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Beneath the Broken Skies
Beneath the Broken Skies

Beneath the Broken Skies

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Like We Used Too

They spun, dancing, as they were lost in the moments that passed. Time seemed to be waltzing along side them as the starry sky was a murals of infinite possibilities. He slipped his hand around her waist pulling her in close. It'd been a month or so now. To her she knew the exact amount of second, minutes, hours and days.

Gazing into her eyes he leaned in to deliver something words couldn't explain the feeling that rest behind the physical definition. She closed her eyes with anticipation. However far off in the distance they hadn't known they were being watched.

Creeping through the the shadows.They were beginning there journey back towards what they considered their home. A cabin in the middle of the forest not to far from the town of Elder.

Rustled leafs alerted him but as fast as his reflexes where he was tackled by a silhouette of a man. As he was hit air was removed from his chest leaving him breath less. He attempted to gain his breath he felt a sharp pain. Glancing down he darted his eyes back towards the one whom had been just pierced his abdomen with what seems to be pocket knife.

One he distinguished from all others. Something he had made himself. Looking up as the moon light was giving a chance to address his face he attempted to stab the man again only failing this time to inflect a strike that would leave him mortally wounded.

Muffled this struggle went on for another five seconds before his bleeding started to give him a blurring vision. Now currently covered in multiple lacerations he prayed as he reached for a palm sized rock he'd been gripping that this next strike would save his life.

As he attempted he was stopped by a quicker reaction than his own. Advancing with all her might the women swung a branch from the near by forest she had ran to get as he was attacked. Not one to scream in moments of fear she'd gain unbelievable courage.

The man regaining his vision tried to stand with his wound slowly leaking. His trials at standing were laughable as he stumbled in to her. Catching him and his weight he began using her as a crutch to walk over to the unconscious man.

Glancing as his hand covering his throbbing abdomen he started as he shook his head in disbelief "Samson, of all people" he thought. Picking up the pocket knife they made there way back to there log cabin where she would prepared to stitch his wound and cuts.

As they came to its old splinters and broken wood stairs they gestured at a memory they had of him falling down them after carrying to much weight. When a sword had pierced his side as he fell. Not being the first time he'd been stab he brushed it off in a way.

Inside they hurried as for In the center was a safe room protected by steel and other metals. "Faust" she whisper with a worried look as he was laid down. His wound wasn't as bad as first thought.

Looking at her hadn't heard his name in a while as he was referred to as the "Blacksmith". Although it was his job it was because of the color of his skin. He'd come from another land recently trying to find a job and it just so happened Elder need one. This being where he met his counter part, Emily Elizabeth who had been know as "Doctor Fix-Em".

He laughed to him self in all his pain." It's funny that you would have your towns doctor and blacksmith murdered". As she watched him in his hysterical laughter pushing through some of his pain it filled her with a reason to smile. Faust hadn't always been one to smile or laugh. In fact when they met he knew little "Shilegne"
(pronounced Sheel-egg-knee). But he grew fluent as moons came and went. And watching him in is humble and heart-felt behavior she could help wonder what he was really shadowing.

Leaving the room to look for more gauze and bandages she found herself walking in and out the rooms that surrounded the safe room. She was frightened as she heard a banging noise as if the door where attempting to be kicked in. Normally she would prepare he self but she began rushing back to Faust she flung in silently shutting the door. Alarmed he rose tearing his stitched wound " what the hell happened!?". She had told him what she heard. And with caution he pulled out something he prepared for a situation such as an intruder.

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27 Jun, 2016
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3 mins
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