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Samuel Dunuton and the Brewing of Cassidy

Samuel Dunuton and the Brewing of Cassidy

By Mr. Mills

Samuel Dunuton and the Brewing of Cassidy

Right now, I was in a pretty dire moment. I had been trying to scrape magic moss of a tree so Cassidy could make a potion for me not to be the unpopular werewolf that I was. I hit a roadblock about midway through my plan. Hunters had found me in the enchanted forest, at night, so I had to do anything to escape from them. I didn’t have much time to make a quick choice. I nimbly sprinted my way out of the first shot of the tri-spear.

I thought I was completely out of there sight right now, but the second spear he shot was seriously cutting it in close. I could feel the spears fast moving air and the point of the spear had hit the tip of my fur. I couldn’t tell how close they were getting to me because I was in panic. I ended up dropping the glass of purple moss and it shattered. The third shot came hurtling toward me. I lept in attempt of escape, but I wasn’t so lucky this time.

The third spear had impaled me into the chest and I fell to the ground. I began howling and trying to receive help, but it was no help. The hunters were coming closer to me fast and I had to get out before it was too late. I yanked the spear from my chest and it was double the amount of pain taking it out than getting hit by it. I tried to sit up on my knee’s howling for assistance, but I wasn’t sure anyone would help me at this time. I got back onto all fours when I realized that the hunters were getting way to close. I had begun running, paws over my bleeding chest. Soon I lost the hunters, luckily. That’s when I heard some rustling in the tree’s. I got down behind a bush unable to carry on any further. I couldn’t go any further without medical assistance. A figure emerged from the tree’s. It wasn’t the hunters; it was that witch from the potion shop. Cassidy. She looked at me and immediately saw me bleeding out to death.

“Oh my Horon! I knew it was a bad idea to have you come out here.” Said Cassidy. She had brought a supply of potions. Some in her brown backpack and some that were strapped around her waist. She unlatched one of the potions from her waist. She dumped it around the bleeding scar on my stomach. It stung. You could hear the potion making some kind of sizzling sound. She took the beaker she had and put it back onto her potion utility belt.

“Cassidy.” Is all I said. That’s all the energy I really had to say anything.

“You poor thing.” Said Cassidy taking off her backpack and setting it on the ground. She opened the flap that enclosed her backpack to find some bandages. I was panting and panting hard. Let me tell you even breathing was a hard thing to do. It hurt quite a lot. Cassidy had soon collected enough bandages to give me. That’s when I blacked out.

I woke up the next the next morning in my bed, as if it were a dream. I had transformed back into the human I was again. I knew it wasn’t a dream because of the scar and the bandages wrapped around my chest. I stood up from my bed slowly just starting to figure out what’s going on. I was going to head over to Cassidy’s this morning, even though I had failed to retrieve the magic moss. She wasn’t wrong about the dangers of the Enchanted Forest. I took a quick shower then got dressed. I had to be out my door soon. I began heading to Cassidy’s again. It wasn’t long before I had arrived at the Potion Shop. As soon as I walked in Cassidy wanted to pour herself out.

“Samuel, you scarred me a lot last night. I’m just glad that you’re doing much better today. If it makes you feel any better, I have the brew you wanted ready for you. Before I took you home, I got some of the magic moss. I’ve been brewing this potion all morning.” Explained Cassidy. She was urging me to go into the private room again. As soon as we went in I saw a large cauldron.

“This is the elixir you’ll need to use. Remember, this brew is about a fifty chance. If it works you shouldn’t ever become the handsome werewolf, you are again. It doesn’t we’ll than you might just be stuck as a werewolf forever. To perform this task you’re going to have to step into the elixir. Completely submerge yourself in it for the results.” Cassidy Explained. Now she really had me thinking. Did I really want to risk this? If anything I did. If it made me human than my life would be back on track, but if it didn’t people might think of me as the monster I am forever.

“I’ll give you some time to think. I’ll guess I’ll just leave you alone in here.” Said Cassidy exiting the room. I looked into the black colored elixir. This would forever change who I was. I would be defined as one thing. So I did it. I stepped into the elixir. I hesitated to submerge myself, then I forced myself underneath the liquid.


