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Moonshift High

Moonshift High

By Mr. Mills - 1 Review

Moonshift High: Evacuate or Evaluate

Storagia was a home to many beautiful creatures. But the when the moon shifts and the monsters begin to lurk a whole another sort of thing begins to happen. When citizens of Storagia die they become ghosts, zombies, or skeletons. Ghost are when people are put to death naturally and get a grave. Zombies is when a corpse is attempted to bring back to life. Skeletons happen when the corpse is mistreated. I’m James Erickson. People just call me Skulls because I’m like the only skeleton in Storagia. I went to go talk to my best friend Boo. That’s his nickname. His real name is Mark Carmicle. He was a ghost. Had telepathy powers too. We were both about to start our first year at Moonshift High. No doubt I was afraid. I am like the only monster at our school without powers. People will make fun of me for that reason. Especially when it is rookie day.

“Boo, I don’ think I’m even going to fit into this place.” I told him.

“Don’t worry. If you have no powers other monsters aren’t going to run away from you like they did to me last year.” Boo replied.

The Werewolf walked by us. “Who’s that?” I asked.

“Haxar. His real name is Samuel Dunuton. He’s a werewolf. I wouldn’t go messing around a guy like him.” Boo said with his usual English accent.

“Haxar. I’m not ready for this school. These monsters are going to mock me.” I told Boo.

“James. They’re not going to mock you. Not after everything you’ve gone through and everything you’ve done.” Boo replied.

“I was depressed in my first life. I don’t want it to be the same in my second.” I replied. Boo face went from its smile to an upside down face of happiness.

There I was. Right in front of Moonshift High. My new life was about to begin and my old life hiding in abounded graves is over.

I took one look at the oversized castle that looked as if it were a dungeon and headed inside to begin my year.

Skeleton classes are so darn lame though. It was basically like learning the things that a regular little kid would. I really wish I had powers. Then I’d deserve classes.

Spell book Studies. My very first class in Moonshift High. It may sound fun, but we aren’t even allowed to touch the spell books or cast any spell of any sorts.

“Turn immediately to page 43 in your spell books.” Professor Don said.

I turned a few pages to about page 37. I took my time getting to the page. The title of the chapter of the page read brewing and potions. I already knew all this trash. I needed an actual useful class.

The speaker came on. “We have an announcement to make.” Said the woman from the speaker. “The school is closing down. Evacuate calmly. Things will be explained later.” Said the intercom.

“Evacuate? At the begging of school?” I questioned.

“It’s the school drill noob.” Said Haxar.

“Whoa. Watch the words buddy. Words hurt you know.” I replied. Haxar fell silent. I smirked but I immediately wiped it off my face.

“There is a disturbance that seems to be a whisperer in the school.” Said the intercom over us.

“A whisperer. I’m not leaving. I’m putting this thing out of business.” I said.

“Don’t do that Skulls. You’re going to hurt yourself. And perhaps get yourself into a lot of trouble.” Boo said.

“No Boo. This is my time to prove that I am more than a skeleton. I’m not just a discarded body. I still have a chance here.” I explained to him.

“Don’t come whining to me when they put you in detention.” Boo replied.

The alarm was going off. Everyone had evacuated the school. I stood there. I stood strong and I would never stop.

“Come out! I’m not afraid of you.” I shouted.

“I have an afterlife to live you know.” I said afterward. Obviously I didn’t get a response from the mischievous whisperer. I urged my way to the doors of suspicious classroom. I could hear a dark sound. Almost like a light moaning. Unsure of what it was I slowly creaked open the door. That’s when the whisperer attacked.

I had yelled for help. The whisperer could turn me to dust and I cease to exist. No one came. No one dared enter the invaded school. More whispers were coming in and I knew it. That’s when I knew which classroom to go to. Swordplay. If I could go grab one, I could have a way to defend myself. I rushed toward the classroom.

Whispers had chased after me. I tried to ignore them and sprint. I got into the classroom and picked up a sword. I slashed one of the whispers heads right off. Its head continued to float. I ran out the front doors of the school, knowing I couldn’t stop them, with an epic leap. Students were watching me.

“What were you thinking.” Said principle Jen.

“I thought I could. I thought I could….” I trailed off.

“I’m very disappointed in you. Never do something like that again. You are therefore suspended for 3 days.” Jen said.

“Suspended on the first day of school. You really are an outcast aren’t you.” Boo said to me. He made a worried face at me. Boo had insulted me.

This couldn’t happen to me all over again. Ever since my family had died and was turned into dust I had become depressed. I had died of suicide. I was reborn into this life. Which I don’t think is any better than before.

Then a crow flew up to me. It was all black except for its long yellow beak. That’s when I realized it was a normal crow that was perched on that dead tree.

“Help me! I’m in trouble and a witch is looking for me.” The crow exclaimed.

“Witch? What kind of mess have you gotten yourself into?” I asked it.

“It’s hard to explain. Just protect me. Please. This witch is going to brew me.” I said to the strange crow. I followed the crow away from school grounds. I was suspended from that dumb place anyways.

“So what’s going on. Give It straight to me.” I told the bird.

“I’m getting chased by a witch that turned me into a foul bird. That witch is being chased by 2 super scary monster hunters.” She explained.

“So this almost like a giant game of chase.” I said.

“Well, it’s more of it’s a giant game of we all want to kill each other.” I said.

“Yeah. You’re basically right.” The crow replied.

“So what’s your name. I wondered if we could be friends. I mean it’s super weird to be saying this to a crow but...” I trailed off avoiding to insult her.

“My name Casandra.” She said.

“Casandra. That’s a pretty graceful name.” I said.

“Come with me, before the witch gets here.” She replied.

I followed her into the enchanted forest. The trees were dead and the grass was crisp black. I wasn’t sure of the reason why. The forest got darker and darker the further we wandered into it.

“You beginning to seem, less trusting.” I exclaimed.

“I’ve had my eye on you for a long time you know. Ever since you died I’ve been waiting for your moment of truth to arrive.” Casandra said.

“I don’t know what you’re saying and I don’t know what you mean either.” I replied. The pupils of Casandra’s eyes went from a deep black to a deep purple.

“Casandra?” I questioned. She wouldn’t respond.

She flew off to who knows where? She was gone. Lost to the forest. I called out her name another time. Still no response.

I was once lonely again. Then I saw a shadowy figure in the distance. It was the witch.

“I have potions to brew with you.” The witch said.

“Please don’t I don’t want to have a miserable afterlife too.” I said.

“I need fresh bones from a fresh skeleton. You only died like a week ago didn’t you. I know you, James Erickson. I’ve always wanted to kill you. Now that is has been done I want to ruin your afterlife.” The witch said.

“My afterlife? Just get out of here you know this forest is forbidden to.” I told the witch.

“Yes I do. And what is the reason you’re here?” The witch asked.

“Casandra.” I replied.

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Moonshift High: Afterlife in School suspension

Author Notes: Because it's halloweenish!!!!!!!

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Mr. Mills
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3 Oct, 2019
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