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Ask And It Shall Be Given
Ask And It Shall Be Given

Ask And It Shall Be Given

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About Joy And Sorrow – Part E

Ask And It Shall Be Given

For the moment, however, let us stay a bit longer with the state of our soul, when it keeps knocking on our inner door, trying to get us, its earthly counterpart, to understand what it has to say. If we continue to refuse to pay attention to what rises from the world of our feelings and do not listen, the likelihood is that our feelings of fear will get ever more powerful. As they have something important to tell us, this continues until after a while the sensations become so overwhelming that in the end our helplessness leaves us no choice but to seek the help of the medical profession. Off we go, in the hope that they have something to calm down the unpleasant feelings, maybe get rid of them altogether.

Conventional medicine has its place. But what it usually has to offer, in my view which is based on my own experiences, is chemicals. I believe that they should only be used as temporary walking sticks that can be discarded, as we progress one small step by another on our healing journey, slowly recovering and bit by bit gaining a measure of control over our feelings. The learning we find along the way, the fresh insights and wisdom gained from our misery are later meant to be shared with those around us, who are walking the same way behind us – the way I am doing with you here.

Sound advice comes from St Matthew 7:7-8: ‘Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened to you, for whoever asks receives and those who seek find and unto those who knock the door is opened.’ Because it is true that the answers to all our questions can be found within, whenever we wish to clarify something, let us not forget to knock at our inner door and ask the wise one, the living God within. There really is no point in running to other people to hear their views on how to proceed. It is better by far to learn to listen within to what our inner teacher wants to tell us intuitively through the world of our feelings.

It does not matter that for a very long time we are unaware of the fact that everybody has such a guru. After all, we are on the Earth to learn and if we don’t know something, we just have to make it our business to find out. This goes for all of us and every aspect of our own being, our lives and our world. If you are anything like I was at the beginning of my healing journey, you won’t even know that such a door exists. If yours is like mine was, you too will find that for quite some time it steadfastly refuses to open. As I eventually discovered, this was because of a blockage that consisted of emotional/spiritual soul memories, which had accumulated in the course of many lifetimes. Because I had no idea that this is necessary, I never worked with and released them on a regular basis. Through sheer ignorance we ourselves create such blockages in past lifetimes and also earlier during this one. And when our time has come for re-establishing the inner connection with our Highest or God Self, which can only be done through the world of our feelings, we are stuck.

Our task as healers and lightbringers is to dissolve any emotional/spiritual obstructions we encounter by working through them, whichever way we can. Work intuitively and let your inner guidance show how it should be done. Being a very precious and holy place, our inner world of feelings surely deserves a different kind of approach than merely swallowing chemicals in the hope that the unpleasant sensations will go away. I can tell you from first hand experience that the feelings will not disappear, for the simple reason that they have nowhere to go and therefore cannot just vanish. They can be suppressed for a time, but at the first opportunity they will raise their heads again, demanding to be considered and handled gently. Looking back from where I am now, I recognise that the world of our feelings is our soul and therefore deserves lots of love, kindness and compassion for the suffering we and it once had to endure.

We are the only ones who can administer this kind of holy and wholesome medicine, and that each time we go on one of our inner healing journeys. Without attending to the troublesome feelings and diligently working our way through them, it is impossible to re-connect properly with the wise one within. Until our inner link with it has been renewed, no spiritual progress can be made, even though our time for a major leap forward may have come. That indeed is the reason why the spark of the Christ spirit is stirring within us. It is a signal from our inner self that our spiritual nature is ready to start growing and come forth, so that in due course it can take over our whole being and intuitively teach us how to make good the spiritual debts we incurred in other lifetimes.

For as long as we misunderstand the signs our soul is giving us through the cells of our physical body and when these signals gradually become ever more powerful, it is only natural that in our fear we run to the medical profession. However, if we accept the chemicals they prescribe to suppress the world of our feelings for too long, our inner Christ Self notices with sadness that there is no room at this particular inn – our heart – for Its holy child to be born. But because it loves us, it keeps on knocking. Time and again it tries to gain access to our consciousness and heart, in the hope that one day we shall be able to grasp what is happening to us. When that moment has arrived, we want nothing else but making it welcome and inviting it in, because all it wants to do is guide and protect us once again, the way the Christ Spirit has always done since long before we, its small earthly counterpart, were released into our present existence for the first time.

Our spirit and soul are joyous because it wants to show us the way home into the conscious awareness of our true nature and oneness with God. The Christ Spirit is the living God within, who is the only authority who knows when the moment of our release from the need for being educated on the Earth plane draws to its close. It knows how much we had to endure during Earth’s trials and tribulations, because it is part of us and accompanies us wherever we go. Down the lowest levels of life it has taken us and now wishes to take us up to experiencing ever higher ones. To bring us the joyous tidings that will put an end to our sorrows and suffering is the reason for its insistence on rattling ever more forcefully the door of our inner dungeon.

The Christ Spirit, the living God within, is the knight in shining armour, who comes riding on the white steed of God’s sacred wisdom and truth, to rouse us – its earthly counterpart – from our sleeping beauty slumbers. We do well to pay attention and listen, but for as long as we fail to understand what it wants to tell us, our spirit’s joy will remain our earthly self’s sorrow. This clearly shows that joy and sorrow are of equal value. Yet, even if we placed a value on them like we do on gold and silver, as our journey through life continues, this could not stop us from constantly rising and falling from joy into sorrow and back again into joy, as that is a necessary part of our earthly lessons.

In truth joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. Both are unavoidable parts of the duality of our nature and existence. Let me illustrate this with an example: when a loved one departs from this plane and moves into the world of spirit, those left behind on our side of the veil of consciousness wail and weep, while the ones on the other side celebrate their reunion with laughter and joy. And it’s only natural that, when yet another one who is dear to us takes their leave, the more thoughtful ones in our midst begin to ask themselves questions like: ‘What is the sense and purpose of all our coming and going, in and out of this life? Where do we come from and where are we going to? What is the point of all our striving to achieve, when everything is wiped out and lost at the end in any case? What could be the meaning of it? Is there some?’

This is how during periods of great sorrow and sadness, especially bereavements, even the most closed off human hearts begin to open up. It is a time when God and the Angels are drawing very close and small cracks appear in the emotional coat of armour we normally wear. Through them God’s light, in the form of wisdom and understanding, begins to seep and penetrate our consciousness and to those who are ready to receive them, they bring the gift of an increased understanding of life and its processes, in particular death.

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20 Jan, 2019
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