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Mr. Mills

123450 is from US United States • 16 y/o • Male

Writing Wizards. Making my world.

Probably wasting your time if you're reading this. I like running, reading, writing art all the basic stuff. In my spare time I like to be a furry and work things out. I half-blind- blind in my left eye which makes life hard. I suffer from depression and hope to hang with some cool people here. Why are you reading this?

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Cause I feel like it. I'm .a furry living the furlife. Meet some cool people here like: zer0, Oxygen, Salty,talyoremilyadoras, . I like to to watch anime in my spare time and fursuit. My fvourite books are by Marie Lu and I probablly get out enough. Ready to read ready to write! It's a stupid quote I know but ok:0

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