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It's a thousand voices screaming at the top of their lungs... Yet everything around you is silent. Then, the huge black balls come rolling in. Pounding against your skull. But, don't worry "it's all in your head". Then, your heart starts racing, pounding so hard against your chest you really think it's going to explode. It's going over a mile a minute. Next, you start to shake. Vibrating, for no apparent reason at all. You try to stop. But you know you can't. You can't escape this. Everyone starts looking at you. Staring. It's like they can hear all the voices inside your head or the pounding of your heart against your chest. They than start to make fun. Now all you can do is try to ignore. It doesn't work. Your feet want to run. Run away from everything. From all this. If only it was possible. You're trapped by rooms, people, voices, yourself, and there is no way to escape. You can't move. You're paralyzed.

You'll get the question "what's wrong? Are you okay?" What's wrong is anxiety. And do I look okay. I'm trembling and paralyzed. How do they even expect you to answer? Everything in your body starts shutting down and the only thing you can manage to do is shake. No one understand, unless you've been through it. But let me be the first to tell you. Anxiety is something you are stuck with your whole life. And it sucks. So try to be thoughtful and helpful to the ones who need it.

By MaKaylee Power

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2 Jan, 2017
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