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The girl with snow-white hair dragged the boy. The pack followed after them, some snarling, a warning that He was close.

There was a loud bang, and a lone wolf that stood behind his pack fell on the snow-covered ground, a red stain seeping through his fur. His lifeless eyes stared into the evening sky as his soul left his body.

"No!" screamed the girl. The boy shook his head and kept on running. The pack started trotting faster alongside them.

A man stepped out in front of them. "Going somewhere, my dear?" He had crooked yellow teeth, a fat lumpy nose and brown cat-like eyes that were too small for his face. He pointed a rifle at the boy.

"Now, why don't you tell me one reason why I shouldn't kill this boy right now." the man sneered.

"Go away, shithead. Your the least of our worries. Besides, He wants us. If you take us, He will be on your tail." the girl snarled back. The man eyed her. A long moment passed.

The girl suddenly howled like a wolf; her head tilted back, her blue eyes closed. The pack behind her bolted towards the man, snarling menacingly. They jumped on him, tearing his clothes to shreds. The man yelled and fell to one knee, screaming with pain and rage. "He will get you if I don't!" the man screeched as the wolves took him down. "He will take you alive and torture you in the most horrible ways!"

Then there was silence again. The wolfs receded with blood on their paws and snout. The pack growled. "I know." the white-haired girl replied. Then she turned to the horrified boy. "He will catch us soon if we stay here."

The Alpha and her pack followed the boy as they sprinted into a darker and more sinister part of the forest, leaving no trace behind.

Author Notes: Thank you for reading. Place a review and let me know if you want the next part!

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24 Jan, 2019
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