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An Angel's Death (Part 2)
An Angel's Death (Part 2)

An Angel's Death (Part 2)

6 Reviews

An Angel’s Death (part 2)

By: Benjamin

“Jackson… Are there rules to the angel thing?” I asked, staring down, focused onto the hospital bed. “There are only a few for Earth angels...but you should know….We’re not Earth angels….” Jackson said. “What do you mean? I thought you said-” Jackson cut me off. “We’re not Earth angels!...We’re fallen angels….” He yelled, but afterwards he went rather quiet. Then he started to speak again. “You don’t have your memories yet, but you were in Heaven, something happened while you were there and you died. …….you’ll gain the memories of how you died when you see someone on Earth die the same way you did.” Jackson said. “So...we both had a chance in Heaven, but something went wrong, we died, and now we’re stuck on Earth..just in an angel form. ….Can anyone-” Jackson cut me off again. “Only when you show your angel side. Otherwise you won’t be seen. We have to move, far away from here.” he said, turning around. “Why?” I asked. “Because if we stay we’ll never learn how you died. Or your true potential, you have more power than you know. Some fallen angels have lots of power while most others are like me.” he said. “But how do you know I have lots of power?” I asked. “I can feel it, but you can’t feel my power because I’m not a very strong angel.” he said.

It was a few hours later that we had left the hospital, but we had to un-enroll from school before we could do anything. “Okay, well you too stay safe!” the principle exclaimed as we walked out of the office and out of the school. The bullies that always bullied me had tried to irritate me, but I ignored them. One of them grabbed my shoulder and threw me back to the ground. It didn’t hurt, but it made me feel some type of way that they didn’t even know who they were messing with. I sat up and death stared them, but Jackson said something. “Hey! Come on.” I think that’s what he said, but then one of the bullies got in his face and said “Who do you think you are you little-” I grabbed him by his neck and held him in the air, it was nice. “Oh, what’s wrong? Did you get scared?” I said in an unnaturally deep voice, sounding demonic. I threw him and he hit the lockers on the wall.

Jackson grabbed me and darted, but I started to glow and so did he. We both disappeared, I think I just teleported us to the park…. “Jackson?” I asked hesitantly. “Dude…..THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! H-How did you do that?” Jackson was clearly excited. “I’m not sure, I wanted to I thought about the park. It’s where Ialways stay.” I said. Jackson looked around and started to go into a deep thought for a second. “Think of a place to go and we can go there.” Jackson said, quietly. “Like what? I’ve never been out of this state before.” I said. I walked to him and put my hand on his shoulder and we glowed again. This time I took us to a place in the woods. It’s a very beautiful place. “I haven’t been here in years...It still looks beautiful.” I said, then Jackson looked around, amazed. “This place is perfect-” Jackson said, but then an old friend I knew cut him off. “So, I see you finally died. It’s been a while Axel.” he said. “M-Marshall?” I said as I looked up to see him sitting in the tree we used to sit in when I came here. “Yeah?” Marshall said, then he appeared behind me and hugged me. “It’s been a while since you’ve been here, probably forgot about me, but here you are.” he said. I blushed and turned around to hug him back. I remembered when I had nowhere else to go I had ran away. Being here again was almost upsetting, I started to cry as I remembered why I left this place. I was a freshman in high school, I ran here and found Marshall. He was the same age as me, we both ran away. We became friends and did everything together….Until that one day….it was dark outside and Marshall wanted to climb some trees. He climbed the tallest tree we could find, but then he grabbed a broken branch…...he was so high….there wasn’t a way to save him….he fell and broke his neck. I remember being terrified and running back home.

“Hey, it’s alright. I’m an angel now...a fallen one at that.” Marshall said as he snickered at the terrible pun he had made. “That’s not funny Marshall!” I said as I backed away and wiped my tears. “Can someone tell me what’s going on?” I had forgotten about Jackson. I explained everything to him so that it made sense. “Well, I’d just like to say that I feel intimidated that you two are both very strong angels.” Jackson said. I snickered and asked Marshall if he knew how he died. He didn’t know, but he had full control over his powers and said that he’d teach me and Jackson to control ours.

“It’s that easy.” Marshall explained. “Oh...So basically we’re both stupid.” Jackson said. He was referring to me and him because all we have to do to control our powers is literally nothing, but staying calm. “Sounds super easy.” I say, then I let my angel side show. I liked it, it was nice. “Marshall? Even though we’re dead do we still have to eat and stuff?” I asked. “No, you don’t have to do anything human,” he responded. “Nice!” I exclaimed. I never really felt human anyway.

I heard something rustling in the woods, I quickly turned around and saw someone in a tree. It was Marshall? “M-marshal?” I slowly say. Then he screams andfalls; I rush to him, but he disappears as he hits the ground. I started to panic and I screamed. The ground starts to leave me and everything gets bright. My eyes glow and I float as if I were falling from the sky. I see Jackson fly above me, he was saying something. Then Marshall grabbed him… “Marshall? I- I thought you…” I tried to say it, but then he lifts me higher. “Where’s Jackson?” I demand in a demonic tone. I see a dark, mysterious cloud swirl around me and I look just like a fallen angel. I have horns, big, dark, fiery wings, a dark gothic outfit covers me and I’m suddenly sitting on a throne over dead bodies.

“Now, now. Tell me. Where’s Jackson?”

Author Notes: Part 2 is pretty short, but part 3 will be the last part, and it's coming soon! I would appreciate feedback! Thank you!

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29 Jan, 2021
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5 mins
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