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All That Thou Hast Brought Upon Us
All That Thou Hast Brought Upon Us

All That Thou Hast Brought Upon Us


All of life is a journey and humankind’s descent into physicality is no exception. It has been an exceedingly long and slow excursion and many of the offences we committed on the pathway that took us ever deeper into experiencing life in physicality had to be left behind, so they could be attended to in future lifetimes. It could not have been any other way, because in those days we still lacked the ability to understand the purpose of our existence and therefore could not cope with the problems that arose any better.

But now that we are here, we either have already developed this skill or, with the help of God and the Angels, are about to do so. This is how it has come about that some of the oldest debts in our spiritual bankbook are haunting us now and from time to time are sending us reminders that they are waiting to be made good, by none other than us. Having reached the ascending arc of humankind’s evolution, God and the Angels are waiting to be called upon to assist us individually and collectively to return into the conscious awareness of our God’s true nature, our own and our oneness with all life.

If we move through our world with open eyes, it is not hard to see how to this day some of humankind’s most ancient karmic debts are presenting us and our world with severe problems. Whatever accumulation of unredeemed individual and collective offences is left from all previous lifetimes eventually has to be redeemed by us, each time one of us returns to the Earth plane. As we are living in the times that Buddhism describes as ‘the latter days of the law’ – a theme to which we shall return in a moment – any issues that were up to now left unattended are presenting themselves to us and our world, so that their final resolutions can be found.

The following prayer from the Apocrypha, The Complete Bible – An American Translation, speaks to us from down the ages:

All that Thou hast brought upon us
And all that Thou hast done to us,
Thou hast done in justice –
Deliver us, in Thy wonderful way.

From ‘The Song Of The Three Holy Children’
Daniel 7-19

Like the children in the prayer, our ancestors – it is more than likely that you and I were among them – let us pray together: Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, deliver us and our world from all evil and the greatest evil in this existence is fear. Please help us to uplift and transmute all fears and anxieties of our world into blessing and healing energies for all life, so that it may bring a renewal of hope, faith and trust to each and every heart and soul and to the soul of our world. May Your infinite love and wisdom guide and protect us all and keep us safe in Your loving hands. Amen

So much has been known to us for such a very long time. Do you find it as astonishing as I do about how little has been understood, up to now? Let us rejoice at how far we have come on our evolutionary pathway by now and that much more Divine wisdom and trust is unveiling itself to us all the time. As the pioneers of the Aquarian Age, let us enjoy and cherish the excitement of the task that lies before us. Resting safely in the knowledge that God and the Angels are guiding and supporting us not only from the highest levels of life, but also from within the very core of our own being, it is good and right for us to courageously put one foot in front of another and follow their lead.

True to our real nature, lovingly and with the simple trust of a small child, which we spiritually most certainly all are, we put our small hands into their strong ones and walk the rest of our predestined way back home into the fully conscious awareness of our oneness with God and all life with ever increasing confidence. To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, let us not follow where the well trodden trail may lead, but go where no-one has ever walked before, where so far there is no path and we can be the ones who leave a trail behind that others may wish to follow.

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18 May, 2020
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3 mins
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