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At the Graveyard Pt. 6 (Final)
At the Graveyard Pt. 6 (Final)

At the Graveyard Pt. 6 (Final)

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I woke up at 7:02 AM. I didn't feel like getting ready for school so I grabbed a pair of ripped jeans and a light blue belly shirt with a silver peace sign in the middle. When I walked outside I saw James next to the flower garden on the side of the porch. I walked over to him as Brandon pulled up. James kissed me and turned around to look over at Brandon who was walking over to us. Brandon hugged me and James just stared at him.
“Who is he.” James asked, his eyes light blue.
“This is my best friend Brandon. Brandon, this is James.” I said.
“Yeah her best friend.” Brandon said. He looked like he was about to cry.
“Emma do you wanna walk to school with me?” James asked
“She rides to school with me every morning.” Brandon said.
“I wasn't talking to you.'' James said and looked at me, his eyes now pink.
“Well I answered.” Brandon replied.

James’s eyes turned red and he punched brandon. I started to cry and I told them to stop fighting. But they continued to fight. I decided to walk in the middle of them and I got hit but it didn't hurt me...not yet at least. But they both stopped fighting and looked at my arm. Then they started apologizing. At first I didn't know why they were apologizing, then my arm started to hurt. “BOTH OF YOU GET IN THE CAR NOW!” I yelled. They both walked over to the car and I walked up to the porch to get my jacket then I walked over to the car. I got into the front seat and began to cry again. Brandon wasn't paying attention to the road he was trying to make sure I was okay. I screamed as we crashed into a car. Neither Brandon or James made it out alive. Two weeks later I died from vein failure due to the crash.

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13 Oct, 2020
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