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Chef Wars Pt 1

Chef Wars Pt 1

By Mr. Mills - 1 Review

Chef Wars Chapter 1

13-year-old Ethan had a love for cooking. He made all his meals every day and his mother was appreciative of it. Today was the last day of school. Today was not going to be rejected.

“Mom I made you dinner!” Ethan shouted from upstairs.

“Oh, again.” She said with sarcastic happiness.

“Would you mind if I made breakfast for wants. Most the other kids have their parents make their breakfast. “She exclaimed

“Mom, are you trying to deny my talent?” Asked Ethan.

“No. What did you make anyways.”

“Waffles, eggs, and bacon of course. There my specialty.” Ethan said express fully.

“Ethan. You’re going to be late for school. It’s 6:58 you know.”

“Bye Mom. Have a good day at work.” Ethan said as he ran out the door.

“Sometimes I wonder about that kid.” She said.

Meanwhile Ethan was headed off to his school with his friend Jacky.

“Why do you cook so much?” Jacky asked.

“Same reason you play soccer so much.” Ethan Replied.

“True, True. Are you excited for school to come to an end?”

“No not really. I kind of actually liked it.”

“What? Come on dude. You should come to my end of school year party. I’ll have someone make lots of food. I don’t know who could though.”
“You’re looking at the perfect guy.” Said Ethan with a big smile.

“I don’t know Ethan. Sometimes you take the cooking to overkill.” Said Jacky

The bus came into view and screeched to a stop near the two friends.
“We’ll work it out eventually.” Jacky said as he sat in a different seat than Ethan.

Ethan sat by Hallie. She was just a snotty 13-year-old girl.

“I’m bored. Like Lol Logan is so funny.” She said.

“She’s a maniac on that phone.” Ethan thought.

Eventually they arrived at a school. Ethan walked to the front entrance with Jacky.

“Jacky, did you make sure were in the same class?” Ethan asked.

“Of course. I don’t want us to ever be separated.” Jacky Replied.

“Hope the teacher doesn’t get mad at us for being late.” Ethan said.

“Oh I don’t think you’ll like him when were late.”

“It’s the last day of school what could possibly go wrong.”

“Would Ethan Wilson please come to the principal’s office?”

“Did you really somehow get in trouble today?” Jacky asked.

“Must have been something I forgot.” Ethan said as he walked down to the office.

“Thank you for coming down Ethan. Because you won the perfect attendance award.” Said Miss. Beck, the counselor.

Ethan was about to tell her he was late today, but it might as well accept the award.

Ethan came back to class with the prize.

“No fair. Ethan got perfect attendance.” Said Jen. She was the school bully.

“Technically he didn’t He was tardy today.” Mikey said.

“Oh, then you better put that award back.” Jen said.

“Today doesn’t count. It’s only a half day and come on, it’s the last day of school.” Ethan replied

“I don’t care what you say you don’t get the award.” Jen replied.

“Honestly I don’t care.” Ethan replied.

“If you don’t care why don’t you hand it to me?” said Jen.

“This is a stupid conversation let’s just stop it.”

“Attention class it’s time to sign yearbooks.” His teacher said.

“I’m totally going to be most likely to be successful.” Jacky said.

“Dream on.” Said Jen.

“Does Jen even hear herself.” Ethan whispered to Jacky.

Jacky Snickered then turned back to the teacher.

“Grab a pen from the bin and be free to get signatures from around the school.” He said.

“I only need one signature. And I’m getting it easy.” Said Ethan

“Who are you talking about?” Jacky asked.

“Don’t tell me it’s your girlfriend.”

“She is not my girlfriend.”

“You can pretend all you want. I know the truth.”

Ethan was about to get rowed up until the girl of his dreams passed by.

“Looks like someone’s in the L word.”




“No! It’s Love.”

“Stop Jacky you’re going to embarrass me.”

“So it’s true.”

“I don’t care. I’m getting her signature and leaving.”

“Good luck over there.” Said Jacky.

Ethan sighed then took a breath of good relief.

“Excuse me.” Ethan said.

“He’s so going to screw this up.” Jacky said from behind his back.

“Uh, hi Lindsay. Would you sign my year book?” Ethan said.

“We’ll I guess so.” Lindsay replied.

Ethan ran back to Jacky entrusted like.

“She actually signed it.” Ethan said.

“Anyone would sign your yearbook.” Jacky replied.

Sooner or Later school got out.

“Summer is finally here.” Ethan hummed.

“Sure. It’s quite nice.” Jacky said.

All the sudden Ethan tripped. Coincidently he landed straight on the fire alarm. Water rained down throughout the school.

“Ethan!” The principle yelled.

Ethan got startled by the yell.

“Come to my office. Now!”

“Yes, sir.”

Ethan cautiously walked into the principal’s office.

Chapter 2

“Can you explain to me why it was raining inside the school?”

“That wasn’t rain. The was water from the school fire alarm system.”

“You have ruined some very important paperwork.”

“Yeah. I can obviously see that.”

“Guess who’s going to pay for this.”


“No I don’t have that kind of budget. You are!”

“I see.”

“You’re probably going to end up having to get a summer job.”

“I was hoping those words never came to my ears.”

“Get out of my office. Now!”

Ethan slowly crept out of the principal’s office.

“That was fun.” He said to himself.

How was he going to get a summer job? 5 minutes afterward he was at his home.

“You Accidently set of the fire alarm today?” Ethan’s dad asks.


