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The Rigid Sword
The Rigid Sword

The Rigid Sword

123450Mr. Mills

Soren and Skylar

The Rigid Sword

It was me. Soren Sodervick. I flipped through my spell book trying to forage a plan. I needed a way to get inside the Northern Kingdom to fetch myself the Rigid Sword. Of course, it was stealing, but I had always been the thief of Storagia. There would be a witch in the castle, and I’d dealt with plenty witches like this one before. I neared the castle and noticed a moving chariot with horses entering the castle. So, I tucked my spell book into my thick black robe pocket. The chariot whished passed me as I had clung to the bottom of the back half of the chariot like a moth clung to a lightbulb. The charioteer hadn’t even noticed at all. Me and the chariot had gone through the front gates of the large grey castle of the Northern Kingdom.

“Whom is this to enter the Northern Kingdom?” Said a very short guard with a cute little read feather in his hat.

“Sir Xanthan of the Xantanous of the Southern Kingdom.” Stated the man riding in the front of the chariot. As soon as the chariot had begun to enter the castle, I dropped from it and rolled on the ground. I crept through the long windy halls of the castle that seemed to stretch for miles. I needed to make it to vault 115 to go get myself the Rigid Sword. The Rigid Sword had been kept there over a century; I was honestly surprised that no one else had gotten it at this point. Guards swept the long halls to keep clear of people like me. I kept myself hiding behind the tall statues of the old rulers of the kingdom. They all lined up just perfectly. I had reached the hall of the big metal doors where all the vaults had been kept. I looked to my left seeing a sign on the wall that read vaults 100-200. After passing 15 vaults I had arrived at my destination

I was anxious, my palms were sweaty. It had been locked like I obviously thought it would’ve been. I had a spell for this, but I couldn’t quite remember what it was. So, I began flipping through my spell book. It took me a little while, but I had finally found the spell. I looked over my shoulder to see if any guards were watching me. Cost clear.

“Ukidaosis,” I whispered to myself so no one would hear. For the first few moments, nothing had happened. The door had remained firm and closed. A few seconds later the door creaked open loudly I had to use that mute spell I had learned quickly! The guards were going to hear me. According to the spell I put a finger to my mouth and say “shhhh” just like a teacher I did as my spell book said and now everything was completely silent. Wanda, one of the three demonic witches of Storagia stood right before me in the way of the Rigid Sword. She had a red hat and lipstick. She had a dress that dropped all the way down to her high heels, which were also red. She was a blonde, so she was a bit crazy. Not to stereotype or anything. She eyed me with a wild stare.

“Soren. So nice to finally see you again. But seriously what are you doing here? Get out of here street mage!” Wanda barked. I always felt the insult when people called me street mage. Bursts of electricity began to emerge from the spell book in my hands. I stayed silent.

“So, you’re ready to put up a fight, unlike last time?” Wanda exclaimed. Before I reply “Inferno Caystsm!” She said slowly. A small ball of fire began to float between her hands. She hurled it at me like a baseball. I quickly barrel rolled out of the way. I pointed my spell book toward her, and I said, “Zaporosis!” Bursts of lighting emerged from my spell book knocking Wanda to the ground and left her panting. She recovered ad brushed her ashy dress off. Her furious eyes glowed a bright yellow. You could see a crack in the wall I had made by slamming Wanda into it is such a crude manner.

“Alvindicosis,” She exclaimed. I had never heard of such a spell in my entire life. Vines grew through the cracking concrete of the cement parts of the castle. Each one of the vines with thorns on them directed themselves toward me. The vines wrapped around my neck. Following those vines, more vines pinned my wrists and ankles to the wall. Blood dripped from all those places on my body from the thorns. My spell book had fallen toward the ground. I eyed the Rigid Sword on the Pedestal straight next to Wanda. I tried to pull the Rigid Sword toward me with raw magic although that wasn’t very powerful. I had to try. The sword pointed towards me, moving ever so slightly. Wanda had saw what I was trying to do. Wanda clenched her fists tell they went red making the vines squeeze even harder, suffocating me. The sword had finally got close enough to where I could reach it. It quickly flew to my hand. I cut the vines Wanda had formed around me and I fell to the ground with a booming thud.

“No!” Wanda shouted as she and I were racing toward the vault door as the speed demons we were. She cast a spell creating a firewall between me and the vault door so I could never go out. I instantly noticed a little spot to get around the firewall.

“There’s no hiding now.” Wanda exclaimed with a wild look in her eyes. What I was thinking was definitely against her plans.

“Invisblo Horon,” I exclaimed giving myself the power of temporary invisibility.

“That is completely unfair.” Wanda yelled angrily. I crept around the edges of the vault just avoiding Wanda’s hellfire. Now I just had to get past the fire at the end of the room. I still had the Rigid Sword at hand, I was going to get away. I made it just around the firewall and had exited the vault. I escaped the room and managed to slip my way out of the castle. I thought Wanda would kick my butt, but she just wasn’t ready for that spell. I guess I just lucked out. I ran into the city of Freeland just outside the Northern Kingdom. The place that I technically live in because I don’t have a real home but that’s counts as my special place anyways. I tucked the Rigid Sword into the satchel I had created for it. Hopefully no one would notice that I had it. I glanced at the sword I retrieved. The sword was from many ancient warriors of the past from Storagia. The sword was invincible. Even enough it’s been bent by its heroes, it was never going to be broken. I looked at the glimmering sword pulling it back out holding it tight knowing it would come my future advantages in my adventures in Storagia.

Author Notes: enjoy

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Mr. Mills
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11 Dec, 2019
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5 mins
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