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Wilbert the Wizard and the Theiving troll

Wilbert the Wizard and the Theiving troll

By Mr. Mills - 1 Review

Wilbert the Wizard and the Thieving Troll

Once upon a time there lived a king in a castle. This isn’t your generic fairytale. Thee king had 3 descendants. 2 sons and 1 daughter. His daughter was known as Bella the princess. The maiden that fell in love with Snitzel. But this is a different story.

One about a Son named Wilbert. He was a mage prince. But he wasn’t quite as rich. He was more of a street mage. That’s me. My story begins at a mage market.

“Please will you just lend me the crystal ball?” I asked.

“No gems, no ball, so leave your holding up the line.” The stand runner said.

“I really just want to for see my fate.” I said.

“Your fate is I’m kicking you out of the market. Now go back to your ally street mage.” He replied.

I clenched my wand knowing it was wrong to perform magic to harm anyone else. I let go and walked away. I had issues to work out anyways. Lately I’ve had a mysterious troll stealing from me.

That troll was stealing all my food to be exact. Which isn’t a good thing when your father lends your daughter the riches. That’s because she’s the youngest one in the family.

I was 18 now. And I needed to put a stop to this trolling. My door creaked open when I walked inside. I did live in a small cottage. My spell book lies on my desk and I began flipping through it. There’s a specific protection spell I wanted to use around my house. “Protecto Horon!” I say a loud. A dome began to form around my property.

As the dome finished forming I heard a loud screech. The wail pounded on my ear drums. It was somewhat close to where I lived. I looked west and saw a slight shadow which seemed to be the causing of the wailing. An old green arm with sharp nails came into view.

I slowly inched closer to the creature. It seemed to be caught in the protective spell. I immediately discasted it. The troll fell to its side. A massive scar lined its chest, blood oozing from the cut. I felt extremely guilty now.

I picked the small troll up into my arms. He must’ve been cut in the protection spell.

“I’ll get you some shelter.” I said I felt bad and now my responsibility was to take care of this troll. If only I had an enchanted mushroom I can heal him. His head rested on my shoulder as I took him in to my cottage. I laid him in my bed, and yes I didn’t care how disgusting it was.

I had a new mission now. Not to get rid of trolls, but take care of this one. If only I knew where an enchanted mushroom. There incredibly rare. Where was I going to find an enchanted mushroom? In the enchanted forest. I took my wand and headed into the forest. Many mythical creatures lurk in the forest. It is extremely dangerous.

In the distance I saw a gleaming brand new shiny enchanted mushroom. But then I ran into another issue of its own. A baby dragon was near it. It’s glossy blue scales reflected the sunlight coming through the trees.

I didn’t want to get close to it because I knew it’s mother would come. I waited for a few moments and its mother never came. It was so close to the mushroom. It was literally toying with the mushroom which was ridiculous because I had a troll at my house that was so close to death.

I slowly crept up to it. It made the cutest noise like a small squeal that was very quiet. It was happy I could tell.

When it saw me it shivered and whimpered. It seemed to be scared and alone. It probably lost its parents. I slowly picked it up to move away from the mushroom and also “Oh my gosh it’s so cute.” It looked up at me with its deep blue eyes. It tucked in its little wings. It rested on the inside of arms smooth as silk. I might care for this as well as the troll.

I plucked the mushroom and put into the pocket in my robe. I walked out of the opening in the forest. The issue was now I had no idea where I was.

I began walking in one direction. A mysterious figure stood in the way. What seemed to be a holy spirit.

“Visitor I welcome you to my forest.” She said.

I knelt down and bowed to her. “Your Majesty.” I said.

“I realized you have encountered this dragon in the forest. Do you wish to care for it?” Mother Nature asked.

“Well uh, I was just kind of worried about it.” I replied

“Very well. It is yours to take care of. Its parents were slain by knights of the northern kingdom. Hopefully it’s okay.” She said.

“Yes your majesty. I will take care of this dragon for you.” I said.

“Thank you.” She said as she slowly faded and began gliding away.

She had lead him to the path that lead to his cottage. He could see his cottage in the distance. He could hurry and save the troll.

The door burst open to his cottage.

“I got the mushroom just hold still.” I said.

“Troll is appreciative of your mercy.” It replied

“What’s your name?” I asked while mashing up the mushroom.

“Togath. Son of Togar.” The troll said.

“Open.” I said pouring the enchanted liquid into his mouth. With a touch of magic, life could be healed. The slit along his stomach began to fade and regenerate itself.

“Thank your kind mage sir. Hopefully I will see you again.” The troll said.

“Yeah, but this time don’t try to steal all my food.” I replied.

I said farewell to my troll friend. He exited the cottage. Now I got to take care of this dragon. We’ll first I had to think of a name for it.

The troll had torn through my refrigerator and now all the food was going to turn rotten. I needed a way to conserve it. That’s when my dragon did something useful. He used his ice cold blue scale wings to slowly refreeze all my food.

“Wow. Very interesting. I think I’m going to call you Frostwing.” I said.

Frostwing jumped up on my leg. Then began circling around them. It’s true he does like me.

I checked my mailbox because with all the craziness going on today I had completely forgotten about it. I had a letter from the king It read:

Dear Wilbert,

I’ve heard what you’ve done today. Saving two lives from what could’ve been awful. Keep training to become a mage. I don’t give you any riches because I want you to grow to be strongest battle mage ever. Come over tonight for dinner. You and your siblings need to be together again for once.

Sincerely, Your Father, Mcneuton Dunuton.

“Free dinner sounds good to me.” I said to myself.

Later that day I met up with my siblings at the castle.

“Bella I haven’t seen you in forever.” I said trying to spark conversation.

“Yeah I’ve been busy were inviting another man to dinner tonight named Snitzel.” She said.

“Snitzel who is that?” My other brother Samuel asked.

“We can talk about it at dinner. And there’s three elves to.” Bella said.

“I thought this was a family dinner.” I said.

“We’re treating them as family tonight.” Bella replied.

We all entered the castle. I noticed 4 unidentified figures. I was an old man holding a candy cane as a cane. The other 3 were little elves as Bella had stated.

“So is there something you want to talk about?” I asked my dad.

“We’ll I guess Bella is finally getting out of the castle.”

“What about you Samuel?” I asked

“That’s a story for another time.” He replied.

The street mage’s quest would be here. Would he really come to be the most powerful mage? Coming soon “Wilbert the Wizard and the Underwater City”

The End

Author Notes: no

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5 Oct, 2018
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