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All Is Well With Us And Our World
All Is Well With Us And Our World

All Is Well With Us And Our World


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Because I understand why things happen, nothing can disturb my peace of mind about our world’s present state. Wise ones have always told us that things can only come about in God’s time and not ours. Yet, they never told us why this should be so. Maybe because they did not know. Astrology, the Divine science, shows me that things can only happen when the energies of our world’s planetary system are right and therefore allow something to come about. This is what they have been, a bit more with every passing day, since the Sun in the sky above our world moved into Aries, the sign and point of all new beginnings. The Arian energies are the uprushing fountain of life itself . They have the power of bringing about the miracle of rebirth on all levels. On the 20th March 2021 the Sun entered Aries. That’s the true beginning of every year. The energies since then have gradually become more right for revealing the truth about the plandemic’s background.

The pharma industry by now counts among its helpers the governments of many countries, their police forces, their Health Services and members of the medical profession. That’s how this industry for many years has been working exceedingly hard to manipulate our world into the present situation. Those involved thought they were working in the greatest of secrecy, so that nobody would ever know and then be able to reveal the truth about their activities and intentions. They could not have been more wrong. God and the Angels are the all-seeing eye that never sleeps, in the inner spiritual background of our world, who at all times are watching anyone’s behaviour. Everything that happens in our world is clearly visible on the inner plane. Even what people here like to think of as their most secret thoughts, it’s as if they were being shouted from the rooftops on the inner plane.

Anyway, the Aquarian age is the age of truth and that’s why also in our world the truth will not be hidden forever and that’s for the simple reason that it is not meant to be hidden; it never was and never will be. This is why, for quite some time by now, God and the Angels have been doing their best to let the truth flow with ever increasing strength into humankind’s earthly mind. Each one of them is a receiver/transmitter station for the ideas that have always been flowing from the Highest levels of life into our world.

Alas, far too many earthly minds are still unable to receive these gifts and that’s because the necessary part of people’s being has closed down because of not being used. Use it or lose it! Any brain cells that are no longer used, close down and it’s as if they had never existed. My inner guidance tells me that this is why so many these days are afflicted by Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Yet, it’s good to know that, with the help and will of God and the Angels, any condition can be healed through natural healing methods. With their help, ever more of them will gradually be discovered and developed. See the relevant link at the end.

Through being tuned into the frequencies of God and the Angels and asking for their help, ever more earthly minds will gradually be regenerated and healed. And that’s how ever more of us will in due course be able to receive more of the Divine wisdom and truth. For quite some time it has been flowing with steadily increasing strength onto the earthly plane. God and the Angels have always communicated with us earthlings intuitively. The insights they are allowing us into things that previously had to remain hidden from public view and knowledge, are meant to be shared with as many as possible.

This is how it’s come about for me that, for the first time in my present lifetime and maybe ever, I feel safe. An essential part of my feelings of safety is the knowledge that everything that’s ever happened in our world has served the wise higher reason of teaching us and our world something. Naturally, the present situation is no exception. My inner guidance tells me that it’s main purpose is revealing who really is in charge of us and our world, that it’s God and the Angels and by no means the pharma industry, earthly governments with their police force, health services and the medical profession. The truth the intentions of all these organisations will soon become visible.

To my mind, best of all is a steadily growing awareness and acceptance that everything on the earthly plane is of a temporary nature and not intended to last forever. Naturally, this also applies to humankind’s earthly existence, individually and collectively, and whatever happened in our world in the past, present and future. One thing we can be sure of and that is that everything passes, in God’s time, not ours and that means when the energies are right.

First and foremost the plandemic serves the Highest Forces of life as an instrument to bring about the greatest transformation our world has ever experienced and that’s changing from an over-materialistically orientated place into an ever more spiritual one. An essential part of this process is that ever more of us are waking up from the illusion that the earthly plane is all there is to their existence, because in truth every one of us is an eternal and immortal being. Because the essence of our being is spirit/soul and part of God, none of us can and will never die, the same as our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life.

No, I am not being foolishly optimistic when I tell you that, in spite of what’s going on at present, all is well with us and our world and forever will be. In view of the plandemic’s spiritual background, what I am telling you here is very realistic indeed. This is because on the inner spiritual plane of life there is no separation between anything. All is one and everything is for real, there is no lying and cheating, faking and/or pretending. Honesty and truth are its supreme rulers. That’s why when we do something good to anybody, whoever they may be, it is done for the whole of humankind, including ourselves. Unfortunately, the same is true when somebody does something bad, evil and ugly to anyone. This is also why sending good and kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to anyone, especially our world’s troublemakers and scaremongers, is so effective.

The inner is a world of thought and whatever anyone thinks, in our world and theirs, is clearly visible to all. And the more the outer plane becomes like its inner counterpart, the more peace, balance and harmony will establish themselves in our world.

Updated June 2021

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6 Jun, 2021
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