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Bad luck Bunny

Bad luck Bunny

By Mr. Mills

Bad Luck Bunny part 1

I woke up very early this morning. I hopped out of my burrow and stretched. It was winter! Unlike other bunnies I think veggies are disgusting. Bananas taste great and scrumptious. So far I have had a strain of bad luck. Like the time with the guy with the giant candy cane. He squished me and didn’t even notice me. Or at Halloween when a little elf fell on me. I discovered who was responsible for this. Snitzel. I saw him heading to the castle. Maybe I can get him today. I ran up to him. “Hey.” I said stiffly. “Sorry bunny but I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Snitzel said as I thought sarcastically. “Look bunny who are you exactly.” I wielded up with anger. “If you didn’t know on every adventure you go on somehow you’re injuring me.” Replied Ace. My name is Ace just if you didn’t know. “Why do you I always have bad luck?” He asked. “Can’t help you.” Snitzel said. “Look, its Billy birthday party today and I don’t want to miss it.” Snitzel went in. I hopped onto a high window cell. I opened the window and jumped in. I forgot I was still wearing my pajamas! I hopped onto the handle of the door. It went into the bathroom. I went in. What could I wear?” A banana lay on the counter “Hmmm?” I thought peeled it slowly. The door opened. It was Snitzel! “Ahhh!” He screeched. “What are you doing here?” This banana looked tasty enough to eat.” I replied. Snitzel left disappointed. “Time for cake!” Snitzel said as he returned. The frosting was rose red with strawberry’s. It taste as good as it looked. “Wait where my piece of cake did?” Billy asked. Ace smiled. “Ace you chomped it up didn’t you.” A red balloon popped and it flew and hit Ace of the table. He flew into the bathroom into the toilet. “I’m going to take a long miserable shower.” He said. He dragged himself to the room soaked and droopy. “What happ…” “Don’t ask”.

I slumped to his burrow for lunch. He notices a wolf circling his burrow. “Don’t you know when bunny’s had enough?” It didn’t reply and peeked its head into the hole. “Shoo.” Said Ace. It saw him and came close to him slowly. “He hopped as fast as his legs would let him. “Indeed I need to nap somewhere else.” He thought to himself. I was exhausted from the party. I found another burrow near the castle. He entered with grief. “It’s a little dark in here. He hopped out and noticed it was a red ant hill! “Whew.” He said in relief. Then I felt something in my pajama shirt. It was a red ant. I danced around some other bunnies were watching me. “I can explain.” I said shaking it out. It began to rain. The snow became damp. My ears dropped down. I walked back into the castle wet. “Hello Ace. Do you have any idea why toilet are is clogged?” Snitzel asked. “You’d rather not know.” I replied. The rain sprinkled. A rainbow appeared. The water on my fur dried. “I think my bad luck died out.” I said happily. “No matter what the challenge is look on the bright side.” Snitzel replied.

The End

Author Notes: Why not??? Just a silly story....

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About The Author
Mr. Mills
About This Story
3 Oct, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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