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an odd conclusion

an odd conclusion

By alexander - 1 Review

Pineapples and pineapples are all I can see 'why the heel are there so many pineapples?'

all that's hitting my head are the pinecones that are being dropped by the five foot big butter dragons they start melting when they get to colse to the light why is that light there? I mused and then as you like when I blinked my eyelids which felt like it took forever but I assume it was a passing second that my eyes took from the thin air and stole it for my eyelids to shut. Back to the story is it a story I can't remember now so onwards we go to the gatesof a room a small room and big gates 'how odd' I think and then think why should it be odd?. When I step through I am in a pile of salt that is pushing me me up what is that word in the middle of my brain that's right! like a brick flying to the moon just not quite as fast but then again what does fast mean I think about that while I and my mind travel up into this tube that it seems to be tube long and dark 'where did that come from?' well my head most likely when I was getting bored I looked at my hands they were changing like a water rippling affect then I shout 'I am thirsty do something!'

Then something happened my mouth gets moist and I start to fill with water I feel like a swimming pool I wonder if I could go inside myself and have a nice swim but woulden't it be dark? but what is dark if not something that clouds your thoughts like a cat sleeping on your face I always enjoyed that cats are warm and have magnificent eyes like that of the Earth wise but dangerous the Earth will snap you up in a second if she can I wonder if we are doing the right thing living on top of her the angru cat woman. Then gone like time had gone twisting like the headphone wire in people's pokets who are people though am I one of them for they sound wonderful and terrible then I see people looking at there cups of coffee, trees falling and crashing then people being happy then crying then fighting and remorse and dedication why do we have these things and do nothing but live? am I alive I wonder as I come to the top of the salt pile that has gotten higher than the moon.

Jumping of I see a lake of such beauty and grace and forever drops are falling onto it but it dosen't ripple like in my thoughts it is should I taste the water and it is salty then I get slammed back and feel happiness and anger in one gulp what is this water? then after patting my top hat and tail coat I see that they are tearsand it amazed me because it isn't a lake but separate tears that make it up and it is deeper then I can I wonder if I could swim down to it and feel those feelings again. Just as I was was? 'what am I doing here??' going through my citadel of thoughts I find one that is runnind away like a failed assassin why was she trying to kill me pah small details so I let it go stop the woman where she is and asked 'where are you going to? and why do you hid underneath cloths of money and politics and right and wrong?' then smiling at me she says 'odd and commendable man child why do you think hope and write?' ah a question answered with a question! 'well because I like it and can recall many things that are important to me the question! let me think without hope I would be like an upside down penguin everything would be sideways haha and I think for the joy and the terrible effect it has on me over think and under think are wonderful things because I can be more human I think? and I write to enjoy and laugh at what I see myself doing but back to my question why those cloths and things in front of you?' then she had to go upside down to get the orange blood into her head' I know the answer to this one she said i hold false hope and grounding for people who can't find it themselves for who better then things that don't matter but matter even more because of it' then with a big grin she delves into her right ear and walks away into a cat.

Waking up is a terrible thing that I do every five minutes or is it that long I wonder looking at the bronze swimming caterpillars going about their business of eating at their arrows in there right paw just to have them go to their seconf back paw what a fate for them to be annoyed about but they smile like a cup on a good day. Sitting back in my right thought going around the 45th universe 9th dimension second earth what a fun time I am having but what happend to my book that book of being real what was it called -manipulating reality- that's was it of course good read that was but now it is finishing going round and round ouch owww my second back rib hurts waking up now don't want noo I D O N ' T what to its fun here okok you win mister cloud made of turf up we get.

A man gets out of bed for another day as his subconsious hides away all he is aware of it is a desire to eat raw fish and go on his head which he throws out of his mind and does the normal things have a fun life he wispered in the second back of his brain. - End of this thing- :)

Author Notes: hope you find this a good read and i will share with you guys and girls soon.

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6 Aug, 2013
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