“And you’re paying for it.”


“So what are we deciding for your summer job?”

“A cook!” Ethan exclaimed.

“No. No one’s going to hire a teenager cook.”

Ethan knew there was one place there is. A restraint called “Chip Off the Block.”

Ethan smirked.

“I know what you’re thinking and you’re not working at “Chip Off the Block.”

Ethan continued to smirk.

“Fine. You can. But I don’t want to see any goofing around. Just some good labor. Go apply for the job.

“Thanks dad,” Ethan said as he ran out the door.

“I’m going to cook. I’m going to be a cook.” Ethan hummed to himself.

He arrived at “Chip Off the Block,” quickly. He went through the employee’s only door.

“Did you not read the sign on the door.” A girl in the “Chip Off the Block,” costume said.

“No I did. And that’s exactly why I’m here.”

“To trespass?”

“No to apply for the job.”

“I’d talk to manager about that.”

“Okay.” Ethan said as he skipped around to the next door to the manager’s office.

“Kids these days. Always wanting terrible summer jobs.” She said.

“Can I apply for this job?” Ethan asked.

“Did you fill out an application.” The manager said

“Well, not exactly.” Ethan replied.

“Fill this out.” The manager said handing him the job application.

Ethan was so enthusiastic about the job he filled out the application in 2 minutes.

“I don’t bother to look what you’ve written. You got the job ollie boy. Only because your very desperate.” The manager said.

“That was much easier than I expected.” Ethan said to himself.

“You start tomorrow.” The manager said.

“But tomorrow’s Saturday. The day to chill out.”

“It’s a summer job. Don’t expect a lot of freedom.”

Ethan sighed. Even though he was happy to get a job he wondered how rapidly this was going to affect his summer.

Ethan started to ride his bike back home. He rode his bike into his garage and set it down with the helmet beside it.

His hair slightly whiffled against the breeze.

“Did you get the job?” Dad asked.

“Sort of. The manager didn’t bother to look through the application though. Is it a legal job? I’m just not quite sure.” Ethan said.

“We’ll be prepared. You got to wake up an easy 6:00 am to get to work on time.”

“Yeah. Got that.”

“So you might as well go to bed now.”

“Yeah got that. “Ethan said in a lower tone.

Ethan read a little before he got his pajama’s on to go to bed.

Then he shut his lamp off and slammed his head against his pillow a little harder then he needed to. Tomorrow was the start of his new life.

He woke up to annoying alarm beeping sound.

“Ugh.” He moaned right as he woke up. He hopped out of bed and got ready to take a shower until his mom was standing right in the way.

“Have a good day.” She said smiling then just left.

Ethan hopped in the shower then his phone on the counter rang. He barely reached it.

It was the manager calling back to him. “Get in the kitchen by 6:30 or else you’re going to be in some hot water.” The manager said right as he picked up the phone.

“Oh sorry. I thought we started at 7:00.”

“Monday’s are always early hours.”

Ethan shut off his shower water and grabbed a towel then immediately got dressed.

“Whoa. Slow down Ethan.” His mom said.

“Yeah sure. I need to be there by 6:30 so by?” Said Ethan as he swung the door behind him carrying his bike helmet.

He hopped on his bike and immediately began riding to work. Right now “Chip off the Ole Block,” Was a little less than 2 blocks away.

He peddled like the road was nothing. Sooner or Later Ethan arrived at “Chip off the Ole Block.” At 6:28 am.

He went right in the door that had the word kitchen on it.

The manager standing right in front of him.

“Don’t think being a minute early is going to cut it.” He said.

“I’ll be earlier next time.” Ethan replied.

“Now get cleaning yesterday’s dishes!” The manager shouted.

“Shouldn’t I be cooking?” Ethan asked

“Whoever said that was your job.” The manager replied. Things took a turn as Ethan faced a large stack of Dishes

Chapter 3

This couldn’t have been the job he signed up for. He wanted to be a cook. A dish slayer didn’t seem his type. That manager was suspicious. Why wouldn’t he let him be the cook. Probably because they can’t reveal some random dumb secret ingredient.

Ethan sighed and got straight to the job. His first breakfast dish came in.

“Get to work.” The manager said before he walked into a door that read “Employees Only.”

It’s got to be a scam for the real job. Would he even make enough money here to pay it off? With this low work service, he’d never know the amount he gets paid.

Ethan grabbed the sponge and soaked it in the sink. He began scrubbing what seemed like to be the old dish of a breakfast burrito.


Later in the afternoon Ethan filled the large dish washer. He went to go put a dish pod in. He almost accidently put a tide pod in there, and that was the wrong kind.

He hummed a little as the bubbles cleansed the dishes in the washer.

Ethan gets off his shift at 2:00 pm. That means only two more hours of dish slaying to go.

What looked like a teenage girl came walking up to him?

“Since when did you get the job Ethan?”

How did she know his, she was the girl from school? Ethan’s face went pale not knowing what to say. He never knew the fact she was working here because again this place had bad serving service.

“Since yesterday.”

“What got you so interested in dish slaying.”

“I never actually meant to take on dish slaying. I had to work here to earn money from the fire alarm incident. I really wish I could be a cook.”

“Well, I’m the cashier. Tell me how you enjoy doing the dishes.” She said. For someone reason she winked at him as she walked away.

Ethan still knew the company was hiding something. He was getting closer in on this. Maybe she was his key inside.

He was going to egg her on until he noticed the manager taring right at him.

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