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Being an Outsider
Being an Outsider

Being an Outsider


Being an outsider means you don’t have a prioritized social group. Everyone is capable of being an outsider and ought to feel it at least a couple of times throughout their lifetime. Being an outsider is a universal decision. When people push you away and you end up telling yourself that you'll be alone forever, sure it might be their fault for not being open and accepting of you but that doesn’t give you an excuse to think all people are like that. That’s the same as giving up! It’s because you gave up that you end up staying on the outside looking on the inside. Different is just another word for unique and being unique is a blessing. Now I’m not saying that being an outsider is a good or bad thing, sometimes it’s better to be alone because it teaches you to defend yourself and sometimes there are things you simply can't do yourself. Everyone is capable of this feeling and no one is an exception. The best way to avoid this kind of loneliness is to keep trying to find that social group that accepts you, sure doing the same thing over and over without changing anything while expecting a different result might be the very definition of crazy but I’d rather be crazy than to feel, think, or tell myself that I’m not worth the effort. Yeah, I'm gonna get violent when you tell me it's my fault for your mistake. You can tell everyone that I went crazy on you but here's the truth. I don't go crazy, I am crazy. I just happen to go normal most of the time.

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20 Nov, 2020
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