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Astrological Landmarks : Age 29 1/2 – First Saturn Return
Astrological  Landmarks : Age 29 1/2 – First Saturn Return

Astrological Landmarks : Age 29 1/2 – First Saturn Return


Astrological Landmarks On The Journey Of Earthly Life

Age 29 1/2 – The First Saturn Return

Every 29 1/2 years the planet Saturn in our birthchart returns to the same position it occupied at the moment we drew our first breath. The time around this event is known as the Saturn Return. The first one is one of the most important events and landmarks in the spiritual development of every human soul. At the age of approx. 29 1/2 we have completed it.

Each Saturn Return marks the end of a phase in our soul’s inner maturing process. By the time we have reached the first one, usually the set of our inner and outer defences which our personality has built for itself stretches over all areas of our mundane life. Saturn Returns can either be times of high achievement or of frustration and disappointments. This varies from one individual to another, depending on the amount of work one has done on personal development and growth.

To my mind, awareness is the key to a positive outcome of these events. Those who do not yet understand what the Universe requires from them at these special times are missing valuable opportunities for preparing themselves. And when, as a result, their Saturn Return takes them by surprise, they can be in for rather an uncomfortable and unpleasant time. However, if you are one of those fortunate ones who know what is at stake, you can roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Saturn returns are times for taking stock of our lives and for getting ready to clear away that which no longer supports our soul growth. What have we done with our lives thus far? Are we satisfied with the progress we have made? If not, clearly the time has come for making some profound changes in our attitude to life and our lifestyle. Clearing out and making the changes that have become necessary in one’s life is always a daunting prospect, as I know that only too well from my own experiences. If that is the case for you at present, may the following bring you a measure of comfort and encouragement:

The human soul does not like changes
And is afraid of parting with people and places
That have long outlived their usefulness in its life.
Changes are risky and scary,
But very necessary on our pathway
Back into the light of our true being.
From time to time, we need to
Review and transform our approach to and perception of life;
Let go of deeply ingrained negative thinking and behaviour patterns,
Old prejudices and false beliefs
About ourselves, each other and our world.

Although at times we all act like small frightened children,
Let’s take a few chances!
So what, if to laugh is to risk appearing foolish;
To weep is to risk seeming to be sentimental;
To reach out for another is to risk involvement;
To expose one’s feelings is to risk revealing one’s True Self;
To hope is to risk despair;
To try is to risk failure;
To live is to risk dying?

Risks have to be taken,
And the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
The one who risks nothing,
Does nothing, has nothing and is nothing.
Souls who hope that in this way they can avoid
The suffering and sorrows of this world are mistaken;
They too are a necessary part of human growth.
The only thing one can hope to achieve that way is
To avoid precious opportunities for
Learning, changing, growing, loving and living.

Souls who remain enslaved and enchained
By their own false beliefs, rigid prejudices and opinions,
Forfeit the only freedom we truly have, namely
The spiritual freedom to follow our heart;
To think and believe what our inner Self tells us is true;
To have the courage to act upon the knowledge
That we have come from love and that love alone can show us the way
Home into what we always have been: spirit and soul.

Only those who are willing to take the risk
Of loving the way God loves us,
Unconditionally and wisely,
Can truly be free.

Edited by Aquarius

* * *

The Edge
‘Come to the edge,’ He said.
They said: ‘We are afraid.’
‘Come to the edge,’ He said.
They came …
He pushed them …
And they flew!


* * *

Saturn Returns – Times For Decision Making

Whether we are aware of what is happening to us or not, each time one of the Saturn Returns comes round in our life, we are likely to make either conscious or unconscious decisions about the things in life that really matter to us. As often as not, we take on more responsibility, one way or another, so that another part of our being can find fulfilment that so far we left unattended and neglected.

If things have not worked out in our life, as we once hoped and dreamed, and that has left us sufficiently dissatisfied, we may well feel the need for a total change of direction. For example, we may be able to see that it is not satisfying to continue to live selfishly for ourselves and to pursue nothing but our personal aims. There may come to us the realisation that it is necessary to make some kind of a contribution to life that makes a difference to others; that one has to put something into life, so that later one can get something out of it.

In view of this it is not surprising that at the times of their Saturn Returns some of us turn towards the caring professions and alternative practises. I know quite a few who responded in this way and never looked back from their change of direction and who, in the course of but a few years, were going from strength to strength in their new career. In any case, when there are too many obstacles in our way, on any pathway we may care to choose, it is because the Universe, in its infinite wisdom and love, is trying to signal to us that we are barking up the wrong tree and would be well advised to proceed in a different direction; wise ones heed such warnings.

