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Being A Channel Of Light
Being A Channel Of Light

Being A Channel Of Light


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Seven

Every human being was created for the specific purpose that, in one of our distant lifetimes on planet Earth, we would be playing the role of healers and lightbringers, saviours and redeemers, not only of ourselves, all of humankind and our world, but the whole of God’s Creation. God’s great plan for humankind’s development decrees that, when the present Age of Aquarius comes round, sufficient numbers of us would be ready and willingly act as channels through which the power of the blessing and healing energies of the Christ Star flows freely from the Highest levels of life to wherever someone is praying for a miracle. If those who are asking freely and willingly do their share of creating it and as soon as the conditions are right, it will definitely come about – in God’s time, not ours.

In the course of many lifetimes, not just one or two but hundreds and in many cases thousands, every human spirit/soul develops from being a tiny spark of the Great Light of the Universal Christ into a Christed one in their own right. Even at the earliest stage of our development we are a young God in the making when our minute light at first emerges as a physical being on the material plane of life. Being chips off the old block, so to speak, the powers and characteristics of our Divine parents are in all of us, but initially only in seed form. The task for each one of us, without exception, is to manifest them in earthly life and develop them to their full unfolding. That’s how the whole of humankind will gradually evolve into a race of saviours and redeemers of themselves, their race, its world and the whole of Creation. This developmental stage for us individually has been reached when:

a) Our small lower self has surrendered itself freely and willingly, totally and unconditionally to its counterpart, our higher God or Christ nature. The legendary Master Jesus represents this aspect of every human being. When the lower has been completely absorbed into the higher, we are at one with the will and wishes of God and the Angels. Happily and without hesitation we then follow their instructions which we receive intuitively.

b) Our last karmic debts have been redeemed through patiently enduring the suffering they brought us. When we refuse to blame anyone for it and instead accept the responsibility for having created it ourselves in the course of past lifetimes and that could have been a long time ago.

c) We have truly forgiven all those who ever sinned against us and we have also forgiven ourselves for once having set the wheels in motion, when in ignorance of the Universal laws we contravened against them and thus sinned against God and our own true higher nature.

d) No matter how dire the situation may look on the surface of things with regard to the healing of our afflictions, we never give up hope and rest safely in the knowledge that, with the help and will of God and the Angels, all things really are possible and any condition can be healed.

e) We freely and willingly do the work on ourselves that is necessary for creating the healing miracle of ourselves and our world. Through later sharing our learning along this pathway we act as pioneer and wayfinder for those who are walking behind us.

As soon as these conditions have been fulfilled towards the end of our final earthly sojourn, that particular school of life can teach us no more and that, in due course, releases us from compulsorily having to take part in it. By that time our vibrations have changed so much that we can continue our studies on the next higher level of the spirit realm. And that journey eventually takes us onto its highest levels. God and the Angels will forever be part of us, guiding and protecting us and showing the way. Irrespective of ever befell us on the earthly plane, they have always taken great care that no harm would come to our spirit/soul, the essence of our being. Forever we shall continue to serve them in the capacity that was destined for us at the moment of our creation.

The human race was specifically created to assist Mother Earth with her evolution and that’s what we collectively and individually have always been doing. In return God and the Angelic hierarchy most generously have been providing through her for everyone’s true needs during each stay on the earthly plane. Taking part in its lessons is compulsory for the initial stage of every human spirit/soul’s development. However, because of the gift of freewill we are at all times allowed to make our own decisions, as mentioned in the previous chapter. That’s why nobody ever forces us to take part in further lifetimes as a physical being on this planet.

While resting and recuperating in the world of spirit, our true home, after each completed sojourn into earthly life, our small lower personality with all its character traces is left behind in the memories of our soul. The many false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions we accumulated in the course of all previous lifetimes are part of this inheritance. Until every one of them has freely and willingly overcome and then shed in one of our future earthly lifetimes, they are going to accompany us into each new one and from our subconscious influence our thought and behaviour patterns in either positive or negative ways.

Towards the end of our earthly education, these things need to be exchanged for God’s sacred wisdom and truth. Patiently the Highest Forces of life have been waiting for the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth, for it to commence flowing into and eventually filling the consciousness of even the last and slowest frightened earthly self. This is by no means as easy as it may sound because that part of our being clings like grim death onto what it has believed for a long time to be the truth. Every new one has placed another layer of soul memories onto the existing ones and that’s where they remain until we ourselves release them from our consciousness. Alas, many impressions are so deeply embedded in our soul memories that they turn out to be exceedingly hard to leave behind. It is a process that can be likened to the peeling of an onion.

However, during our resting spells in the spirit world we are once more nothing but a spirit/soul. We are then clothed in an astral body, which in earthly life is worn underneath the outer vehicle of our physical body. As the astral body is not constantly in need of attention, when a physical body no longer encumbers our movements, we can revel in and enjoy the greater freedom of spirit realm. Yet, for every one of us there eventually comes the moment when we realise that, if we ever wish to leave the lessons of the earthly school of life behind, there is nothing for it but applying for another spell in that tough and demanding environment.

Hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of us, we ourselves then decide which aspect of our educational plan would best be tackled next. When we feel we have grown strong enough to cope with certain aspects of the negative Karma we created in previous lifetimes, together we plan our next lifetime, where and when it should take place and with whom the various roles in our life are going to be acted out.

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29 Jan, 2020
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