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An Angel's Note

An Angel's Note

By Hokay21 - 4 Reviews

An Angel’s note (inspired by 13 reasons why)

“It’s gonna be okay honey, we are all going to miss her. We will also all see her again one day.” Jenna’s mom said as she wiped the tears of Kayla’s face.

Kayla was Jenna’s friend, They were like sisters they told each other everything. They never even kept secrets from one another. Jenna was Kayla’s other half. Then one day, everything fell apart. Jenna’s parents, Mike and Lyss, went to work like normal, while Jenna was suppose to go to school. They trusted her to do that because Jenna was a good kid, She always done what she was suppose to do. She had straight A’s. She was the perfect kid, as most people said. Anyways, Jenna didn’t show up to school one day, and Kayla knew she was suppose to. She tried calling Jenna. No answer. She finally got in her car at lunch and went to go check on her. She pulled up and went to knock on the door, no answer, she finally went and opened the window on the balcony. She knew it would be unlocked because that’s where they met at every night. She walked in and there was no sign of Jenna. She walked all through the house, and finally she walked in the bathroom. She saw Jenna laying there. Unresponsive. She fell down to Jenna and tears started to run down her face. She saw Jenna’s bottle of antidepressants in the floor, empty. She called 911, and since that day nothing has been the same.

*2 weeks later*

“You’re gonna have to get over it darling. I know it’s hard, but you can’t let this control you.” Kayla’s mom said as she braided Kayla’s hair.
“Mom. It’s only been 2 weeks. Everyone at school is still talking about it. I can’t bear to hear about it, especially when some of the rumors aren’t even true. I mean I’m not trying to sound crazy, but for some reason I still feel like she is here with me.”
“Honey, this new change is going to take some time getting use to. It’s time for you to go to bed anyway. You have finals tomorrow.” Kayla went on to bed and layed there. She stared at her ceiling thinking about how Jenna was just laying there, she felt guilty, she felt like this happened because she wasn’t a good enough friend. The next morning she got ready for school. She went to her locker. She went to grab her books, but she didn’t see them, then she realized it wasn’t her locker. She went to shut them locker and saw a note. It was red. She grabbed it and unfolded it. Inside she read “You’re one of the reasons why I did what I did, If you want to know what I mean. Keep reading this.” Everybody started to go to their locker. She freaked out and threw it in there, and shut it. Right when she shut it, Lizzie ,the school’s cute and preppy cheerleader, walked up and asked Kayla “Why were you in my locker?!!!”
“… I accidently opened it not paying attention.” Kayla stuttered out. “Well next time, learn some respect for your higher classman.” Lizzie said with a smile and walked away, “ when you want to write a thougt What does that note say, I need to know what that note says, what did she do to Jenna??” Kayla thought to herself all day. She needed to tell someone. It was like it was killing her, she knew what she had to do. She went to tell her other best friend, Jason. Jason was her guy best friend, and her soulmate. She ran up to him about to tell him what she found and that they need to somehow get the letter. He was at his locker. She ran up, out of breathe, and took everything out of his hands and started throwing it in his locker when her eyes met something. They met something red, and folded in his locker, she stopped right there. She was still and quiet. “What you need Kayla? I don’t have time for this.” he said with a chuckle.
“Sorry, I um, I just remembered that I need to go talk to the teacher before class, I’ll just talk to you later.” she said as she backed up slowly and her head started spinning. So many thoughts started to go through her head. She ran to her locker, thinking that now maybe she had one. She opened it, no red note, she felt so much relief. She thought to herself “What did Jason and Lizzie do to Jenna.” She couldn’t take it anymore. She reached in Lizzie’s locker ready to grab the note. She snatched the note and threw it in her bag and she shut the locker and went home.
The moment she went home, she unfolded the red note and started off where she left off. It said

“Well surprisingly you actually cared enough to keep reading since you have gotten this far. Let’s start off from when we first met. It was out of school. We met at this pool during the summer. We weren’t best friends, but I thought I could trust you if I ever needed you. Well I was more than wrong. You cared, but just not enough. You remember what you did. Don’t know? You saw me kiss a boy at the pool. He was my first kiss, his name was Braydon. You started a rumor. You thought that it would be a good little joke to tell everyone that we did more than just kiss. But I think you forgot something. We live in a small town, things get around quicker than you know. Before long my parents found out about it. Everyone called me names. Names you couldn’t even imagine. My parents disowned me, their perfect little girl was now someone that gave it away to some random guy at a pool. Everyone knew about that, they knew everything. Well not everything. They didn’t know the truth, and that’s the biggest one you should know. Well anyways, now you know how you had a big impact in my life. You made everyone, and I mean everyone hate me every day of my life.”

