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Astrology As A Lifehelp
Astrology As A Lifehelp

Astrology As A Lifehelp


Astrology As A Lifehelp

To my mind, astrology is unequalled as a lifehelp and guide into a better understanding of the self and our hidden, inner motivations. It assisted me with the unravelling of the mystery of what was trying to hold me back in the past like an over-strong magnet. It was like a jigsaw puzzle whose main piece is my Moon in Cancer, the sign of mother, family, home, country and ancestry. As far back as I can remember, these things have been of the utmost importance to me. Nurturing and caring for a family was and still is one of my prime requirements. I like nothing better and when my children had grown up, my spiritual family satisfied this need. Providing for it in any way I can fills me with joy.

Life itself has shown me how first the discovery and then the acceptance that a certain pathway is predestined for us is indeed the beginning of the end of our suffering. It brings a measure of peace that kick-starts the healing process. And as the healing journey progresses and sufficient time has elapsed, one reaches the point when one begins to relish and give thanks for the special lessons life has in store for us. Humankind’s potential is practically unlimited. However, without becoming aware that this is the case, and getting to know ourselves and our predestined pathway, it is impossible to fulfil any of it. How sad!

Whether we achieve a tiny fraction of this lifetime’s potential depends on the choices we make. Why is it that human beings are so good at standing in their own way and hampering their progress? That’s certainly what I did for a very long time. But, I comfort myself, it’s good to know – better late than never – that life leaves it up to us whether we wish our struggles to continue. We can decide whether we would rather pay attention to what the Universe tells us and then set to work on ourselves. If only I had known at least some of these things earlier! But then, I comfort myself that in my next lifetime all the knowledge I am finding here will accompany me into eternity and forever be mine. Because of it, I shall be able to cope better and have an easier time, wherever my pathway may lead.

The Sun in my birthchart is in Libra and the ninth house, the domain of Sagittarius. As a result, my life has always been as much under the influence of Libra as of Sagittarius. This is a clear indication that from the moment of taking my first breath it was highly likely that one day I would wind up in a different country from that of my birth, to find happiness and fulfilment there. Among other things, the ninth is the house of in-laws, of the law and of publishing. Each one of these started to play an important role in my adult life. Sagittarius is constantly in search of horizon broadening experiences and it is not unusual for people with their Sun in the ninth to marry someone from another cultural background and settle in their country. As far as in-laws are concerned, I have always got along with mine better than with the members of my old family.

In Cancer the Moon is in its own sign and therefore has extra strength. In Libra, my Sun sign, the Sun is in its fall. The juxtaposition of Sun in its fall and Moon in its own sign reveals that the meeting of their energies would result in a long and hard struggle in my life between the parts of me they represent, before I would be able to settle down and manifest the highest qualities of both signs. Although the Moon tried long and hard to keep me back in the past, the pull of my spirit, symbolised by the Sun in our birthchart, in the end proved to be – as indeed it is intended to be – the more powerful influence that moved me forwards on the evolutionary spiral. As my ascendant is also in Sagittarius, I am a double Sagittarius. In the typical fashion of this sign it took until midlife before I became interested in the higher and highest dimensions of life. Because I was still so closed off from them, the pull of my spirit eventually became so strong that it forced its way through the layers of emotional/spiritual debris blocking my consciousness.

At times it felt as if some inner floodgates were opening and a dam bursting, when I started holding down my insights in what later grew into ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer’. To this day, my healing and cleansing process are accompanied by frequent bouts of severe headaches against which no remedy could be found on the earthly plane. This left me no option but to go into the pain, working with it and listening to what it is trying to tell me. By now, I would not want it any other way. I have been persevering with this clearing away of the accumulated rubble of many lifetimes for over twenty years and still is does not seem to have finished.

With my Sun in Libra and my Moon in Cancer in the seventh house, domain of Libra, I am a double Libra as well as double Sagittarius. It therefore does not come as a surprise that my writings always have mainly focussed on relationships of all kinds. Healing them with the help of God and the Angels, as well as a better comprehension of the Universal laws is dear to my heart. Having my own website on which to publish my learning was a natural progression. In case you are interested, both old and new Rays of Wisdom are available on the web.

Well then, if all these things were ‘written in the stars’ for me, as I know they are, who would I be to argue with the Universe’s great wisdom that put it there for me? Any of the outstanding issues of my life could only be resolved through a better general understanding of the purpose and meaning of this life. I believe that only the kind of astrology I use could show me what God and the Angels expect from me. Without this knowledge my spirit could not have responded to their demands, freed itself and moved on, the way it became possible with their help.

I am content that even my ‘bloody nose’ experiences were part of the Universe’s wisdom to stop me from getting lost in the illusions of the Earth plane, i.e. that the home and mother of this lifetime were the true and only ones. And so, I have every reason to be grateful for the events of the early part of my life, strange as this may seem at first glance. Karmically, I must have needed the lessons it contained or I would not have received them, of that I am sure.

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12 Jan, 2019
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