively communicate with ever more of us. Even the slowest in our midst will eventually learning, through their own experiences, that instructions received this way are one hundred percent trustworthy and can be followed without hesitation. That’s how all of us, hand in hand with the Highest, will in due course be doing our share of ushering in our world’s new golden age, when Mother Earth has evolved into a planet where all manifestations of life co-exist harmoniously and peacefully. The last traces of selfishness, greed and avarice will then have been overcome and everybody is working for the highest good and greatest joy of all.

To smooth the road leading to this destiny, may the radiance of God’s sacred wisdom and truth increase the light of the Divine spark in ever more human hearts, so it stirs from its slumber and the birth of their earthly self’s Christ child or nature takes place.

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
All glory, honour and praise be to You.
You are the Source of all inspiration,
Revelations and illuminations
That exist in the whole of Creation,
Therefore also in every one
Of us and our world.

With the help and will of
You and the Angels
All things are possible,
Crooked places made straight
And all conditions healed.
Your light in us does shine and that
With every passing day more.

All my writings are of an intuitive nature. They are originals that cannot be found anywhere else, unless someone copied them from my work. Feel free to do so. But if you do, I would greatly appreciate it if you were kind enough to mention the origin of your information and provided links for my website and/or writings on Booksie, where more of this nature can be found and downloaded by anyone free of charge. The more my writings are shared, the easier the greatest healing miracle of all times will come about and reveal itself to our world.

Intuitively, God and the Angels are telling me that everything is right with us and our world. This is how I know that it really is! May the Angels in the same manner show ever more of us how we can contribute to the transmutation of all harmful influences into beneficial ones. God bless and keep us and our world safe, forever and ever. Amen

* * *

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29 Jul, 2020
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8 mins
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