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Be A Miracle Worker – Part Five

The spirit realm is a world of thought and in our role as co-creators with God our thoughts have always been creating the realities of our earthly existence. For a long time we are unaware that today’s thoughts are sowing the seeds for the happenings of tomorrow and future lifetimes. And for as long as only a small part of our earthly mind believes that the conventional medical profession’s verdict that our affliction is irreversible and incurable is true, we are interfering with and jeopardising our physical body’s wonderful ability of healing itself and a miracle is impossible for us.

If, however, we behave like Eliza Doolittle in ‘My Fair Lady’, who responds to the way the professor treats her with: ‘Just you wait, Henry Higgins! Just you wait!’ and then sets about showing him what she is capable of. If we react in similar manner to the medical profession and do our best to bring them proof that, with the help and will of God and the Angels, all things are possible and any condition can be healed, they will be as amazed as Henry Higgins and the people around him when they witnessed Eliza’s transformation.

So, whenever you remember what the consultant said about your condition, doubts are likely to creep into your mind that their opinion could be right after all. During the early stages of your career as a miracle worker this is bound to happen frequently. You have the power of uplifting and transmuting such negative and destructive thoughts into positive and constructive ones. Remind yourself of Eliza’s words and quietly say to yourself: ‘Just you wait, oh medical profession! Just you wait!’ Be creative and make up affirmations that speak to your spirit/soul. That’s how, with the passing of time, your earthly mind will get used to nothing but peaceful and loving healing and miracle thoughts. Just you wait, oh you doubting Thomases! And observe it happening to you.

For these are indeed the days of miracles and wonders and, whether you are as yet aware of it or not, every one of us for quite some time has been involved in the greatest healing miracle ever. Humankind’s awareness of our true spiritual nature is reborn. The upper and lower aspects of our being are healing together and because on the inner level of life there is no separation between anything, everything that exists in our world and in the whole of Creation is healing with us.

That’s why increasing numbers of us are consciously becoming aware of their true nature and the oneness with God, the Highest Forces of life. With it comes the realisation that this blessed state was never interrupted for the simple reason that, as mentioned earlier, God and the Angels are as much part of us as we are of them. Their love is total and unconditional. It knows no bounds and has always had our best at heart and that includes experiencing life as a physical being in a material world.

This is how, with our help, God and the Angels have been getting to know how the various aspects of the Divine nature manifest themselves on the earthly plane. And because the law of life is evolution, this pathway has always taken every one of us together with our whole world steadily forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. Naturally, for every human being, without exception, this journey has to start at its lowest point. In the course of countless earthly lifetimes all of us are slowly but surely moving from there to the highest level of our present existence. When we have evolved into spiritual Masters and Christed ones, each in their own right, the end of our earthly education has been reached.

One of the most essential parts of this road is evolving into a healer and lightbringer, saviour and redeemer, miracle worker and channel of light through whom the powers of God and the Angels can freely flow for the blessing and healing of everything that exists in our world. And that’s the only way how individual and collective healing miracles can come about, first for ourselves, then for those around us and ultimately for the whole of God’s Creation. Because on the inner level of life all is one, there is no separation between anything and everything that happens anywhere affects all lifeforms throughout the whole of Creation, when one of us heals not only all humankind and our world are healing with us but the rest of the created world on all its levels is doing the same. This is why when we are saving and redeeming ourselves, we are also acting as saviours and redeemers of all worlds.

Because God and the Angels never interfere with anyone’s life unnecessarily, if we want their help we have to ask for it and as soon one of us comes forward to do this, they rejoice and respond in a suitable manner. And whenever we want to know something, the answer comes to us somehow; intuitively they are guiding us to find it. Our intuition is the in-tuition, our inner guidance of the wise one or living God within, the only truly reliable and trustworthy guru in the whole of Creation.

It is during times of prayers, meditations and quiet reflections that the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind tunes itself into the frequencies of those who are serving the Highest on the higher spiritual level of life that is the right one for us at that particular moment. Our earthly mind connects with it and the more frequently we reach out for the helping hands of our spirit guides and Masters, the more we learn how to co-operate with them. This creates ever fresh opportunities for proving how much they love us, that they truly are our best friends who have nothing but our highest good and greatest joy at heart.

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24 Jan, 2020
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4 mins
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