I had gotten into the liquid. It was as if it were a dream. It seemed like I was floating in some empty space. That’s when I got out of the elixir. Head rising. I hadn’t even figured my results yet a little dizzy from the elixir. I needed a mirror and quick. There was one big mirror just on the left side of me in that room. The liquid had dyed my bandages pitch black. I couldn’t believe it. I was finally a, werewolf. Now I almost regretted the elixir. I had just cursed myself. Head hung, I slowly creeped open the door as I got back into the main room where Cassidy’s walls were high and stacked with potions.

“I see you aren’t impressed by your results. I’m so sorry Sam. I didn’t mean for this to happen to you. I didn’t mean to...” I cut Cassidy off.

“It’s fine. I was meant to be this way. I just have to find those who love me for who I am.” I exclaimed. She heard the little angry tone in my voice. She sat down in front of me in the seats by the front door. I sat in the chair and even cried a little bit. I didn’t even know I was this depressed about myself.

“I’m didn’t mean for this to happen to you Sam. I think you should leave now. It would be better for the both of us.” Said Cassidy. I exited her shop but I wasn’t actually too disappointed. At least I committed to the effort. Maybe I would remain this way forever, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t be loved. I starting walking back home. I wonder what people would think of a werewolf being out at this time. My robes were black and a little bit torn. I’d probably have to buy some buy ones real soon. I shed off the torn robes only to be left in me under garments. That’s when I realized my communication orb was in my robes. I pulled it out and as soon as I had, I had received a call. This must’ve been a big call. It was from the president of magic, Jay! I answered it quickly.

“Hello Samuel. Wait how are you a werewolf if it’s...” I cut Jay off.

“It’s a unique thing for me. I don’t want to take the time to explain this to you. Is there something you wanted to say? It must be pretty important if I had to get called by the president.” I said.

“I’m having you go more as a spy thing. You’ll be a spy up to find the mysterious shadow man. He’s been roaming Storagia spreading items of darkness such as the Time Shatters and so forth. These items are illegal and I need you to catch the shadow man. I’m warning you he’s extremely slippery.” Explained Jay.

“This was unexpected. It’s a lot to take in and I’m not sure if I want to handle the task.” I said.

“You’ll get a cash reward of 50,000 gems. This is what you could save your home. You wouldn’t be the that hole with no gems anymore.” Said Jay.

“Thank you so much. Of course I’ll take the job. Tell me where I start.” I said.

“You start at the temple of Storagia. It is forbidden I know and I’m giving you permissions. It’s over one million years old and no one is sure how it got there. The shadow man was last seen there selling unknown objects. Maybe you could find those objects and report back to us. I need you to meet me at the magical management tomorrow. I’m going to be there to send you off.” Said Jay.

“Sounds like something I want to do. Tomorrow afternoon is a good time for me. Does that work for you?” I asked.

“The afternoon sounds fine. Bye Sam. See you at the management.” Said Jay. Jay faded in the communication orb. I had something completely different to worry about now. I had a new goal. To bring in this shadow man. Wilbert’s mentioned the shadow man before. I better get some info from him. I decided to take a turn and hit Wilbert’s little hut before I went back home. I took the dirt road route to Wilbert and Gallia’s house. Soon I had arrived and I knocked on the door.

“Hello...” Wilbert started. He took one look and me and he looked very startled.

“Hi Wilbert. I was just going to ask you some questions about the shadow man.” I began to explain.

“Oh Horon. Why are you a werewolf Sam? It’s the middle of the afternoon. You’re really scarring me.” Said Wilbert.

“I know I’ll explain it later. I guess I just need to present to the world who I really am. So the shadow man. What kind of things does this figure sell?” I asked.

“I didn’t really get much of what he sold. He obviously sold the Time Shatter, but I’m not sure about anything else.” Said Wilbert.

“Right the Time Shatter. When was the last time you saw him?” I asked.

“The last time a saw him was during the rip. Ever since I got out of there I never saw him again.” Said Wilbert.

“The rip. He escaped. He’s back in Storagia up to his dark and suspicious workings again.” I said.

“The temple. That’s how he must’ve gotten back to Storagia. Wait, that could mean the shadow man is secretly living in the Storagian Temple.” Said Wilbert.

“That could mean that the Shadow Man’s up to his works right now. Jay said he was last seen there so could that mean...” I began

To be Continued...

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Author Notes: The werewolf.....

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3 Oct, 2019
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