Invariably, Saturn Returns are opportunities for looking at the whole defence network we have built for ourselves. We have the clarity of vision to be able to perceive what is real and what is illusory in the structures we have built for ourselves, thus far. If we have aimed towards qualities of character and spirit rather than external forms, we have built well and this period can mark a peak of achievement and the reaffirmation of our inner sense of purpose.

However, for those who have depended on and identified too much with their external attributes and circumstances, there is a possibility that everything maybe be knocked away from underneath them. It is then the momentum of our own unconscious currents that forces us to start all over again, with a different premise and outlook on life. This is because at these special times that which is transient or borrowed has to be dissolved, until eventually only that which has become a permanent attribute of our character remains.

This is the reason why many cannot help undergoing some more or less severe crises during their Saturn Returns. They are then the only way to bring about the changes in marriage, business, ideals and/or life-style that have become necessary. Saturn returns always are opportunities for viewing one’s old ego structures, in a new and frequently not all that flattering light. They are excellent times for successfully making some real and lasting changes, and for clearing out all those things within us and our world that have become surplus to requirement.

Everything that has become crystallised and outdated can now be discarded. This makes room for new attitudes to be born within and for new things and people to come into our life, who – if we choose wisely – will be able to support our highest good better than those who shared our life before. Being aware that this is so, gives us the tool into our own hands for consciously choosing and making the changes that will stand us in good stead for the evolutionary progress of our soul and spirit, which is potentially ours, during this lifetime and beyond.

The major life events, among them the Saturn Returns and the Uranus Opposition, also known as the midlife crisis, can be exceedingly trying times for anyone. Issues that have been put on the back boiler by us for some time are likely to push themselves into the foreground of our consciousness, demanding to be considered and resolved, at last. To enable us and our lives to move forward some difficult decisions may have to be made. The only way of rendering things less stressful for ourselves, as I know from first hand experience, is by regularly taking stock as we move through our lives. It is unwise to allow unresolved issues to fester away, until one of these special events is upon us and forces them to come to a head.

Traditionally, all contacts with Saturn have had a poor reputation, but living in enlightened times, as indeed we are, it has gradually emerged that this is undeserved. In truth they are aimed to help us bring forth the best from within. And the gifts and qualities that are meant to be developed under its influence can be considerable for anyone who is willing to pay attention to what the Universe demands from each one of us with regard to our personal evolution. For example, during the times when we are more strongly under the influence of Saturn’s energies than usual we may feel the need to take on more responsibilities.

This includes taking charge of our inner and outer being, our character as well as our physical body, and become altogether more self-disciplined and focused in the achievement of our goals and targets in life. At these special times we can develop the ability to envisage them and slowly work our way towards them with great determination and stamina. As Saturn is highly critical and under its scrutiny things have to be just right, an inner urge may overcome us to assess ourselves and our lives so far. Yet, there is also the danger of sometimes doing so excessively. As ever, a golden middle way needs to be striven for by not leaving love out of the equation, for ourselves and also for others.

In my view, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Finding out as much as possible about these events and their special requirements can be most helpful. To be prepared makes all the difference in the world, as equipped with one’s knowledge it is much easier to move into and through these life events without major disturbances. By taking a careful look at unresolved issues and making the decisions they demand from us, ahead of the events can ensure a much smoother passage through them. Most helpful of all is being in touch with the world of our feelings and listening to our inner guidance that our Highest Self gives through the this part of our being. This is the only authority in the whole of Creation who truly knows what is good and right for us at any given moment.

* * *

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides in ‘White Eagle on Intuition – Patience’: ‘Whilst living in your earthly body, time is a master and it can be an un¬pleasant one, but only for as long you are still viewing life with the limited vision of your small earthly. In truth, time is a great teacher and it is very likely that you are learning wisdom from Father Time right now. Saturn is sometimes portrayed as Old Father Time, who is strict with his pu¬pils and permits no cheating. He does not allow hurried lessons, hasty sums and superficial essays. He insists that the right amount of time is given to every lesson and learning to be patient is one of the most irksome forms of discipline spirits who are living inside physical bodies have to endure.

‘Yet, in the end Saturn brings true wealth to every soul. As you move through your life, learn to look at Saturn as a beneficial influence rather than a malefic one and become aware that at any given time you have much to thank Saturn for. True, the influence of the Saturnian energies make things feel a little cold, but this chill is holding up and purposely delaying hot-headed people who would otherwise rush forward too quickly. Saturn says: ‘Oh no, you don’t! Wait till you have learnt your lessons and are ready.’ Wise ones do not attempt to hurry through theirs and do not even attempt to push past a venerable, gracious and wise teacher as Saturn.

‘So, dear children of the Earth, have patience because that is one of the most important lessons every soul encounters on the spiritual pathway of life.’

* * *

Author Notes: All my writings are of an intuitive spiritual non-religious nature.

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