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The girl had long white hair that matched the snow. She was not old; she looked like she was in her teens. Her unforgetful blue eyes searched the ground as snowflakes swirled around her. A pack of wolves followed her bare feet sinking in the pearly white floor that coated the ground and the trees. She was quiet, her steps as light as a feather.

The girl spotted a red scarf ripped in half on the ground. She suppressed a gasp and ran up to the torn scarf. She gently picked it up and brushed off the white powder, recognizing it immediately. "No, no, no..." she murmured under her breath and spotted shoe prints in the snow. The pack of wolves sniffed it. They growled and the girl told them to be quiet. "Do not worry, my pack. He is around," she promised and tightened her grip on the scarf.

She turned around and faced the shoe prints. She ran gracefully, following the path. As she ran, her skin turned whiter, her eyes sharpening and taking a more wolf-like appearance. Her long white hair shortened and appeared all over her body.

And the girl became a snow white wolf with the same stunning blue eyes.

They trotted along the boot prints, the white wolf in the lead with the ripped red scarf in between her teeth.

The path led to a cliff overlooking the freezing sea.

A boy stood there, clutching the other part of the red scarf. He turned around. He had jet-black hair with the nicest shade of green swirling in his eyes.

He gasped as the white wolf dipped her head, bowing to the boy. The rest of the pack followed the alpha’s lead. “Alpha...what are you doing here?” whispered the boy, kneeling down. He hugged the wolf, one tear trickling down his cheek. The white Alpha wolf licked it off the boy’s face. He laughed.

“I missed you.” the boy whined as he stood up.

Suddenly, the Alpha turned back into the pretty girl. “Me too.” she agreed, smiling.

“We should get going. He’ll be here soon.” the boy warned.

“I know. And I also know He has no mercy,” she said, grimacing. “And I’m guessing you learned that the hard way?” the boy asked, wincing. “Yes.” the girl replied and dragged the boy away from the cliff.

“Hurry. I know what it feels like to be caught by Him. And I don’t want you to know how it feels like.” the girl said, marching through the forest.

There was a rustling behind the wolves and the two teenagers. They stopped cold.

A long moment passed before both teens and the pack broke into a run.

“He is coming. Hurry!”

Author Notes: Something I thought about and I made this up as I went. Place a review so I know you guys want the second part!

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23 Jan, 2019
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2 mins
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