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All Life Is Evolution
All Life Is Evolution

All Life Is Evolution

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All Life Is Evolution

God’s great design of life is evolution and the purpose of every one of its aspects is that it should constantly grow more perfect and beautiful and expand in consciousness. This is how over long periods of time – in earthly terms – everything in the whole of Creation is becoming ever more sophisticated. Naturally, this also applies to humankind. And that is the reason why all human spirits and their souls, without exception, have to spend many lifetimes on the Earth plane. Each one of us has to evolve through their own experiences of studying and exploring their own nature, each other’s and that of our world, which was given to us to serve this purpose. Through this our individual and collective consciousness slowly expands and our individual and collective soul grows in wisdom and understanding.

This is how life is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. Its intention is to gradually take us – each on their own and all together – into experiencing ever higher levels of existence. And each time one of us learns something and through this grows and evolves, not only our whole world does the same, but also the whole of Creation. God is life and life is God, and life will forever be humankind’s teacher. At any given time our daily lives provide all of us with sufficient opportunities for gathering ever more knowledge about ourselves and our world. In this natural process each one of us eventually develops into an enlightened being, i.e. one who is fully and consciously aware of God’s true nature and their own.

We are the pioneers of a New Age and in this capacity many experiences are waiting for us that have never been tried before on the material plane of life. One of them is androgyny. Although this is a state we never lost on the inner spiritual levels of life, on the outer it presents us with totally new experiences and challenges of quite a different kind. One of the most important features of us and our world is that we all contain many puzzling dualities and polarities, and that our world is one of paradoxes. For example, we all contain feminine and masculine energies. This is because as sparks of the Divine everything that is in God is also in us. Therefore, each one of us is woman and man at the same time. Although for a very long time we have looked towards others to make us whole, it is now coming clear that each one of us is already complete within themselves. The recognition of this is the first vital step that takes us back into the wholeness we once possessed.

The perfection we have been placed on the Earth plane to seek in truth means wholeness, i.e. the integration of all the qualities and characteristics that are in our Creator Father/Mother into our own. As above, so below. Created in the image of God, the earthly microcosm is a reflection and a manifestation of the macrocosm. By bringing the Divine qualities forth from deep within ourselves we become whole and holy as well as healed. Entering into this state is every soul’s final goal and destiny. Our first requirement in this process is taking possession of our other part, the inner man in woman and the inner woman in man. When that has finally been achieved, we shall once again be like the Angels and God in whom the feminine and masculine energies are in perfect balance and harmony with each other.

Like God and the Angels, we too are first and foremost spirit. The only difference between them and us is that we are temporarily encased in matter. Thus on the one hand, we belong to the world of matter and on the other one we are part of their world of spirit and light. For as long as we remain clothed in our physical bodies we belong to the Earth plane. This however is only half the story, and by far the most vital part of us is our spirit and soul and our true home is the world of spirit. Each time we leave one of our earthly garments behind, we return to this world to rest and recover from the stresses and strains of going to school on planet Earth. Through its lessons the earthly self’s character qualities begin to develop. The more it learns the further it evolves and its consciousness expands.

Whenever our spirit and soul return to the world of spirit, we – together with the wise ones in charge of us – assess the progress we have made, not only during the lifetime just completed, but all of them. The soul acts like a memory bank of all the learning our earthly personality ever gathers, throughout the long course of its evolution. Programmed into every soul is a deep and powerful longing and craving for peace and love that harks back to its oldest memories of the times – bear in mind that time does not exist on the spiritual level of life – when it still lived in a constant state of peace and was at one with God.

The memory of this condition has always remained alive in every soul’s consciousness and also in that of the soul of our whole world. It is that which in the end guides each one of us back into that same peaceful union. Although after many lifetimes on the Earth the small earthly self has long forgotten about this, no soul ever does. It is well aware that all life, including every God’s human children of the Earth, has come from love and is destined to return to it, as soon as it has become sufficiently evolved and its vibrations have become refined enough to be able to do so.

The earthly self is extremely fearful of the future and the unknown. That is why, for as long as it fails to comprehend the true reason for its being on this plane of life, it shies away from and struggles mightily against any messages its unfortunate and suffering soul is constantly trying to give it. Somehow the personality knows that it needs to move forward into life, but it has even forgotten why it is behaving this way, namely so that it may grow through the learning it gathers from all its experiences. The soul’s task consists of guiding its earthly personality safely back into the full consciousness of its true nature and home, into the memory of what it once really was, namely love. As the soul knows nothing of this world and does not understand it, it suffers mightily – and that in turn helps it to grow. Wanting to put an end to all its suffering, it is trying to gain the attention of its earthly self by tugging away at it and making every effort to get its attention.

For me, there is no better way of demonstrating the struggle between the human soul and its personality than through astrology and Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Oh yes, astrology plays a part in all my writings. I have been studying the Divine science for more than twenty years, though more through observing life itself than through textbooks. This has provided me with a gateway to a better understanding of the Divine in you and me, and all life. It has also taught me how the gentle and loving wisdom that is flowing into our world from the Stars can help us – more than anything – to explain our true nature and the purpose of the lessons we have come to learn on the Earth plane, individually, as a race and together with our planet. Through patiently and willingly partaking in our lessons, the Universe is helping each one of us to slowly find our way back to our Star-Self and the at-oneness with our Highest Self, which is every soul’s birthright.

The way I see it, my gender is irrelevant because on the inner level we are all feminine and masculine creatures. My age does not matter either because our spirit and soul has no age and the concept of time exists only on the Earth. But in any case, my writings are not about me; they are a song of praise that is dedicated to the great wisdom and love of our Divine Father/Mother who, from the moment of our creation, has always guided and protected us. This will continue in all eternity no matter where we may eventually find ourselves. Like you, I am a beloved child of the Universe and you are part of my spiritual family; that’s all that is of importance to me. And as I seek neither fame, glory nor a slice of what hopefully you no longer consider to be your best, namely your money, I hope you will not be too unhappy putting up with some of my idiosyncrasies.

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22 Jul, 2018
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