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Astrological Aspects Of Breakdowns
Astrological Aspects Of Breakdowns

Astrological Aspects Of Breakdowns

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The Aquarian Spiritual Transformation – Part Twelve

Our evolutionary pathway through life demands that from time to time changes have to be made. If it’s impossible to remove the old that’s waiting to be replaced by something new in natural ways, it has to come about in some other manner. This applies as much personally as nationally and internationally. If changes are not made willingly, for whatever reasons, what’s has become known in our world as ‘force majeure’ takes the matter in hand and brings it about. And that’s why God and the Angels allowed the plandemic to happen.

But for now let’s take a closer look at why and how personal breakdowns come about. There is a greater risk during lifetimes when our Sun is in Sagittarius and/or its natural domain, the ninth house. Ruled by the mighty and expansive planet Jupiter, both are dedicated to the development of humankind’s superconscious faculties. The likelihood of a breakdown increases each time our progressed Moon moves through the Sagittarian sign and house. The Moon is known as the runner because it progresses very rapidly, one degree per month through every one of the zodiac’s signs and houses. It does this one after the others in orderly procession with each progression lasting two and a half years.

The Moon in our birthchart represents our earthly personality. Its progressive movements mark our personal evolutionary journey which, even in the course of one single lifetime provided it lasts long enough, takes us several times through all signs and houses. With our entry into each new one our energies change and also our interests. Quite subtly new people and experiences are being drawn to us. And I believe that astrology is best studied when one reflects on how the planetary energies have been influencing us personally, the conditions and experiences of our life up to now. If you take a moment to look back on yours, you will probably be able to observe how things almost imperceptibly changed for you approx. every two and a half years, how you became interested in different things and new people appeared in your life who could help you explore them.

By progression the Sun also moves forwards, but only by one degree per year. As a result, even if we were born into – say – five degrees of Libra, at age twenty-five the Venusian energies of this sign will have started to mingle and gradually increase in strength with those of Mars and Pluto, the planetary co-rulers of the following sign, Scorpio. As a result, our approach to life during the next thirty years becomes more intensive and we may begin to feel the need to probe more deeply into the mysteries of our earthly existence. At age fifty-five our energies begin to mix with those of Saturn, the planetary ruler of hard-working and ambitious Capricorn, the next sign. And so forth.

That’s how every one of us moves along on the evolutionary spiral without being aware of it. But eventually all of us reach the developmental point when, guided and supported by our invisible Highest Self and the wise ones in charge of us in the spiritual background of our earthly existence, our lower self has matured so much that we begin to sense that we are no longer prepared to run with the herd and being led by the nose. The time has come for asking ourselves how much truth there is in any of our world’s religious teachings. We do not yet know why thoughts of this nature are creeping into our earthly mind, but we cannot help the feeling that what’s commonly known as ‘sacred texts’ sounds altogether phoney and untrue.

We begin to ask ourselves: ‘Can this be true? And if it is not, can someone please tell me what is?’ The wise one or living God within, our inner guidance, is familiar with every one of our thoughts, words and actions. With the passing of time, we discover that it knows the answers to all our questions and brings them to us intuitively and through the world of our feelings. We have learnt through our own experiences that when something feels wrong, then it surely is.

However, each time fresh understanding comes to us that wishes to fill and expand our consciousness, room has to be created for them through shedding some of our soul memories that are based on the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions of the belief systems of past lifetimes have to be shed. The old order of our inner and outer world has to break down from time to time because another phase of moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral has been reached. This is the case whenever a higher aspect of someone’s nature has matured sufficiently to commence pushing into their lower self’s conscious awareness. Alas, if the person does not know that this is happening with the well-meant intention of gradually taking over its whole being and that this is for its own highest good and greatest joy, the earthly self gets so frightened that it shies away and refuses to co-operate with its Highest Self.

The inevitable part of every human beings spiritual development is that every so often our perception of life reveals itself as outdated and is in need of being replaced by a new understanding of the processes of life and the wise higher purpose humankind’s earthly education serves. Spiritual wisdom and truth for quite some time has been flowing ever more powerfully into our race’s individual and collective consciousness. That’s why the deeper we proceed into the Aquarian age, the more pressing the issue of rigorously cleansing our consciousness of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that have accumulated in our soul memories of the past.

Alas, the most usual reaction of someone’s small and easily frightened earthly self, having but a limited grasp of the spiritual background of its existence or maybe even being totally unaware that there is such a thing, is to deny them. The next step is doing anything to repress the feelings that are rising from the innermost core of their being. They are an essential part of a breakthrough of their higher God or Christ nature. This is all too understandable because we earthling are creatures of habit. Most of us hate changes because they mean leaving behind the comfort zones of that which is familiar to us for unknown grounds. For as long as we are unaware of what is happening to us, the experience becomes ever more frightening and there is a serious danger of sinking into a steadily deepening trough of depression that is the gateway of a breakdown.

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21 Jul, 2021
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