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An Old Croaked House, California Part 2
An Old Croaked House, California Part 2

An Old Croaked House, California Part 2


The sun was bright and shiny. Not a single car was on the road and there was silence in the colony. Mrs Lewis quickly opened the front iron door and it croaked went inside. There was was a beautiful garden with a large space paved to sit. There were white chairs and a huge round table kept in the middle of the pavement area. The garden was filled with various flowers and trees. The yellow daffodils, the variation of roses, the lilies were making it more elegant. It seemed as if her neighbour was very fond of nature.

Suddenly, her eye fell on a beautiful apple tree planted near the house. It was large and there were a lot of apples hanging on the tree. She got distracted and went closer to that tree.
The moment she was going to touch a juicy, big red apple near her, she heard a scary voice, "What are you doing here?"

Mrs Lewis got scared of that voice and jumped back. She saw a short woman wearing a long dress and an apron. Her hair was pure grey and her face and hands and a lot of wrinkles. She seemed a very old woman.
"Um... I came to just check. Check... I heard a loud crash from your house, so I came here to check if everything is ok? are you hurt?" Mrs Lewis asked, with unconfidence in her voice.

Her first impression on her neighbour, whose she had never met was really scary and not friendly.

Her neighbour didn't say anything after Mrs Lewis explanation and went into the house. Without thinking or saying anything, she quickly followed her.

As she went in, she was surprised to see the house. The wall was painted with beige colour and the wooden floor was shiny bright. Every furniture was made of wood. As Mrs Lewis was scanning everything around, she saw a large kitchen. It seemed as if her neighbour's kitchen was bigger than her living room. The best thing about her house was it was cosy and warm due to the large fireplace in the living area.

She went into the living room and sat on the chair next to the fireplace. Soon, her neighbour arrived with a large silver trolley. Mrs Lewis looked at her trolley coming towards her.

She said "Oh! What was the need! You didn't have to do that! I would have been fine with a glass of water." she said with a small smile.
She doesn't care how people treat her, she always has a smile on her face and a joyful mood.

"Oh, dear... I don't have many visitors! I can do this much, for my neighbour, can't I?" she said with humour in her voice.
The trolley squatted resplendently near both the chairs. The white trolley with black lace had, some cookies, two pastries, a teapot and two small cups with floral design printed matching with the plain teapot and some mini-burgers.

They both talked for hours and hours about many things like family, gardening. Mrs Lewis learned a few tips on gardening and knitting. She had decided to write a cookbook and a book on gardening too. She forgot about why she came here and just talked as if they knew each other for years. That's what was the best about Mrs Lewis and that made her a very friendly and easy to understand the woman. They weren't aware of time and it was late evening. Finally, Mrs Lewis' eyes went to the old pendulum watch swing from right to left.

"Oh, it's getting late now! I should go now. I hope to meet you very soon!" She picked up her coat and her feathered hat and started to stand up.
"Yes. We are neighbour, dear! You are welcome here anytime. I am glad we met."
"Me too!"

Mrs Lewis hurryingly went to the front iron gate and waved to her neighbour, who was standing under the shed. It was, indeed and very happy and a memorable day for both Mrs Lewis and her neighbour. Interestingly, they didn't ask their names from each other, which they both didn't remember.

By the time she reached home, she had forgotten that her husband is not at home. In the night, after having a delicious lasagna, she sat down on her study table and thought to write a book. This time she was thinking to write a scary story. She first wrote the characters and then the plot.

It was late 11 in the night, and Mrs Lewis was still working on her book. She had decided a few things. She was yawning continuously and then, a drop of tear came out and fall on her sheet of paper and then she stopped and closed her notebook.

"Huh! I think that's it for today," she said to herself and looked at the wooden clock on her table ticking slowing and showing the time 11:05 pm, "ok, now I should better sleep."

She stood up from the chair and went to change her clothes. When she came back, the window of her room was open fully. First, she thought that there are thieves inside her house, so she thought to first check her Almira which had her precious stuff but nothing was taken.

She didn't think much and went to bed and switched on her lamp. Mrs Lewis tried sleeping but couldn't. Suddenly, a pot from her kitchen fell on the ground. She quickly got alerted. Then, in a few seconds, she felt like someone was scratching a window. Not in her room. Not from the kitchen. But in the living room.

She couldn't understand what's happening, and she starts away went in her closet and started searching for a gun, hurryingly. Her heartbeat was really fast and she couldn't think about anything else. Then, she was praying to Jesus that nothing has happened.

Calling her husband didn't come to her mind. She was very scared. She couldn't find a gun in between her clothes, so she took a knife kept her locker and opened her room's door.

Author Notes: Soon be uploading the third part.... PPlleeaassee review!!!

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24 Sep, 2020
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