Kayla didn’t know what to do. All she could do was just sit there on her bed as tears ran down her face. She thought to herself “Why didn’t Jenna ever tell me this. I thought we were best friends..” She thought about taking the piece of paper to the principal, but then she knew that she could also get in trouble for taking the paper out of Lizzie’s locker. She knew that the next morning she needed to put the note back in Lizzie’s locker before she noticed. Reading that note made her think about what the one her boyfriend has must says. The whole night she was wide awake, thinking about how someone could do that to her best friend, and get away with it. The next morning she got ready for school, and put the note in Lizzie’s locker before she noticed. Well at least she thought she did. After lunch Lizzie walked up to her and asked “Why did you get into my locker again?”
“Does anyone else know about the note?” Kayla said.
“Are you crazy?! Shut up!! God!” Lizzie snapped.
“Well I-I just wanted to kn-” Kayla was cut off by Lizzie
“Come with me and I’ll explain.” Lizzie mumbled as she took off outside. Kayla ran beside her and said “I’m not letting you stall anymore, tell me why you did that, and does anyone else know about it.”’
“If you must know, it was her fault. I liked that boy. I loved Braydon. Braydon was my everything, until she started coming to the pool. He lost interest in me, and started gaining interest in her. I mean I thought she was my friend honestly. I was wrong though. I mean I know what I did was wrong, but I never knew she would have to live with it. I feel bad about what happened, but it’s too late now. In the end, I guess both me and her were both hurt. I didn’t know she was that hurt though.” Lizzie said with a straight face, like what she had just said didn’t even bother her anymore. Kayla pushed Lizzie away and walked off. Thoughts were spinning through her head. Jenna was her best friend. Why didn’t she know any of this. “NO.” she thought. “I can’t get mad at Jenna now. I can’t. I’m just a little disappointed.”
A couple days went by and everything has settled down a little bit about the death of Jenna, but not for Kayla. The same thought went through her head. “What did Jason do to Jenna?” She saw that note in there. That’s all she could think about. The next day she had it planned to get his note. She didn’t care what it had to take. The next morning she got up ready for school, with one thing on her mind. She knew she was going to get that note. She came to school early and got the note out of the locker she went inside the bathroom to read it. She knew she wouldn’t get away with keeping it all day. Her heart paced fast as her shaking fingers opened the note. Inside the note she read

“Jason, Jason, Jason. You my friend are a big reason what happened, happened. I’m going to start all the way back to when we were just meeting. We were at a party. You and Kayla were flirting, obviously this is before y’all started dating. Anyways, you wanted me to ask her out for you , because you said that you really loved her. I did it. Y’all dated for about 4 months, and then one night you called me. You were drunk, and so was I. You said you needed someone to talk too. My problem is that I have a big heart, so of course I said I would come over. I came over expecting you to have some big problem. Boy was I wrong. You know what you did to me that night. I didn’t tell anybody because I didn’t want you in trouble because you were my best friends boyfriend. I wanted to tell her. I knew she couldn’t handle it though, she really loved you. I didn’t want her to end up like me. It’s too late for you to apologize to me, but it’s not too late for you to tell her. If you don’t tell her it’s gonna kill you, just like it killed me. You are a major part of my death Jason. In many people's eyes it would be you that deserved to die, but I would never wish that on anyone.”
Kayla just looked at the paper. With tears going down her face she simply just folded it back up and put it in his locker. She was walking through the hall. Zoned out. She didn’t even have any thoughts. Jason walked up to her and asked what was wrong. She simply said “You knew exactly what you were doing, and that’s what hurts the most.” Jason looked at her in shock.
“Baby please, let’s talk.” Jason said with a facial expression only one guilty would make.
“There is nothing to talk about. I am putting charges on you, Stay away from me. I never want to see or talk to you again. Do you understand me Jason? I hate you. Right now every breathe is a war. Every thought is a battle, and I honestly don’t think i’m winning anymore. I definitely don’t need you to make it worse.” Kayla said as she pushed him away. By now everyone in the hallway was around them. Everyone ran up to Kayla and she snapped. She yelled “Nobody cared! Nobody listened! Nobody understood!” At that moment the school counselor grabbed Kayla and took her into the conference room.
“Kayla, darling, what has gotten into you?!!!” Kayla stood there in anger and sadness. She didn’t have anything to say.
“How about I just call your mom up here to come get you alright? I think you need a break. For today. Go ahead and sit over there. I will get your homework from your classes together.”
Kayla went home and sat in her room in silence. She saw her homework and knew that she needed to do it, even though she couldn’t even think right now. She opened her drawer beside her desk, to get her book to write on, and her markers. When she lifted the marker she saw something. It was a red piece of paper. Her heart sank. She stopped right there. She didn’t know what to do. She thought she was a good friend to Jenna. She tried to be at least. Jenna was her best friend. Everything she did, she thought of Jenna before hand. She loved Jenna like her own sister. She fell down onto the floor in tears, she cried so hard she couldn’t even breathe. She cried and cried till she couldn’t cry anymore. She walked in the kitchen and saw her mom's sleeping pills. She took a handful. She walked in her bedroom, she grabbed the red note, shaking her head. She laid down in her floor and slowly went to sleep. Her mom walked in after a couple hours, since she just got home from work. She saw Kayla lying there. She fell onto her hands and knees and started to shake her. She didn’t get a response.
Her mom looked around in tears to see what could have caused this. What could have killed her little girl. She saw the red note, she thought it was a suicide note. She figured it must have some kind of reason in there. She opened the folded red piece of paper and read

“Dear Kayla, you were my best friend. I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to be there for me like you were. I’m sorry I did what I did. I didn’t want to hurt you, I didn’t want you to feel like it was your fault. I left you this note so you knew that it wasn’t your fault. I know you’ve probably read some other notes by now. I’m very sorry I never told you any of it. I knew you had problems of your own and I didn’t want my problems to become yours. I couldn’t have asked for a best friend or sister. I love you Kayla. Please always remember that.”

Months went by. People were talking. That’s what people do. Everyone heard about how Kayla killed herself, everyone always said “If only she would have read the note.” On her locker the quote “At some point you have to realize some people stay in your heart, but not in your life.” Things changed after that. If only she would have read the note.

The end

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