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All Over Again Pt. 2
All Over Again Pt. 2

All Over Again Pt. 2


Tony Stark, Earth-789

"Thor, I know Loki is your brother," Tony bites nervously at his lip, "so where is my child?"

"He loved them too," Thor whispers staring at the ground, "you know that." He swallows nervously.

"Where are they?"

"I'm sorry..they died," Thor answers wiping a single tear off his cheek, "they died during battle protecting their"

"NO," Tony yells throwing the chair across the room and out the window, "that's impossible"

"They died during battle protecting their district.. as you asked."

Keori Stark

Keori stares at Peter puts his shirt on. Is it really a good idea to go on a mission? Peter smiles warmly at them planting a kiss on the lips.

"You okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine," Keori smiles back at him moving the hair out of their hair, "just thinking about the mission."

"We might run into Tony but other than that it should be fine," Peter kisses their head, "I'm gonna take a shower, you coming?"

Keori smirks, "Hell yeah."

Peter grabs them by the hand and lifts them in the bathroom kissing them roughly. Keori moans as his tongue reaches the back of their throat. Pete locks the bathroom door and pulls their shirt over their head and slowly kisses their neck.

He takes the rest of their clothes off heavily panting.

"You sure?"

Keori nods with their face bright red.

Loki, Earth-789 Flashback

Loki ties Keori's hand to the bedpost kissing their neck and making his way down to their belly. He unbuttons their jeans and lowers his kisses. He pulls her pants and underwear down continuing to kiss the area.

Author Notes: HIIIIIIII

Hoped you enjoyed!


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11 May, 2021
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